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  1. Broncos plan to test Thomas Davis "extensively"

    Hmm against the: I don't think so
  2. Down with the 'Establishment' and the cabal!
  3. Joe Webb will be a priority to be resigned this off-season
  4. Insert statue/figurine in back field to have same effect as a real live Peyton:  
  5. Dave Mirra dead at 41

    :( I use to live like down the road from Kids and wife are in my prayers
  6. Hold on loosely

    38 Special  Grew up on classic rock and still listen to it, nothing like it.
  7. Hold on loosely

    But don't let her go
  8. Rand is out

  9. Rand is out

    You meant Hillary right?
  10. Rand is out

    He is planning on not caring about the race anymore :) now it is troll time against my GOP friends!