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  1. I bought a bike. where should I go v2.0

    TBH i popped the chain first mile in
  2. Move from 24 to 15

    We don't like DJ Moore as much as everyone thinks we do.
  3. Just cruising the mean streets of Belmont. Vroom vroom No but really. where,
  4. 1 If we move up it is for Derwin James or Marcus Davenport because for some reason they dropped to the high teens. If we trade back Hurst or an Interior OL 2 If we stay it will be Hughes, Ridley, or Interior OL 3 I yelled at the tv because we drafted Kuechly...I am in no position to throw shade We won't draft DJ Moore or any other WR in the 1st. Nope Nope Nope.
  5. We got mothers problems week 1

    That's like saying Dallas needs secondary help to handle the Panthers week 1
  6. KB in his time here contributed more than Shaq. Try understanding the question.
  7. I mean... how would you rank last five 1st Rders CMC, Shaq, Butler, KB, or Star For me Star KB CMC Shaq Butler 2nd Rders KK Bradberry Funchess Moton Samuel Ealy So it is between Butler and Ealy and I would lean Ealy. This doesn't account for missed prospects at those spots.
  8. Okay, I want Jaylen Samuels

    Watch him go to NE where they will just put him in a position to make plays...positon be damned
  9. CJ Anderson Released

    I'd actually be very happy with CJ Anderson
  10. How much to grab them by the pussy?
  11. Sabates officially drops out

    Good. He can go fug himself
  12. Good bye Dean and Deluca

    I used to live by them but never shopped there. I always opted for the Fresh Market and back in the day there was a specialty food shop next to the Pizza Hut off Tyvola and Valencia. They were ahead of their time.
  13. Insider Info about Possible trade

    My Panther contact said it was Rick Ross videos
  14. Insider Info about Possible trade

    That's a good way to get your friend fired