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  1. I question the staff often. But this game was not in them.
  2. Sorry the truth hurts. He is a subpar passing qb. What makes him a weapon is his legs.
  3. Only racist is you.....have no other argument, play the race card. You blithering idiot. this has nothing to do with race. This has to do with him being garbage today and very questionable for the last 9 games...2 games with200 yards passing in the last 9 games. That is NOT good qb play. Cam is a subpar passing qb. When he can’t break off a few runs, our offense sucks. That is a fact....and has nothing to do with RACE.
  4. The fact that you are blaming the staff for this debacle is hilarious
  5. 2 200 yard games in 9...sorry, but that is BAD qb play.
  6. The Cleveland Brown had more heart than we did the day....and their qb outplayed ours as well.
  7. Cam has thrown for 200 yards TWICE in the last 9 games. That is poor qb play in the nfl
  8. THIS is what I am saying. It is hilarious watching the blithering idiot Cam Nuthuggers get in a frenzy when anyone points out his bad play and dies not blame everything be else for this embarrassment.
  9. Things that make you go ...hmmmmm
  10. I will always be second to YOU in that category....THAT is a fact
  11. Never said he should be benched...never said he should be cut...but he has played like garbage today. Right on que....
  12. You sound like Atlanta fans when they had Vick...blamed his weapons and coaches and not his subpar qb play
  13. I see the truth still hurts with you. he is playing like garbage now...that is a fact.
  14. This is NOT lack of game planning....thus is not coaching....this is plain and simple a qb who is playing like garbage. Hope he turns is around during practice this week or we are going to get embarrassed by LA or NO next week.
  15. No...he is tired of Cam missing him and other wide open receivers.