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  1. Great post. Everyone is clamirj g for ya to sign a crappy CB who is avail now. Better players will be available as TC and preseason develops....up to final cuts.
  2. Star vs. Poe, comparison.

    We DO play him.....our DL is all about rotation
  3. Exactly. Many if ya remember that disaster of a season when we had a weakness at NT (Fua). Getting gashed up the middle for 6-7 yards a pop sucked. Pie is s great signing. A big space eater that had a lot more athleticism and quickness than Star.
  4. Lions release tight end Eric Ebron

    The way salaries are playing out this offseason, I don't think anyone will be willing to do anything for cheap.
  5. Andrew Norwell to Jags

    I don't think signing Kalil was the reason for not re-signing Norwell. There is no way that you can lock up $26M for one position (Guard). The decision on Norwell was made when Turner was signed to a huge deal.
  6. Panthers trade Worley for Torrey Smith

    Spot on. And with zero guaranteed money, it gives us flexibility. Can cut him in camp if he sucks...wiklblijely restructure him for less....and Worley sucked.
  7. I question the staff often. But this game was not in them.
  8. Sorry the truth hurts. He is a subpar passing qb. What makes him a weapon is his legs.
  9. Only racist is you.....have no other argument, play the race card. You blithering idiot. this has nothing to do with race. This has to do with him being garbage today and very questionable for the last 9 games...2 games with200 yards passing in the last 9 games. That is NOT good qb play. Cam is a subpar passing qb. When he can’t break off a few runs, our offense sucks. That is a fact....and has nothing to do with RACE.
  10. The fact that you are blaming the staff for this debacle is hilarious
  11. 2 200 yard games in 9...sorry, but that is BAD qb play.
  12. The Cleveland Brown had more heart than we did the day....and their qb outplayed ours as well.
  13. Cam has thrown for 200 yards TWICE in the last 9 games. That is poor qb play in the nfl
  14. THIS is what I am saying. It is hilarious watching the blithering idiot Cam Nuthuggers get in a frenzy when anyone points out his bad play and dies not blame everything be else for this embarrassment.
  15. Things that make you go ...hmmmmm