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    Percy Harvin a Panther?
    Now that the NY Jets have traded for WR Brandon Marshall, it seems they will be releasing former Seahawks and Vikings WR Percy Harvin soon.

    Harvin has been in the NFL for six seasons. During his four seasons in Minnesota, he averaged 70 catches a season. Clearly he is a proven NFL receiver.

    However, last season Harvin was traded from the Seahawks to the Jets for being a problem in the locker room.

    "As for why Seattle traded Harvin, several sources confirmed to's Terry Blount that the team had grown tired of the receiver's act, believing he had become too much of a destructive force in the locker room. In addition, two team sources said Harvin had physical confrontations in the locker room with teammates, especially on the offensive side of the ball."

    The Carolina Panthers released Steve Smith last season for similar reasons, in what may be the most controversial move Panthers GM Dave Gettleman has made to date.

    So here is the million dollar question, will the Panthers be willing to overlook the infractions of a free agent wide receiver if he can help improve the offense?

    What say you?
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