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  1. That was a smart fg call. Forces 3tds and 3 2pt conversions to beat you....instead if just 3 Tds
  2. This...he leaped while still in the field of play
  3. Cam just needed some game reps to knock the rust off....Looks much sharper
  4. Seriously? Shula is not to blame. Cam is sucking as tisay...that is all in him.
  5. You are an idiot....trying to blame Shula
  6. Hope Cam settles down in the 2H. Not seeing guys open and accuracy is way off.
  7. Not signing Ward is almost worth watching the SAME huddlers melt down over not signing an overpriced FA. You guys NEVER disappoint.
  8. 2017 NFL Roster Cuts Tracker

    So basically the Outstanding Pats traded picks with us for NOTHING. Hilarious
  9. Bersin is a good possession WR....but with Shepard, Clay, and Byrd along with KB, Funch, and Samuel he is expendable and should be waived.
  10. Damiere Byrd vs Kaelin Clay?

    Give me KB, Funch, Samuel, Byrd, Clay
  11. Shula on week 1

    Not saying that it is true, but why would he answer that question by saying "Yes, we are going to focus on the short routes". Keep defenses wondering...don't give them a roadmap, even though fans want to know.
  12. Joe P's Roster Projection

    After seeing play this preseason, I would not be totally against letting Anderson walk and running with Joe Webb as the backup QB. Guy had been making lays all over the rield and Anderson has looked below average. Also...with the flexibility of CMC, I would rather see us only carry 5 WR and add some depth elsewhere (like the secondary)....keeping Byrd and letting Berlin go. Passing options of Olsen, KB, Funch, Shepard, Samuel, Byrd, and CMC are good to roll with.
  13. Tickets for sale

    The problem is not kingtarheel....it is the fact that most of the posters on this board now are assholes. Dude is just trying to break even and everyone is giving him crap.....THAT is why our fan base really sucks.