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  1. People who like Lemon Pepper seasoning also drive Pontiac Aztecs, wear Z Cavaricchis and their favorite color is any shade of beige.
  2. Nothing wrong with being wealthy. They key is to have that type of wealth more evenly distributed from top to bottom. As an example that everyone flocks to...Walmart should pay employees a living wage and the Waltons can continue to be billionaires.
  3. Why do republicans defend childish finger banging?
  4. I'm going to need to pop open a bottle of Silver Oak Cabernet (Napa not Anderson Valley) before I read this post.
  5. Democrats

  6. Quick Question

    Hunt was slated to back up Ware in KC and injury thrust in into the starting gig.
  7. Stranger Things

    Hopper could have closed the gate with one of his sig bear hugd
  8. @Saca312 I'd be interested in reading analysis from you that is non-sunshine and rainbows or spinning everything into a positive. You could make Hurney crapping his pants mid coke bender during the draft into a good thing for the Panthers. You're a great writer and a good asset here but you don't work for the Panthers. I'd like to hear that perspective as well.
  9. Marty Speaks...

    This. Next year. Maybe not
  10. Kevin Spacey is a pedophile

    I wish Feldman would speak freely now. Spacey should be locked up and have to register as a sex offender
  11. No one (on the Panthers) can cover Christian McCaffrey 1 on 1
  12. http://www.goheels.com/news/1999/6/21/205475860.aspx