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  1. Panthro

    Canada officially legalizing weed!

    On that note....we cue the music
  2. Panthro

    Space Force

  3. Panthro

    Canada officially legalizing weed!

    Just hit the ground in Toronto today. Snootchie Bootchies
  4. I do not have any pics that were taken in men's restrooms I just usually compliment people's watches at the urinal and go about my business
  5. Steve Smith got himself traded. #diva
  6. Man, they still love them some...
  7. As a white male in 2018....the worst thing I have to deal with in life is "politics"
  8. Panthro

    110 Confederate monuments removed since 2015

    I'll tear them down
  9. Panthro

    But mine is sweet

    The breed should be sterilized. No need to put them down but they should also not be bred
  10. Panthro

    Don't ever change, Smitty

    For starts - I haven't punched Ken Lucas yet
  11. And you're fighting the English language
  12. Just a handful of players effectively rustled white America's jimmies by taking a knee.
  13. No one is paying top dollar to watch garbage players