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  1.   http://chicagoreporter.com/how-chicago-tried-to-cover-up-a-police-execution/ It was just about a year ago that a city whistleblower came to journalist Jamie Kalven and attorney Craig Futterman out of concern that Laquan McDonald’s shooting a few weeks earlier “wasn’t being vigorously investigated,” as Kalven recalls. The source told them “that there was a video and that it was horrific,” he said. Without that whistleblower—and without that video—it’s highly unlikely that Chicago Police officer Jason Van Dyke would be facing first-degree murder charges today. “When it was first reported it was a typical police shooting story,” Kalven said, where police claim self-defense and announce an investigation, and “at that point the story disappears.” And, typically, a year or 18 months later, the Independent Police Review Authority confirms the self-defense claim, and “by then no one remembers the initial incident.”
  2. That video is pretty terrible.  Police  initially lied about the shooting and i think tried to block the release of the video too. 
  3. It was a peaceful demonstration that ended with a peaceful agreement (although from what I read they still are not satisfied) What is the problem? Also, wasnt this the Black Justice League and not Black Lives Matter?  
  4. BLM shooting in Minnesota

    I agree.  That is why we need police reform
  5. BLM shooting in Minnesota

    Who is advocating for letting ISIS in our country?
  6. BLM shooting in Minnesota

    No you didn't.  No one is excited about these things.  They are terrible.
  7. BLM shooting in Minnesota

    Yeah.  We are sooo excited when people get shot.
  8. BLM shooting in Minnesota

    Radical Christian terrorism. How can we fight it if we wont call it what it is?? Note:  i dont really believe this, it is just as dumb as the people who demand we call other terrorist actions Radical Islamic terrorism
  9. What Cowboys Fans Are Saying

    I hope at the end we are the most overrated Super Bowl champs in league history too
  10. BLM shooting in Minnesota

    The BLM in Minnesota had sent out a warning of a group threatening them wearing masks and guns a couple of days ago.  
  11. Donald Trump: Because I Said So, It's True

    This guy is off the rails and running a not even thinly veiled racist and xenophobic campaign If this guy wins he is the standard bearer for the party.  Think about that for a minute. How is this guy winning?  
  12. Well to be more accurate he shat all over me when I changed my mind and said Shula needed to be fired.  But he was angry that I had defended him before I changed my mind.  Or something like that. No biggie though.  I dont really care, I was just giving him a hard time
  13. Open WWE/NXT/Pro Wrestling thread

    The Diva's Revolution was crap because they incessantly called it that instead of letting the women develop it organically like they did in NXT. However I will say it took 2 years and several awesome matches to get NXT women on that level, and this "revolution" is still pretty much in it's infancy on the main roster.  But they can do better to build these ladies. WWE is at it's worst when it tries to dictate to the fans instead of the other way around. That doesnt mean you always give the fans exactly what they want every match.  But you have to listen and eventually at some point get them where they want to go. They want Sasha, give them Sasha. They want to boo Roman Reigns, let them by turning him heel. Instead, based on rumors, they want to turn Ambrose heel even though everyone wante to cheer him, they want to turn Sasha babyface when everyone want her to be a heel, and they want to keep Reigns babyface even though we want to boo him. I think Reigns would get over huge as a badass heel.  And then when he turns back babyface he will be even better and more popular (follow The Rock formula) Just has me shaking my head how they can fug up this when it is really pretty easy booking
  14. Open WWE/NXT/Pro Wrestling thread

    Also, I read somewhere that Cesaro is injured and needs surgery so he is going to he out a while. I wonder if that is the reason neither Ambrose or Reigns turned heel last night.  Because they had already lost a popular babyface.