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  1. Broncos plan to test Thomas Davis "extensively"

    Broken forearm or not, Thomas Davis is the last person they should want to test on this defense.
  2. Compensatory pick?

    I agree. In the NFL if you're team is not getting better it's getting worse. Not saying that we need someone like Greg Hardy on our team because we clearly don't. If the Panthers allowed him to comeback the Panthers would be doing him a favor because It will be hard to get signed anywhere else with the way things have been going for him. 
  3. Compensatory pick?

    The last time Greg Hardy played a full season with the Panthers we was 12-4.There isn't a reason to bring him back after all that happen last season but his presence on our defense warrants why some players wanted to keep him on the team. 
  4. Compensatory pick?

    Completely understandable and i'm not saying what he did was right but in life everybody makes mistakes. You show me one person who says they haven't made any mistakes or have any regrets and I'll say he is a liar.
  5. Well this explains a lot...

    On dancing with the stars Carlton was awesome!
  6. Well this explains a lot...

    One of my favorite shows growing up outside of Martin, Family Matters, Full House, and Happy Days!
  7. Compensatory pick?

    I wouldn't even consider the Bengals an option for Greg Hardy. Can you picture that defense with Hardy, Pacman, and Burfict? Marvin Lewis would probably commit suicide before they allow that to happen lol.
  8. Compensatory pick?

    I honestly wouldn't be surprised if Greg Hardy had the opportunity to return the Panthers and I wouldn't mind him back at all. The odds of this happening is slim to none but just know that players in the locker room wanted him back on team TD, Josh, and others. I think his best shot would be Jerry Richardson letting him back on team which you can pretty much say it's not going to happen but crazier things have happened before.
  9. Compensatory pick?

    The last time I checked we wasn't projected to get anything as far as compensatory picks for Hardy. Maybe the free agent acquisition of Coleman, Oher, and others canceled that out who knows.
  10. What Broncos Fans Are Saying

    Danny Trevathan and Brandon Marshall are really good linebackers and seem to have a nose to get to the football. We have to be aware of those two in the middle of that defense. Denver does run a lot of man to man defense too so getting Olsen out there on them one on one and making plays is critical.I believe with this particular game  whoever wins in the trenches and whoever wins the turnover battle is the team that's going to win the game.
  11. I would be lying if I didn't say I wanted Andrew Luck in that draft. I watched a lot of the Auburn games and when I saw Cam he just seemed like he had it all and could  potentially be a monster in the NFL which he is now. But at that time Andrew Luck was the most pro ready QB. But everything else you had to give to Cam! He had the undefeated season in the toughest conference he also had the Heisman trophy, any QB award or best player award regardless of position you can win, and the National Championship. I'm very happy with the pick that Marty made.
  12. They just forget about last year??? (Mock Draft)

    Alabama has never been a read option base team because they haven't always had the personnel to run that offense especially this year because the QB Jake Coker doesn't present a running threat out of that offense at all. They mainly use Derrick Henry in single back sets for majority of the season which he proved to be really successful which also lead him to be the hands down Heisman winner of 2015. He did run some read option last year with Blake Sims and TJ Yeldon. He wasn't the starter on that 2014 offense but he did get his fair share of reps. Also one thing you have to realize is that Carolina is a heavy run base team, that will present issues to any defense whether it's the read option, single back sets,or I formation. When teams start to meet with players they have will have idea on if they fit or not with the scouting combine and pro days coming up soon. Hell,Todd Gurley didn't run any read option at UGA last year and if he would've fell to us in the draft he would be on his way to Santa Clara with the team today!
  13. They just forget about last year??? (Mock Draft)

    One quote that always stick with me when talking about drafting player is "If you're team is not getting better then you're team is getting worse". There was talk about Todd Gurley being drafted to the Panthers last year around this time. I wouldn't be surprised at all if Gettleman drafted Derrick Henry who would be a complete monster in our backfield with Cam. I also think Tolbert is a free agent and when has Stewart played a complete injury free season yet.
  14. For those of you who didn't get a chance to catch the game Saturday night NFL Network is now replaying the entire Cardinals vs Packers game.
  15. My Cardinals scouting report

    Cardinals vs Packers replay on NFL Network right now.