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  1. Carolina Panthers OTA Notes and Photos

    Sanchez looks so skinny, can we get him a gift card to Bojangles or something?
  2. Selecting the 2016 Panthers Wide Receivers

    If Proehl has made Stephen Hill into just a decent reciever he could be a revelation this year, I'll go Ginn/Brown/Hill as a few others in this thread, Ginn was a league leader in receptions last year, Phillys worked his tail off and was great in the playoffs & Hill is simply too much a freak to not get on the team if he has developed into something related to a NFL caliber WR, but if Hill is given up on, then that "big WR" spot is wide open, Key has a chance as he has a higher ceiling than Norwood and Bersin, but of course is lacking behind Norwood in pedigree and Bersin in familiarity
  3. I have a feeling this won't be the last time we see news like this, Premier League cinderealla story Leicester City just had their two primary scouts poached by bigger clubs and with the way we are drafting and scouting, some of the mid-level guys here could be in line for a promotion with other clubs. It would be a major sign of continued success if our backroom staff gets snagged to bigger positions around the league. And now DG gets to pick his own scouts, oh boy that should scare the rest of the division
  4. Rookie Camp - Need your input

    CBs are most interesting for me, the early pecking order between the 3 rookies is established here and could determine who gets the most snaps come TC and Preseason
  5. Rapoport: Panthers Looking at Quarterbacks

    Braxton Miller could be the new Joe Webb if the FO thinks of him that way, a QB3 with WR and ST chops would be gold, those guys don't come along often
  6. I hope we stay put, there is still a lot of talent in the bottom of the 2nd, we could trade up in the third for cheaper and get more of the good guys who will fall
  7. We've had a lot of success with mid/late-round corners and low-risk free agents, another small school prospect overlooked in the later rounds (I'm looking at you Ryan Smith out of NC-Central) to bolster depth and maybe a veteran Free Agent like Antonio Cromartie on a short leash looking for a ring will be what we do, and should do. Notice how no one other than the Media are calling the Panthers idiots for doing this, lots of GMs agree that J-No is not worth that big of a paycheck, and keeping your locker room focused and distraction free is a bigger prize in the long run. Also i expect to see a dog-fight for that CB2 position in camp, guys like Lou Young and Robert McClain are eyeing up a lot of gametime suddenly
  8. So as some of you might know we are a few Danish guys here on the huddle (I think we are 3) and all of us are also on the primary Danish Football Forum. On that forum we every year do a Mock Draft where a member gets to be GM of their team. This year i wrestled The Panthers away from my trusty countrymen and became Dave Gettleman for a few weeks, I noticed right away that as the most complete team in the NFL, I had a lot of chances to pick players who might not be instant contributors on the best team in football, but could with a year of development be even bigger than the guys drafted before them, this is what being one of the best teams allow you, to play the long game because you are not on the hot seat. We are currently 4 rounds in, and I wanted to share my experience with you and see if you agree. Round 2 - Pick 33: Jason Spriggs, OT from Indiana As we got closer to the first round pick, no one really stood out to me as the obvious Panthers choice. Gone were my favorite targets MacKensie Alexander and Eli Apple so when the Browns GM called asking for a price on my 31 I jumped immediately (He needed to get Paxton Lynch before the Broncos), I got the browns 6th rounder (giving away our needless 7th rounder)to move down 2 spots and take my guy anyway, for me an optimal scenario as that 6 can be used later or packaged. I picked Spriggs instead of the Defensive Ends purely on the basis that i see 4 guys in this draft who can play LT in the NFL, thats Tunsil, Stanley, Spriggs and LaRaven Clark. With the two others already gone, i decided that if I wanted my future Blindside protector I needed to take him now. Defensive Ends usually don't make an immediate impact and with Johnson coming back and Ealy looking like a beast towards the end of 2015 I decided to take Spriggs now ahead of Dodd and Ogbah. He might not start in 2016, but with Ohers contract running out after this season, a year of grooming Spriggs by our talented staff should mean he can slot right in in 2017 (or earlier). He fits our system as an athletic, good moving lineman and the comparisons to Nate Solder are spot on in my opinion. CBS Comparison: Nate Solder Round 2 - Pick 63: Kendall Fuller, CB from Virginia Tech Somehow Fuller was the 8th Corner picked and I jumped at the chance to grab this guy in the bottom of the 2nd. Yes he is injured right now, but this guy is built for the system we run with a quick first step and a nose for the ball he will excel in our cover 2-cover 3 system as a bend-don't-break Cornerback. He garners extreme praise from every source i've seen for work ethic, football iq and leadership which will mean alot to our staff. He is our security for a life after Norman. If he is cleared medically, he is a steal in the bottom of the 2nd. CBS Comparison: Tramon Williams Round 3 - Pick 95: Pharoh Cooper, WR from South Carolina Going back to offence it is no secret that i Love Love Love Pharoh Cooper and think he will be the perfect slot reciever / philly brown competitor for The Panthers. He has played everywhere at SC and even with a shitty QB managed to get amazing stats. He's not big, he's not blazing fast, but he is quick, runs hardand has good hands. He is in Hot Take terms "A Playmaker" and in a system where WRs can get the ball quick if needed, he will be a godsend to Cam Newton if he has 5 yards of open field when getting the pass. CBS Comparison: Randall Cobb Round 4 - Pick 131: Jerell Adams, TE from South Carolina I had hoped to get TJ Green here, but he was taken 10 spots before me, so i settled for a #2 Tight End to push Ed Dickson for significant snaps. A former Power Forward in High School Adams is used to using his enormous frame to catch balls, at 6ft6 with long arms, a 4.64 40 yarder he is the prototype hyperathletic modern Tight End that can create so many matchups because he is so much biggerthan Linebackers &Corners, yet also very athletic. He is a real Red Zone target and he runs good routes. He needs work in blocking, but with Olsen to mentor him, he could be big down the line CBS Comparison: LaDarius Green So this is what i've managed through 4 rounds, I have the 5th and 6th remaining and hoping to add a Defensive Tackle and a Strong Safety if the value is there. You can now begin the crucifiction for trading out of the first round, or not picking someone over someone else. Once again I'll remind people who will say "this guy won't be available in that round" that the draft was based on what the GMs of the other teams where picking, this is not a computer simulation or a dream scenario, this is with real human beings (and enormous NFL fans) running the 31 other teams.
  9. Think fans tend to underestimate the difference in opinion of players from the outside vs the inside, last year not many of us thought that OLB was a need because AJ Klein had played pretty well, most of us didn't trust Oher to do anything and wanted to overdraft an Offensive Tackle. We don't see enough of CAP or Wegher to know if the front office thinks they need replacement, or if they plan to use two tight ends as much or more this year if they get a compliment to Olsen. From the outside every mock drafter in existence is saying OT or DE, but if Gettleman, Rivera and the coordinators sees another gem hiding somewhere its going to influence selections. Yes we go BPA, but going 100% BPA is ridiculous, it should say "we always go value vs need" so that we maximize snap opportunities with quality. I would not be suprised to see Gettleman trade out of the first round this year, its a very deep, but weak at the top draft, and even though he has stressed the importance of that extra years contract in the first rounders, if he can get more ammo to move around rounds 2 and 3, I think he will take it
  10. Who is this year's surprise star in the sb

    Mario Addison will take the casual viewers by surprise by sacking Manning at key moments
  11. I will pay myself to get this gem shipped to Denmark so I can display it for the entire nation (by sneaking it onto the Danish broadcast of NFL games) so that they may bask in the glory of the Luke, as sure as my twitterhandle is @VonPultz89 !
  12. Jonathan Martin Retiring from Football

    Hope this forces them to try out Remmers at Left Tackle during camp.. although who am I kidding they'll go straight to Chandler
  13. Remember When Delhomme Ripped His Pants?

    Wonderful stuff, if you have more in the archive I will pie every single video like this!
  14. Carolina Panthers 2015 Roster Projection

    ​Getting super pedantic here, but didn't we cut Gafney to put him on IR? Anyway has Remmers looked good enough at Center to have Folkerts worried?