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  1. if you're the owner of a two state team you'd be dump not to enage one state in some manner. its smart business. Even if its not an entire practice facility some kind of engagement would be good business.
  2. Dump move from the owners pov. The anthem protest were dying down. Should have just let it go now you bring it back to the forefront
  3. scpanther22

    Marty impressed with new guard

    Can't wait to raise him up to be an all pro then let him walk in a few years..lol
  4. scpanther22


    The real players are generally born into some form of wealth and accumulate tons more by exploiting the working class. .....lol?
  5. scpanther22

    Infinity Wars spoilers discussion

    Yeah the post credit scene was for captain marvel..(apparently her solo movie is gonna be set in the 90s way before infinity war) Overall I thought it was an good film. Not bad, Not amazing but good. It really felt like just set up for the next avengers film. Of course they're gonna find a way to reverse most of these deaths but i'm hoping at least some stick.
  6. scpanther22

    Carolina Panthers select TE Ian Thomas

    i like the conviction so many people with about how great or bad the pick is when they haven't seen him play one down in college lol
  7. I don't know what kind of pro Lamar will be but I think it speaks to how unimaginative OC/HC are to write him off instead of trying to adjust to todays players. He's gonna need the right situation
  8. when has politics truly never been apart of sports? ...or has the politics just been things you've agreed?
  9. scpanther22

    Bidding reaches 2.5 Billion, Rubin out.

    imagine doing something wrong and your "punishment" is walking away with nearly 3 billion(minus cost) America
  10. scpanther22

    Sammy Watkins Is Part Of A Cult

    how long before this thread takes a turn for the worse
  11. Good singing. Worry about his consistency but this is good deal
  12. Pizza Hut is the last Pizza place I go to for chain pizza but they had a Pizza called "the big New Yorker" in the 90s I still want back..
  13. "potential suitors" and "could potentially be interested" are two different things to me. Sounds like its really just him connecting the dots based on our need for a WR not actually saying we're interested
  14. Looks like this offense didnt come to play today