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  1. It may have not had anything to do with Planned Parenthood, but it is an active shooting situation with multiple casualties. Lots of deaths happened around the Paris attacks too but you talked a lot about that a lot  
  2. Even conflicting reports of what exactly is happening and if shooter has been contained. Police just said still not stable and unsure if hostages but other reports say shooter has been "contained" So, nobody knows yet,  basically.  
  3. Not clear.  It may have just been next to the planned parenthood by coincidence.   Conflicting reports.
  4. At least 3 officers wounded, no news yet on other casualties 
  5. A hot take from the Patriots message board

    Their best chance to beat us is film our practices 
  6. PFF: "Luke has broken the scale..."

    I think he may pan out 
  7. Steve Clifford Extended

    Well deserved.  I think he is a great coach and players respond to him.
  8. Unheralded Architect of the Carolina Panthers

    Hurney and Gettleman both deserve a lot of credit.  But Gettleman fixed the cap and filled in the gaps beautifully. But Hurney drafted Cam Newton and Luke Kuechly when neither was a slam dunk.  He drafted the two bedrocks of this franchise and so I will always be grateful
  9. Romo

    Media hype over his return was greatly exaggerated.  He really kinds looked like poo for most of the Miami game.  Played better in the second half, had a TD pass, but I thought we would match up well with them. Not surprised we shut them down. But he is a good QB and I hope he gets healthy quickly.  Hate to see him get hurt again
  10. Walking Dead Season 6

    I thought this season has been fine, but did think the Glenn being alive was a little bit of a "Bobby in the shower" type moment.
  11. Walking Dead Season 6

    Nickelback insults have become the Nickelback of insults IMO
  12. Open WWE/NXT/Pro Wrestling thread

    NXT is the only thing WWE is getting right these days.  Somehow they made Eva Marie v Bayley a wildly entertaining match.   Oh and this has also me pumped  
  13. Captain America: Civil War

    This... looked pretty awesome.  Cant wait
  14.   http://chicagoreporter.com/how-chicago-tried-to-cover-up-a-police-execution/ It was just about a year ago that a city whistleblower came to journalist Jamie Kalven and attorney Craig Futterman out of concern that Laquan McDonald’s shooting a few weeks earlier “wasn’t being vigorously investigated,” as Kalven recalls. The source told them “that there was a video and that it was horrific,” he said. Without that whistleblower—and without that video—it’s highly unlikely that Chicago Police officer Jason Van Dyke would be facing first-degree murder charges today. “When it was first reported it was a typical police shooting story,” Kalven said, where police claim self-defense and announce an investigation, and “at that point the story disappears.” And, typically, a year or 18 months later, the Independent Police Review Authority confirms the self-defense claim, and “by then no one remembers the initial incident.”