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  1. Who is this year's surprise star in the sb

    Mario Addison will take the casual viewers by surprise by sacking Manning at key moments
  2. The run game is back.

    Does this mean we need to switch to a pass heavy 4-wide no fullback system next year to be ahead of the curve again?
  3. Non American NFL teams

    As a European (Denmark), I too am skeptical about a permanent NFL team in Europe. At the moment, the NFL games in London draw NFL Fans from all over Europe wanting to just go to a real game without having to go all the way to the states, but that is not a 100% return-rate even if it will be a "permanent" team. Europe is not like the states where Vikings fans in Iowa, or Panthers fans in South Carolina will drive across a state to get to a game, you can barely get Belgians to go into the Netherlands for a Soccer game. Canada should be an obvious first choice, its not like its derailed the NBA or MLB to get a canadian team
  4. Richard Sherman's 4 Ways to Improve Officiating

    The fact that the NFL, making a multi billion dollar profit each year can't set aside a few million bucks to pay 32 guys to be full time refs is beyond me. It would drastically improve the on field product, making for better entertainment. Speaking of entertainment every single NFL game is covered by the most impressively sized television set-up in the sporting world, why not use that more often? Simply get a guy in every stadium, in the production room behind the guy on the EVS machine who can replay every angle in a matter of seconds. The game is mostly stopped anyway after a play and it would not take as long as instant replay review which I (And I work in TV) still don't know why takes the ages it does unless the system is somehow 15 years outdated. Then again the NFL has never really cared about the on field product, they are busniness-men and as long as we keep watching, buying and talking about the NFL when refs are part-timers and blows calls, then they don't care
  5. I love Ogbah, he's got JPP written all over him, athletic freak still putting it all together with an explosive streak. Start him rotational with CJ, Ealy and maybe a vet-minimum Jared Allen and he could slowly evolve into a beast. Remember, picking 31st means we won't fill an immediate hole with a world beating talent. It does mean that good players that might be a year down the line from starting could be available as the hotter-seated GMs and HCs around the league have a job on the line to defend
  6. Remember in how in 2003, young Runningback DeShaun Foster came on late in the season to complement experienced top-rusher Stephen Davis to break free in the playoffs and get us to the superbowl.. hoping CAP can repeat that so we can pound the rock in the Playoffs with both guys
  7. Down a corner.....Getts next move

    Cary Williams seems like an obvious choice, he's at the right age (30) to be both experienced and not that much over the hill. He has starting experience, SuperBowl experience and could probably slot in pretty quickly with 3 weeks of on-the-field training with Kurt Coleman helping over top
  8. Yaaassssssssssssssssssssssssssss.....

    Damn Steve Young and Deion Sanders, thats damn good company! And these guys are 26 & 24 while Young was 33 and Deion 27 back in 94
  9. My bad, I was sure we signed him to a 2 year deal back in 14 with a 1 year option. Still doesn't mean we can't sign him long term on the cheap now before he becomes worth more
  10. Norwell is a Free Agent this summer, lock him down now with a 5 year deal before the rest of the league takes notice of how well he's playing, then you have enough money for Turner when he's due. I think we could sign Norwell for 5 million a year making it a 4/20 or 5/25.. similar money to John Asamoah got from Falcons, or Clint Boling got from Cincy.. that would be a steal considering Iupati gets 8 a year, and Hudson gets almost 9
  12. I don't like that.... I DON'T LIKE THAT

    Quite the contrast to your picture on page 14 of Along the Sidelines
  13. Cam Newton is going to do one of 2 things in the press conference after the win in Washington 1: Say the word "Redskins" - Headline "Cam Newton uses racial slur to disparage native Americans" 2: Avoid the word "Redskins" - Headline "Cam Newton doesn't respect opponents and league, refuse to call team by their name"   Long story short, you can't win
  14. You. Yeah You....

    Will this also work for us Euro's who use Amazons EU stores in England, Germany, France and so on?
  15. One Panther makes pffs all worst team

    I have been thinking for a while that we could look at a mid-round Tight End in the next draft, to learn under Olsen and replace the failed SwollBones experiment, perhaps Dicksons play would add to that. Look for ECUs Bryce Williams, he fits the bill of a Panthers Tight End - Good pass catcher, tough and scrappy blocker, but needs some weight re-distribution in the training room