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  1. ecu88

    Obada to the 53

    DE: Addison, Horton, Peppers, Hall, Haynes, Obada. Obada played really well against 3-4 stringers last year and he is doing it against 2-3 stringers. Yall are not paying attention to say he is alright. Yes his lateral movement needs work. Hall may have made 2 plays the last game but Obada has 2 games in a row of giving offensive lines fits. First game he was fuging double teamed a lot because the tackle could not handle him. Last game he fed off of Hall finally translating. Has Hall played any DT like Obada did in game 1 of the preseason? I am not hyping because I have seen him grow better. @Jeremy Igo has seen his size, speed, and work ethic. First in almost everytime to practice. Obada has the dolphins Cam Wake feel. Obada might never turn out but he deserves some 1st string action at least on passing downs. The dude's first step is Addison level quick. He moves like a LB for his damn size. It is ridiculous! But I would love for Hall and Obada to turn out so our DE be set in the future for a pleasant surprise! (Not holding my breath)
  2. Instead of Armahgeddon, he be the Armah-n-Hammer
  3. ecu88

    Obada to the 53

    Hall has looked better against the 3-4th stringers
  4. I want a max protection with Byrd and Samuel on the outside for go routes, DJ slot on the post and CMC in the backfield for the underneath. Yup my pants just got tight again
  5. ecu88

    Obada to the 53

    Obada be savage tonight
  6. Obada in the backfield right at that snap, so quick!
  7. Injury bug leave us! Must find a football virgin to sacrafice!
  8. Byrd and Curtis on the outside with DJ in the Slot with CMC lined up in the backfield for the underneath. Yes sir yes sir!
  9. I like you Ace but the addiction to CAP gonna get you into rehab
  10. Exactly. We know what we have already. DJ does not need to show out tonight imo he gonna be good