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  1. designing and building your own house

    I am looking at either building an additon onto or bumping up the roof of the house. I have been dorking around with this site...
  2. Syrian refugees

    I'd be fine vetting gun ownership at the same level that we vet refugees. 
  3. Jessica Jones

    Jessica Jones was by far a better series if only for the fact it did (heavy breathing) not (wheeze) have (over emphasising words) VIncent Dinofrio in it.
  4. Speaking of salty players and Cam
  5. Why aren't all Christians condemning this like I am...  
  6. Ok so it wasn't the Turkish military...I was like whaaaa
  7. So this is actually worse then shooting down a plane :/
  8. BLM shooting in Minnesota

    Weird how that works...
  9. BLM shooting in Minnesota

    Fear mongering isn't that becoming on you
  10. BLM shooting in Minnesota

    We have more to fear from our own citizens than we do ISIS
  11. Didn't we essentially end Irvin's career too
  12. Where's NanceUSMC?

    Brooklyn Bully hipster douched  his way off the board by the one they call Mister Manager 
  13. Just cleaning up the main forum.  See ya