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  1. MadHatter

    Sugar coating RBs, CJ lead back

    But Anderson had over 1,000 yards last season behind one of the leagues worst OL.
  2. MadHatter

    Sugar coating RBs, CJ lead back

    I see a similar strategy that Norv used in SD with Tomlinson and Sproles
  3. MadHatter

    Donte Jackson just stepped in poo

    But you are still paying for it either way. You seem to be hung up on how you pay (cheaper meal price plus a tip as compared to a more expensive meal price and no tip). To me, this is the exact same...as I only care about the end sum game...which is that you will pay the same amount either way.
  4. MadHatter

    Donte Jackson just stepped in poo

    You still haven’t figured it out though. You will end up paying the same amount under the current methodology as you would under raising salaries and eliminating tips.....the increased labor costs will just be added to the price of the food. Really easy concept to grasp.
  5. MadHatter

    Bad review for an old friend

    Same thing.......He got in shape for the season...something that his lazy ass did not do here after he got that big contract.
  6. MadHatter

    Bad review for an old friend

    Not to mention that Deill got lazy and out of shape here inbtgst big contract. After we cut him, he list about 25 lbs during the off-season and showed up in Pitt in great shape.
  7. MadHatter

    Donte Jackson just stepped in poo

    Yes I do. That extra $5 - $10 is not a big deal to me....but it lets the delivery person know that I appreciate them. hey...small price to pay for me being to lazy to fix my own meal.
  8. MadHatter

    Donte Jackson just stepped in poo

    My go to tips are about 25-30% on eat in (you have to screw up to get less than 20%) even take out I give 10%....they are working hard and I like to show thanks Delivery is usually a flat $15 these amounts are immaterial to me but make a big difference to someone in the service industry.
  9. Hope my comment did not come across as snarky. It definitely was not meant to be.
  10. Our safeties have zero experience? Adams and Searcy are vets with tons of experience...they may have list scstro from age, but saying they have no experience is beyond laughable.
  11. Zero impact on Hurney or Rivera.
  12. MadHatter

    CAP vs Barner

    I bet most rooting for Hood was doing so because he is a local Charlotte kid who went to Charlotte Catholic...not his ties to UNC. at least that was who o was hoping he made it...but he is a very, very long shot.
  13. I like how some try to minimize beating the hell out of a female as “1 bad thing in their life”. Hardy is a bum
  14. MadHatter

    Ron Rivera Already On That BS

    Why should anyone be surprised at this. He is the only one in the roster who has played LG in the nfl.....the other guys are rookies and guys looking to change positions. Of course he is penciled in at the top prior to training camp. Let the competition begin.
  15. Our DL is better than last year’s. We got rid of a guy in C.J. that delivered absolutely nothing fit several years and upgraded at the DT position.