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  1. Barclays Premier League- 2015/16 Season Thread

    How ironic would it be if Spurs finally beat out the Big Four, but lose the title to Leicester?
  2. MLS 2015 Season

    Galaxy, Revs, SKC & Toronto out. That could not have gone any better, as far as I'm concerned.
  3. 2015/16 Bundesliga Thread

    Bayern Munich - Wolfsburg  
  4. 2015/16 Bundesliga Thread

    I saw the Friday match, but I was just referring to Saturday/Sunday. We don't get Fox Soccer Plus. I can't imagine there's much of an audience for NASCAR Truck practice, yet that's what's going to be on the HD channel. I don't get it.          
  5. 2015/16 Bundesliga Thread

    Just checked the tv listings for the weekend. Two games Saturday, both on FS2. Meanwhile, on FS1, Truck Series practice and Red Bull Air Racing. No televised matches Sunday. And no Bundesliga Highlights show, which aired after week 1, but not since. That's some pretty shitty coverage, if you ask me.  
  6. 2015/16 Bundesliga Thread

    I'm pretty much over Time Warner Cable right now. Last week I was having issues with a bunch of channels ("channel not available right now. try back later"). Had a guy come out and fix it on Wednesday. Worked fine for two days. Now it's not working again. No FS1, no FS2, no NBC Sports Network, and none of the "overflow" channels for the other PL games. At least they put MOTD on NBC 6. Of course, everything was working fine before soccer season started.  
  7. 2015/16 Bundesliga Thread

    I'm glad FS2 is showing Bundesliga matches, but in 2015, it's a little jarring to watch sports in standard definition. I hope they show more matches on FS1. I did catch Bayern Leverkusen/Hoffenheim on Fox Sports Carolinas (40).  I hadn't seen a Bundesliga game since the "Soccer Made In Germany" days, so that was cool.  
  8. Charlotte Independence Thread

    Next up, Chicago Fire.    
  9. Charlotte Independence Thread

    Yeah that matches up with something I read elsewhere:    
  10. Charlotte Independence Thread

      Unlikely, but they do stream games on YouTube:     But they televise Charlotte Hounds games, so who knows?