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  1. 1 year anniversary

    Im still trying to forget that game and those blocked punts. Luckily 15 weeks of happiness make forgetting some of last year pretty easy.
  2. 'Cause it's never too early for wishes

    I may have to look into selling a kidney.
  3. Spanish radio calls the Luke Kuechly pick 6

    If you have the nfl game pass (which the panthers gave to psl holders this year for free), you can listen to the spanish feed live or the whole game is archived as well. Just look for it with the video replay options.  While i dont understand it, i still listen to them some and try to find the good parts.
  4. Is Norwood the worst Gettleman move to date?

    Starting secondary in gb last year:  cason, godfrey, melvin white, decoud, and Roman harper. Harper has turned out ok with some talent around him but that group has to be one of the worst we have ever fielded. Amazing how much better our secondary looks now.
  5. Will the Nation view us as #1?

    Honestly i felt really confident about the first saints game and luke mccown got them up 10-0 on us and he looked really good in the first quarter. I do think the saints lack confidence and defense so they are ripe for being blown out but you dont want to let them get an early lead or they might find motivation to try and pull the upset.
  6. Week 13 Power Rankings...prepare for it

    I started to prepare my rage until i realized i have no idea who this guy is.  Then i went back to my default state of not caring.
  7. Sunday night game thread

    Twitter is saying preliminary reports are that gronk avoided serious injury.
  8. I dont think this is very likely now but im sure some cowboy fans are starting the campaign.
  9. Will the Nation view us as #1?

    That was 2005.  Steve smith had his triple crown season and we did make the nfc championship game only to lose to seattle in shaun alexanders mvp year. I know we werent a consensus favorite.  I think si was the only publication that had us that high.  I think we were mostly considered top 10 going into that year.  Not sure about that.
  10. Next Time...

    Colts too. Hard to fathom that two teams would make the playoffs from the afc south if they started today.  Now, only the nfc east is loserville.
  11. Will the Nation view us as #1?

    Power ratings are basically the teams sorted by record with media bias to break any ties.  I could write a computer algorithm to come up with accurate power rankings in a matter of minutes. Thus, we will be a near-unaminous #1 this week but the media will hate every second of it.
  12. and then there was only one.

    I just want watt to sack brady a few times.
  13. I predict espn and all other national media stop doing power rankings in disgust (or just leave the pats at 1).
  14. and then there was only one.

    Maybe we wont be an underdog next week.  I dont know though because the saints dont ever lose at the superdome (in 2013).