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  1. today's pre-draft presser

    Thanks for doing this thread Captain.
  2. Sean Payton "I hate guns"

    I normally avoid these type threads, but I'll weigh in. What is the purpose of alcohol? The only thing it does it help people get a buzz. Firearms have legitimate uses such as hunting, self defense and recreation. Society does not need alcohol. Liberals claim that if more gun regulations can save one life, then it's worth it. But as another poster mentioned, you don't hear any such claims about alcohol even though it kills more people and ruins WAY more lives than firearms. Also keep in mind, only one of those is protected by the Constitution. And to say guns are not as regulated as alcohol is ludicrous.
  3. I GMed the Panthers in a Mock Draft

    Dammit you beat me to it!
  4. Panthers ink Boykin

    Thoughts on why it was only 1 year? Was that likely at the Panthers request?
  5. Boykin Visiting

    Does GMan let him leave town without signing?
  6. Those are 2 big boys. Going to be great having KB back and hopefully Hill can make the team and contribute.
  7. Jared Allen retiring

  8. Unfortunately, none of this matters at this point. There could literally be video of the Refs taking bags of cash from Denver coaches and it wouldn't matter. They would just get docked some draft picks but they would get to keep the SB.
  9. Why the fug are you here? Only a pussy/coward shows up after the fact to talk smack.
  10. I am so damn nervous.
  11. Cam would be in jail if he did that.
  12. Scott Simonson saved his sister's life

    Not even going to lie, it was hard to hold back the feels reading that. Can't even imagine what his father felt that day in the car.
  13. Super Bowl 50 Loyalty State By State

    "Well, 'aight, check this out, dawg. First of all, you throwin' too many big words at me, and because I don't understand them, I'm gonna take 'em as disrespect. Watch your mouth and help me with the sale." :-)
  14. Pair of Superbowl Tickets for $3,000

    Not that it matters in this case, but just because someone has a low post count you shouldn't assume they haven't been around a while. I was here long before the big server crash, I just don't post much. :-) But thanks for offering these up. Hopefully a Huddler can get them.
  15. media day GAMEDAY THREAD. get comfy

    Josh wasn't going to let Prime off the hook. Loved it!