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  1. I've had SiriusXM for a few years. I still check out Mac's show from time to time, but that's about it.
  2. Kawhi Leonard

    I have no problem letting Kemba go for Kawhi. What I don't like is throwing in a 1st rounder without some kind of guarantee that Leonard will sign here long term.
  3. Kawhi Leonard

    Because we could give up Kemba, Lamb, and a first rounder, and then have Leonard walk in free agency.
  4. Offense played tight. Cotchery had zero drops all season long, and three in the SB. (Even if you don't think the first one was a drop, he should've caught that cleanly). Gano's miss and Tolbert's fumble didn't help either. I've watched SB 38 a few times, but never SB 50. Once was enough.
  5. Where I grew up (Long Island) nobody cared about college football. Graduated from UNCC, so that didn't help either. My younger sisters went to UNC & USC, so they're into it. I couldn't care less. As far as high school football goes, my daughter has been in marching band for the past 3 years, so we have to go. But that stuff can be painful to watch.
  6. I use the PS Vue with a Firestick. No complaints. And they've got all the local Charlotte stations.
  7. Sobering Reality

    Since the Bobcats began, their win pct. is .387. Minnesota is .361, and Sacramento is .377. The Browns are at .276
  8. Relevant athletically. Our hoops program has been garbage for a dozen years. UNCW and UNCA have both made multiple trips to the NCAA tourney in that time. Davidson laughs at us.
  9. I voted remove, but I've always thought the statues were lame ..... pretending we had history at a time when we really didn't. Does it even matter? Nobody talks about us anyway. UNC-Asheville & UNC-Wilmington are more relevant than UNCC.
  10. If they trade Kemba..

    It wasn't.
  11. Cleveland get's its PG - not Kemba

    Thomas and Frye are expiring contracts, and moving Clarkson frees up more money. The Lakers just got themselves a lot of cap space.
  12. Starting watching the Red Zone channel a couple of years ago, mostly for fantasy football purposes. Now it's hard to sit through one game.
  13. Depends on the offer. And Wentz' health.