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  1. No More Sexual Harrasment Claims Against Trump.

    Have you been told you're an idiot?
  2. CMC in the slot. He could be special there. Draft stud RB Get Landry Profit
  3. Trump administration Ok s work for Medicaire

    Maybe those companies saving billions will hire all these people and pay them living wages because trickle down
  4. Would I automatically get a great seat in London or a refund?
  5. 2 and 6 on the 12 and Olsen is on the sideline Shula
  6. This has everything to do with personal experience with him. He's also a scumbag and attends weird trump orgies on boats. I loved eating chicfila but don't agree with their ceo. Believe what you want but my wallet goes elseehere.
  7. go burn more dixie chicks albums hypocrite
  8. go cover eastern nc more snowflake
  9. This was my thread for 2018. I'm legally not allowed to say...
  10. And if he buys majority ownership in the team I'm not renewing my tickets. He's that bad. Fugging garbage. I'd rather keep Richardson's head in a jar like in Futurama for another 50 years. I haven't eaten Chicfila since 2012. I have the ability. God I want a chicken biscuit
  11. Jake D had a 59.4% career completion % with Moose, Smith, and a host of other decent WRS Cam is 58.7%... go be a fan somewhere else.
  12. What are your exciting NYE plans!!!!

    Same. Errbody sick up in here
  13. Actually they're written by the fans if you want to get really technical