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  1. One Man's Trash Is Another Man's Treasure

    So who was giving me crap about Biz?
  2. Trump vs. Hillary

    Red Rover Red Rover send those hypocritical Liberals right over.
  3. I know nothing about basketball except for watching lol Al and his defense, that old flat-footed man is painful to watch as a limping old Tim Duncan with a knee brace. We needed low post defense which was painful obvious in the playoffs.
  4. Yeah we screwed up when we allowed him to go and probability of ever getting him back is nihl.
  5. Fug it, trade it and whatever and get Biz back. Al is old Hornets and with the new identity Biz fits in well........why.......oh why..........screw whoever complains about Biz not begin able not to score or have handles because no one can deny his rebounding and shot blocking........Hornets just being themselves......Biz would have dominated in our scheme and I am not an expert at all in basketball, I barely know positions.
  6. Trump vs. Hillary

    All this talk about voting lesser of the two evils is when it is actually more about apples and oranges. Or Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge!
  7. Ron Rivera's office

    After winning the super bowl then he can have an upgrade.
  8. Might be Jobless

    True words right there. Working ignorance is anywhere and everywhere. I try to make work atmospheres better as well as harvest new ideas to grow business potential.
  9. Might be Jobless

    Yeah, I get what he is saying but he is missing a point in regards being open to growth. Government jobs suck too.
  10. Might be Jobless

    Oh I thought about everything. I have an amazing rapport with the secretary when he was COO and has used my ideas to increase future collections. It is the director that I am concerned with. I believe in open communication at all levels of operations. The new director does not provide that structure to the organization. No watch this but a safe way to vent because I have no Facebook or any other social media profile. My email was polite, professional and loaded with examples.
  11. Egyptian Airliner goes down

    I see SCP caused a butterfly effect with the farts he releases.
  12. I'm more on lines of parental libertarianism, I assume (which I can't speak for Twylyght) he is more pure libertarianism. We need government (that necessary evil) but I believe markets drive change, not government. Regulation is better when we evolve from the product of the market to eliminate externalities in a more efficient manner, not the other way around. I'm no where a purist and pretty open when it comes to debates because I learn a lot from up here. If classical liberalism and social democracy had a baby, it would be my view.
  13. If corporations secretly buy all the politicians, is there any true change or is there more barriers put up to discourage the true American spirit by making it expensive for new entrepreneurs from entering the market. So big business wins again, while government looks like the 'good' guy.
  14. ECU88nomics

    I'm a theorists, an abstractionist, or as one of my professors said a reverse engineer. Economics is not defined by pure mathematical equations but can be measured through testing the past as it is a deductive science. Economics is not made of perfect particles that behave in a 100% predictable manner. The acting man is fallible and acts under constant imperfection like incomplete knowledge, moral hazard, and different preferences. Economics can use models to frame the abstraction to bring a clearer picture and help bring better understanding. I am reintroducing my graphs. My abstract model helps show the bias between the timing of profits and interest rates. True changes stem from structure, not false signals from interest manipulation to distort signals. Yes this model is Austrian in nature but I argue it is Schumpeter in spirit while displaying elememts of Lachmann. Top middle graph on the two axis: T, time and gamma, growth. Theta represents the structure of Hayek as I call it the rate of availability, the coming together of different levels of the economy. Rho represents Schumpeter in terms I call the rate of efficiency, the long term average/path of growth the economy follows. Top right graph represents production. The bottom graph represents the loanable funds market. New graph on the top left represents profit. Pi is profit, V is the value line, and T is time. The importance of this graph shows how the Fed causes distortions. As the Fed declares that short-term growth is below what they deemed as acceptable, the Fed interjects money through any various tools at their disposal which shifts the money supply. Change in the economy is not driven by structural elements nor consumers, it is now driven by cheap profits fueling greed. Value of profits is shifted from the natural marginal line to outside distorting worth of production and undermining consumer savings. Structure graph has two signals, one is false as the other is the actual reaction. Structure is under high stress that is not showing truly right away until the market naturally forces higher interest thus ending musical chairs and those who are left standing lose. Prices increase due to two reasons: scarcity and false demand. Then recession happens as waste is cleared to correct and breed a new wave of growth. My graphs is not about hyperinflation or about an economic collapse which is more in regards to actual confidence and trust in the system which is even more abstract. This is about monetary cycles and possibly about Schumpeter in his study regarding waves on growth. @twylyght @teeray thanks for y'all past comments and questions to push my thinking. (BTW Schumpeter was not considered Austrian school, more on the lines to his own beat. I guess that is what I aim for, outside of the box to push imagination and thought. Lachmann was probably the same but even as an Austrian economist he was not even mainstream in Austrian circles and was influential in Post-Keynesian work.)