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  1. Panthro


    If I have to spend another season clutching my pearls and questioning my own privilege I'm going to stop watching the NFL
  2. Panthro

    Game Day Menu

    I know.
  3. Panthro

    Duck and Geese hunting

    I did a goose for our Christmas dinner. Good stuff
  4. Panthro

    Game Day Menu

    That sounds dumb
  5. Panthro

    Game Day Menu

    spaghetti squash with red sauce (turkey)
  6. I didn't factor smartness into the equation. I need to remove Tampa from consideration
  7. @Jangler What do you think is the cause of what is happening in Chicago?
  8. Going on record that I like dwill and KB more than coralreefer_1
  9. Panthro

    Fans kneeling during the anthem at games

    The club level has plenty of room to kneel and great nachos