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  1. So you are going to a Trump rally in Park City, Utah?
  2. cbssports website is a complete sh!thole these days.  They are in the process of firing everyone and becoming an aggregate site anyway
  3. Even if true these voided contracts does not mean the players are done with the Panthers.  It is just a cap manipulation tactic   I think, but I don't understand half the cap poo
  4. Open WWE/NXT/Pro Wrestling thread

    Yes it was. I honestly think this should be the main event of the Dallas show.  It probably wont be and I dont want to give away spoilers. But the other two major matches that have been announced for Dallas.  One is a rematch that will be good, but we have  already seen it.  One is with a guy that will be new in NXT, and not for a title. This is the #1 match to look forward to on this card. They are both super over and the two best female wrestlers on the NXT roster. I can already hear the dueling chants: "ASUKA'S GONNA KILL YOU" "BAYLEY'S GONNA HUG YOU" Cant wait.  Gonna be awesome 
  5. we just voided Harper and Cotch contracts

    Not a surprise.
  6. We are. We are also very sensitive when it comes to stupidity  
  7. http://johnpavlovitz.com/2016/02/09/your-discomfort-is-not-cam-newtons-problem/ When entitled people mistakenly believe you owe them compliance or at least contrition and you don’t provide it, they get awfully jacked up. That’s been the case for scores of folks who have lined up to attack his character and question his leadership and minimize his manhood, which has all been more telling about them than about Cam Newton. That we somehow feel comfortable superimposing our preferences on a complete stranger is the symptom of a cultural sickness which social media has allowed us to deem completely healthy. The irony at play here, is that to demand another person show the humility we desire them to, is the very height of hubris. It takes a tremendous ego to believe you’re qualified to renovate another human being into your image, but we play God with folks every single day.     Some self-righteous folks point at Cam with red-faced indignation saying, “He can’t be Mister Dab in a win and then go and pout after a loss.” Cam is looking those people in the eye, and without flinching or apologizing at all, he’s saying: “I can”.  He’s refusing to play the game and in that way he’s changing the game. We need to stop projecting our behavior onto other people, making them conform to whatever conduct we prefer and attacking them when they don’t. There’s an arrogance present when we assume that we can define the baseline of what civility and decorum and class are for others; that we somehow feel justified in policing the world when the world doesn’t respond within the borders of our comfort.    a culture that would rather have phony conformity than honest originality, Cam Newton is unapologetically himself at any given moment, and people who don’t like who that person is can and should move on, because it doesn’t seem he is in a hurry to alter himself to make you feel better. Far more than what Cam Newton’s behavior reveals about Cam, is what it reveals about those who feel overly concerned about it. He isn’t the big story here. We are.
  8. 2003 or 2015.... which one hurt more?

    For me, this one by far. In 2003 I felt like we were the scrappy underdogs.  I was proud of that team and we kept finding way to win. This year however, I feel like we were the best team in the NFL, and I still feel we were the better team last Sunday, and just let it slip through our fingertips with self inflicted wounds. Knowing we could have won the Super Bowl and not is one thing.  But knowing we should have won a Super Bowl and not taking advantage is infinitely more frustrating.  Because I don't know if we will ever have a better chance or better team than this season. But I am confident this team is set up for a sustained run of being in the Super Bowl picture.  But getting back is no guarantee by a long shot.  Just ask Dan Marino.
  9. Fair points but there is a difference between saying a guy should have made a play, and getting on him for not making one play. I can say someone made a mistake, and be grateful for what he has done. But if people what to get pissed at Cam, or say he doesn't have the heart of a Thomas Davis because of one play contrary to 5 years of evidence and him playing with an injured ankle, broken ribs, and broken back last season. That is remarkably small minded, petty, and ungrateful.  Not to mention uninformed and contrary to all other evidence. If people want to say, "meh maybe he made a mistake not diving".  OK.  No problem. But to post pictures of Thomas Davis' arm and say Cam doesn't have the  same heart, toughness, commitment, or willingness to win is flatly absurd.  And should be called out accordingly.    
  10. Cam made a split second decision.  If you look at the way his knee indeed was contorted it really was very close to being a Daunte Culpepper type injury. For years we have heard "Cam needs to protect himself."  "Cam needs to protect himself" "Cam needs to protect himself".  Now we are wondering "Why did he protect himself?"  It was indeed the Super Bowl but he made a snap decision probably on instinct.  We can say he made the wrong decision, but to question his commitment to winning, heart, and toughness is absolutely laughable.  If you are fixating on one play and not his entire body of work, you are fixating on one thing because....  reasons.  People bringing up Thomas Davis are not being fair.  Cam played with a broken back, broken ribs, and seriously injured ankle last season and was still running over people. If Cam broke his arm in NFC Championship game and could have bolted up his arm and played he would have also. As far as Cam playing well or not, the whole offense played poorly.  To fixate on Cam is nothing more than fixating on Cam for.... again reasons. To me it is like a basketball player makes 10 threes and misses one, and we are complaining about the one he missed, but ignoring the ten he made, because "We should be able to criticize him and not be 'homers'" The good he has done on the football field outweighs the negative by a large margin.  It isnt so much as not being critical as it is being appreciative for what he has done for this team overall. It is hard to view someone as being critical to a guy who got us to the Super Bowl anything but incredibly ungrateful and petty.

    The guy who answers the phone I believe is Hayes Permar.  He blocked me on twitter recently because we disagreed on whether a play in an ACC gane was a walk or not.  Mind you I did not cuss, and was not abusive.  Just told him the rule and why the play was a walk. They have no room to talk about people not wanting to answer questions or acting like babies. If they dont want to answer for being incorrect they block you.  But if someone else doesnt "face the music" they get bent out of shape.

    It started 5 years ago.  This is nothing new
  13. I posted this earlier, but article has a good point. http://www.carolinahuddle.com/boards/topic/125780-tom-brady-the-winner/?page=1  
  14. Most of the media are acting like babies because things aren't going their way by expecting Cam to apologize to the almighty media while trying to humble him and tell him how he is supposed to act. 
  15. Is WFNZ in trouble?

    I stream it sometimes here in Raleigh, but dont know everyone's names, maybe u guys can help me out. I like the early morning guys, but the guys on 10-12 today I just had to turn it off.  I think one of the guys is a Patriots fan