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  1. Oldie but goodie

    Another thing that ticks me off, abusing faith to rule and casting stones without lookingat the mirror themselves. I'm a Christian but I am no where near perfect nor claim to be. I know my faith and His word, I aim to live my life by the book as best of my ability not by others interpretation.
  2. EDH Magic the Gathering

    New deck that I am building, tinkering with:
  3. Oldie but goodie

    Sorry, I'm trying to follow but that's okay. HB2 ticks me off because social issues should be handled by the people at local areas, not state nor federal. Liberals want all power centralized. Stupid Republicans want all the power at state level. We the people just get fuged. That is my opinion. Power is top down, not bottom up hence the populist movement like Bernie and Trump.
  4. Oldie but goodie

    So you saying the guy who created the video is a snowflake?
  5. Oldie but goodie

    Ode to Trans-nation
  6. At least we have time for our livers from all those horrendous GOP debates
  7. Can't Stump the Trump

    Karate Kasich has dropped so I guess it's official that Trump will be the nominee
  8. Let's play pick two running backs

    Brandon and Fozzy I like C Payne but Wegher has a chip to prove a lot of people wrong. Fozzy and I have the same b-day so easy pick, wacka wacka!
  9. Welcome to the dumbing down of America through shock and awe value that we all crave.
  10. Can't Stump the Trump

    Time to dump Hillary Message to be initiated For @ARSEN