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  1. AmeriGEDDON!!!!

    Brought to you by Twylyght
  2. Trump vs. Hillary

    Good question. Politics is a multi issue process, and unless you can find a perfect candidate (or are just a straight ticket voter) you will inevitably vote for a candidate that you may feel is imperfect, but the best choice between the options available. So why would I vote for Hillary Clinton despite my reservations about her? Because some of the issues that are important to me are equality for LGBT community, preventing the stupid idea overturning of Obamacare with no real viable alternative, increasing the minimum wage, etc. These are things I believe she will fight for. And that is why I am leaning Hillary at the moment.
  3. Trump vs. Hillary

    Right now leaning Hillary, but will research third party candidates. Not voting for Trump or Cruz, that I know for sure
  4. Hmmmm. Interesting. I am pulling a Pstall andcommenting on something before I have even read it, soI will read it tomorrow. Insterested to read how they control for different inherent behavioral tendencies and am always curiousabout how they analyzemotivations (especially a subconcious one)of a child. Seems a littlemasochist to me to be more defiant due to physical discipline.
  5. Yeah. You know, I only can speak for myself, but I dont buy that. Not in my case. I haven't read the study though PS- i know you werent responding to me, but I had same thought as thatposter based on my similarexperience as a child.
  6. I am conflicted on this because I know what kind of kid I was, and I feel now even as an adult that i not onlydeserved the spankings I got, but needed them. I was not an evil child, but I was a cut up who would always push boundaries and limits to see how much I could get away with before getting disciplined. If I didn't get spanked or disciplined I would have been very hard to control. Taking my toys, putting me in timeout, or sending me to my room was never a real punishment to me. My wife was a goody two shoes and never got spanked once as a child. I haven't read the study yet, but I have this question. Does spanking lead to more defiance, or does more defiant children just get spanked more?
  7. -Game of Thrones-HBO-

    Jon Snow aint coming back. He dead
  8. -Game of Thrones-HBO-

    I thought about that when she slipped it off last season. But, it actually makes at least some sense. These guys are probably experienced trackers, and because the Dothraki were circling her on their horses, Jorah had a pretty good idea where she was standing when they took her because the rest of the area was trampledby the horses. So he was probably looking for blood or some other sign of Dany and found her ring
  9. Really think Norman's agent fugged him on this somehow. Gettleman said he was professional, but I get the feeling something went down between the agent and Gettleman. I also get the feelingthat Ron Rivera was indeed in the dark, because at the press conference he kept saying "I am going to trust Gettleman in this (paraphrased). Seemed like he wasnt exactly privy to or excited about losing Norman. In the end we really didNorman right, because he got a great contract that he would never get here, and I think we should get a draft pick so we actually do get something for him this way.
  10. Economic Freedom Zones

    My business headquarters' home address would be in a "freedom zone" and I would hire no employees in that particular zip code and hope it stays a wasteland. This would be abused with shell companies in "freedom zones" as soon as the ink was dry on something like this This is more akin to micro Keynesian economic theorythan anything resembling liberterian. Also, what is the real incentive in businesses investing in a particular area if that investment only resulted in an inevitableincrease intaxes?
  11. So, almost a month later...

    What was the bad means here? A localprotections law? Usually when someone uses this saying it is because someone did something really bad for a desirable outcome.
  12. We will have a healthy Charles Johnson, Kony Ealy, and Mario Addison as well as our DTsto provide a good pass rush. We are not desperate for DL, so no need to reach for a pass rusher if a good one is not available.
  13. If a RB or TE is the best player available, yes.