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  1. My set up will be myself on my screened in porch with a case of beer.  Not to be disturbed except at halftime and postgame
  2. Miracle

    Talk about a glass half full person     
  3. The most interesting couple in America

    She said she is going after all of them. Maybe they paid her 150 million dollars for her to give them fair warning. She is bought and paid for.  She will work with them to put some token bill out there that lets her say publicly she did something, but for the most part it will be business as usual.  
  4. Gun show loopholes

    Actually I would say that it is like having a car with no tires, no engine, and no steering wheel. Fixing the tires wont make the car run, but it is a step in that process and has to be done to get the car running eventually
  5. They have a chance to stifle our offense and make this a low scoring game where anything can happen. Things will have to go their way.  They will need +2 on turnovers and/or get some non-offensive TDs.  Maybe they figured it all out in two weeks on offense, but I just dont see them being able to consistently move the ball the length of the field against our defense.  If we dont give them great starting field position they will be lucky to get to 14 points. So basically, if we take care of our business we will win. But If we give them some easy points it could go either way 
  6. Open WWE/NXT/Pro Wrestling thread

    Maybe that is what I saw.  WWE tweeted it out and I thought both was Lana.  But I didnt look but for a second.
  7. Open WWE/NXT/Pro Wrestling thread

    She has a Panthers pic too
  8. Gun show loopholes

    I think maybe you should start a thread about understanding state law vs federal law.  
  9. TD goes after Rodney Harrison

    Good for him.  There is no place in this sport to give a microphone to people who advocate hurting opponents.
  10. What position did you play?

    I played small forward.  Would also play the PF spot when we went small.   ;-)
  11. I dont even watch these TV channels anymore.  I go to my NFL app and watch just the Panthers videos then go to ESPN Panthers page and watch Panthers videos.  Then read Panthers articles that comes across my twitter feed or is posted here. Problem solved
  12. Open WWE/NXT/Pro Wrestling thread

    And Ambrose is just there to eat the pin :-| Ambrose is the hero WWE needs but not the one Vince wants Oh, and the first match you listed for NXT Dallas should be the main event IMO.   Going to be awesome!!!  
  13. Stephen A. Smith

    Virtually all data that exists suggests this is false