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  1. Against us would not have given another play...the defense would decline and end the game.
  2. Sorry...but Cam blew 30-40 sec between plays in this Drive. Bad coaching and execution
  3. Can us excellent in many aspects of the 2 min drill....but he really sucks at getting g to the line and the okay off quick. Wastes way too much time
  4. I thought I had heard worst commentator before..but Greg Jennings has taken sucjibgvto a whole new level. Guy can’t get a coherent sentence out....he sounds like he has the intellect of a head of lettuce. god he sucks.
  5. MadHatter

    Panthers sign OT; IR Williams

    Go back an read the post....he played LT for Denver in the SB after the 2013 season....not against us.
  6. MadHatter

    What Cowboys fans are saying

    Gonna be the same old same old with the Cowboys....media hyping them preseason, fans talking trash preseason, team underperforms and loses in reg season.
  7. MadHatter

    Panthers Work Out QB Connor Cook

    Weworkiut olayers nearly every week during the season. Just standard protocol....nothing to see here.
  8. Love how people list guys likely to retire or move on as savings to sign one star. You do realize that you would have to replace Kalil, Pep, TD, Adams, Cap, etc.
  9. MadHatter

    check out CJ last year vs. the Cowboys

    Loved watching their "All Everything" LB Sean Lee take bad angles, get blocked out of plays, and pretty much look lost in that video.
  10. MadHatter

    Official Eff the Cowboys Thread...

    72% of them could not even find Texas on the map.
  11. Well, congrats on the graduation and landing the new job. I am sure you will knock it out of the park up there.
  12. Yo Ace....did not realize that you had moved away. What games are you coming back for this season? I want to make sure we meet up when you are back in town.
  13. Most of these so-called experts are just ex-players who have the intellectual capacity of a head of lettuce. Most would be on welfare and flipping burgers if they could not run fast, jump high, and throw a ball.
  14. Michael Irvin is suffering from permanent brain damage brought on by the excessive amount of cocaine and other drugs that POS (along with other Cowboys) were doing in the 90's.
  15. Says the dude who appears to be too cheap to invest in his team and buy PSL's. FYI....I will be there Sunday cheering for the Panthers and NEVER sell my tickets. If I can't make a game, I always give them to Panthers Fans I know to represent for me.