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  1. Can't think of many QB(besides our own) in todays league that have been more wasted than Rodgers in GB
  2. cmc still doing nothing lol

    Don't think theres anything wrong with admitting he's not doing enough up to this point between the tackles. of course part of it is the way we're using him but he could do better up the gut
  3. Anime

    I watch..im pretty late to the party on Attack on Titian but so far i'm liking it. Finished One Punch Man and enjoyed it
  4. I think the distraction argument is overrated. aren't we all capable of multitasking. if your average NFL player can frequent a strip club the weekend of a game then i don't think taking a knee is all that much of a distraction
  5. The Good Place on Netflix and NBC

    Rare for a network comedy to hold my attention but I loved season one. i'm interested to see how they keep the plot twist going in season two
  6. SCARY MOVIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    if you're up for a foreign film. Train to Busan- Korean zombie movie. I think it was put on netflix a few months.
  7. Netflix Recommendation - It Follows

    Maika Monroe(the main actress) did another film around the same time as It follows called "the guest" people would probably like. Same throwback kind of film, more of slasher film but also 80s influenced .
  8. 6 Quarters, 3 Points Allowed

    Games like this are why i really think ratings are down
  9. RIP Huddle

    Lot of old fourms I use to be one have been shutting down recently, social media is really taking a lot of people away.
  10. Joe Webb Cut - Derek Anderson kept

    one injury away from 10 sign Kaepnernick threads
  11. I know he has a handle on it from college but I wish we let someone else do it..seems like so much unnecessary risk
  12. The Defenders

    it felt like they rushed to edit it and didn't really have a well thought out plot. and even with less episodes they still managed to make it feel like some episodes were filler.
  13. Boldin, done!

    wish I made enough money to just decide to retire in my 30s one day. lol
  14. Time to consider Kaepernick

    I feel like when some of you preface your statements with "Not about his protest...." then follow it up with a million nit-picky statements on why you don't like him..its actually probably his protest you don't like lol
  15. "Chris Manhertz is one of the most athletic players on the team. If he could learn to run crisper routes and catch the ball more naturally, he would be a force to be reckoned with." That quote kind of makes me laugh because its basically saying "he's a really good athlete and if he just learned to do most of the things TE are suppose to do in today's league then he could be a TE" but I really want more pass catching production out of the second TE..whoever that ends up being.