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  1. If they trade Kemba..

    That was never an option, considering that GS could pay him $50 million more than we could. We had just as much a chance of signing Lebron.
  2. Instead of Watching the SB....

    Haven't watched an entire game since the Panthers were eliminated. Will have no problem skipping the SB.
  3. Seattle renovating Key Arena

    And the city lets them operate the arena, which is another source of income for the Hornets. I'm sure the city of Seattle will just hand that over without a fight.
  4. Seattle renovating Key Arena

    Jordan bought this team for peanuts. He has zero motivation to sell. And they don't want him in Seattle.
  5. Jordan's ego won't let him sell the team. And relocating it will hurt his brand. We're stuck with each other, for better or worse. Mostly worse.
  6. Still the greatest sports moment of my life, even though I don't even watch hockey anymore. Bobby Nystrom OT Winner
  7. I used to hate the Jags 15-20 years ago, but these days they barely register on my care-o-meter. I've learned to hate the Saints and Falcons much more. We've had two shots at a SB win and didn't get it done. That's on us.
  8. That is Cowherd in a nutshell. Always has been. It's much better listening to him in a panel setting than on his radio show, where nobody challenges him. He tried doing that same Cam take yesterday on "Speak For Yourself", and got laughed at. (No, I don't watch it, but it's on Sirius XM on the drive home).
  9. I had the same thought at the time. Saints would rather play us than the Falcons, and they'd most likely get the Wentz-less Eagles next. Not saying that's what happened, but the thought did cross my mind.
  10. I was actually hoping to play the Rams, based on the chance that their youth & inexperience catches up with them. The Saints have our number this year. And while people will say it's tough to beat a team 3 times in a season, it happens more often than not.
  11. Agreed. I remember reading the Giants message board a few years back, and a large contingency were begging for Eli to be replaced with David Carr. There are dopes everywhere.
  12. The city of Charlotte will completely bend over to keep the Panthers here. They lost one team once, they won't do it again. That's why the powers that be have no interest in a Major League ballpark or MLS stadium. They know what's coming.
  13. Bundesliga 2017/18

    Is that Werder Bremen's strange cousin?
  14. I did the cable cutting thing back in March, so I was already resigned to the fact that I would be limited to whatever was airing on NBCSN or USA Network. I gotta spring for Red Zone in September ($40), so no Premier League Pass for me.
  15. Just in case anyone missed it: Premier League Pass FAQ: NBC’s replacement for Premier League Extra Time