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  1. Regardless of past settlements and sins, JR by selling the team now is: 1) Controlling the destiny of the organization by finding a person to keep the team in the Carolinas. 2) Trying to keep distractions to a minimum 3) Trying to minimize future damage. 4) Dealing with this in record speed.
  2. Huddle Bug?

    Hahahahaha The Other Guys most underrated Will Ferrell movie ever
  3. Huddle Bug?

    I have dummy pie!
  4. Teh Huddlez says I can longer give real pie imaginary pie *shrugs*
  5. Been giving out pie but it is not counting? Why?
  6. That caught me off guard holy fug
  7. Captain Munnerlyn

    Jk I know it is a sayin.
  8. My ranking of the 3 MJ Cuban Bezos
  9. potential ownership groups?

    I would petition for this just for Rush bimbo to meltdown
  10. potential ownership groups?

    Putin be like: Panthers for sale? Carolina Bears
  11. potential ownership groups?

    Aint he like 80?