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  1. djp14

    The Saints traded for Bridgewater

    His ceiling is Chad Pennington. Which is fine, Chad Pennington had a nice career. But nobody feared Chad Pennington.
  2. djp14

    The Saints traded for Bridgewater

    Eh. He'll be a solid backup, but as the heir apparent to Brees? Not worried.
  3. djp14

    Skip Bayless at it again

    I honestly admire Skip's ability to keep a straight face while he spouts his usual nonsense.
  4. My daughter is in the marching band. Senior year. Looking forward to never going to another HS game.
  5. Grew up a Jets fan, so there's always a little interest there.
  6. Grew up a Jets fan, became a Panthers fan the day we got the team. So I might go back to the Jets. Or ........ Tennessee Titans. They've always felt like the AFC version of the Panthers to me. Mid-sized Southern city team that gets pretty much ignored by the national media. Either way, it'd be an AFC team. Eff the rest of the NFC.
  7. djp14

    Your most hated NFL team?

    Saints. (I'm still a little salty about the Hornets move. )
  8. I don't know. Kemba is kind of a 2nd tier star. I'd guess that the Hornets are the only team that considers him as a "max contract" guy. And even then, I'd be surprised if we offer him that. Either way, I expect him to re-sign here. This team doesn't look like they're planning a re-build anytime soon.
  9. djp14

    JR Statue to remain

    It's actually pretty easy.
  10. djp14

    For the real Hornets fans.

    Agreed. It didn't take long for opponents to figure out that our "go to" play was "everyone clear out and LJ will do something." Seemed kinda lazy on Bristow's part.
  11. djp14

    Cleveland looking at Kemba

    Hornets should've traded Kemba, drafted Porter, and embraced the tank. Instead, it looks like they plan to chase another #8 seed, and pick in the low teens again. #NBAPurgatory
  12. Nobody's taking that contract off our hands. We're stuck with Batum.
  13. djp14

    Playoff Thread

    I hope the series ends tonight. At this point, the NBA offseason is more interesting than the regular season & playoffs.