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  1. Getting Annoyed

    It's very, very, VERY important to make sure your team is in the big game EVERY year.  This guy has figured out how to do it.  Applause.
  2. Coach Braylon Beam is Superbowl Bound!

    We got this game.  Coach Beam will be there to make sure that the boys are ready to play their best game of the year.  Congrats to the Beam family!!!!  We are all so happy for that family.  Have lots of fun :)
  3. After watching the full video, she was definitely egging it on, asking for it.  Nothing to see here.  He didn't just throw himself on her.  She asked him to Magic Mike her and she seemed to enjoy it.  LOL.  I would like to believe if Cam had been asked to do it, he would have done it as well ,and based upon here requesting for it to be done, he would probably come out unscathed.  Just as Gronk should.
  4. Not a big deal.  Watch the full video, not just the vine.
  5. I think that these bandaids are the perfect gift for a few people that I know.  
  6. 10/10 article. Thanks for sharing. It's the truth. Gotta love Cam. 
  7. Broncos fans: "Look what we did to Tom Brady."

    When the Panthers show up ready to play, not like week 16 against Atlanta, nobody can beat them.   We will be ready and we will win this game.  
  8. Yes he is.  Sorry I didn't know it had been posted.  Mods please delete if you would like.
  9. Psychosis:  'Possible symptoms include delusions, hallucinations, talking incoherently, and agitation. The person with the condition usually isn't aware of his or her behavior'.  This is the clinical definition.  Tell me how this guy doesn't have it?   He obviously needs some professional help from a shrink.   Cam and our boys are parked so damn deep in some of this bandwagons head.  If you are a psychologist, you might want to consider moving to the Great Northwest and start counseling some of these poor souls.  They are obviously in dire straits and not in reality.  Money to be made and lives to be saved.  ;)
  10. Cowboys or Steelers fan?  What do you guys think.  I myself, am leaning more towards Cowboys.
  11. Superbowl 50 Teaser Trailer

    Beautiful.  I like the history and redemption take on this Super Bowl.  Very, very nice my man.  Keep pounding!
  12. Please clarify?  You just became a Panthers fan?  You were a St. Louis Rams fan?
  13. Thanks but ............I'll pass.  Appreciate the offer.  Got more important things to deal with right now, like a Super Bowl in less than 2 weeks.  
  14. Serious question.  I would love to know how many fans of other teams have NIGHTMARES about Cam kicking their team in the balls and then dabbing all over their field?  The power of Cam.  Glad he's not wrecking our franchise.  He's going to be wrecking others for years.  The butt hurt will only grow.  Just wait until he is accomplishing what Brady has and our team is as dominant or even more than the Pats have been the past 15 years.   We are blessed to have him and the entire team representing our franchise.  It is a very special time to all of us who have been here since the beginning, myself since the 2nd year, the year my LA Rams went to St. Louis and I ended up near Charlotte.  Keep pounding.
  15. Why TD will play in the Super Bowl

    TD personifies what keep pounding is all about, just as the late Sam Mills did.  Keep pounding Mr. Davis!