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  1. I have been a fan of this team since its inception and have had season tickets for over a decade. However, this team (especially Cam and the offense) is playing like hot garbage so far this season....and that is a fact. If you are too dumb or blind to be able to see and accept that....that is all on you.
  2. 3 td's in 3 games.....all that needs to be said.
  3. No one is talking about DA

    Said it before final cuts. DA should have been cut and Webb should have been kept as the backup.
  4. Not a chance unless this offense finds something that has been sorely lacking this season.
  5. Should have cut DA and kept Webb as the backup QB. Guy made plays in the preseason and also gave you plenty with his legs. Keeping DA and signing Matt "Dumpster Fire" Kalil were two horrible moves. Kalil might actually be worse than Remmers....hard that was even possible.
  6. Three solid games of sucking is not fan over reaction....he is terrible
  7. Hahahaha....you are so predictable. Still trying to blame Shula for Cam sucking ass.
  8. Just checking in to see what excuses the Cam apologists are making today. Bittom line is he has sucked for over a season now. Missing wide open receivers...throwing 3 interceptions to this dumpster fire of a secondary...fumbling the ball....numerous delay of games the past 3 games. Not sure if he will ever be close to what he was in 2015....but he is hot garbage right now.
  9. That was a smart fg call. Forces 3tds and 3 2pt conversions to beat you....instead if just 3 Tds
  10. This...he leaped while still in the field of play
  11. Cam just needed some game reps to knock the rust off....Looks much sharper
  12. Seriously? Shula is not to blame. Cam is sucking as tisay...that is all in him.
  13. You are an idiot....trying to blame Shula
  14. Hope Cam settles down in the 2H. Not seeing guys open and accuracy is way off.