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  1. Comments on NOLA article

    And they were the STARTING Offensive Line.
  2. Comments on NOLA article

    That is what 5 generations of inbreeding gets you.....a Saints fan.
  3. Saints week Part Deaux

    Not to mention that someone will lose at least a limb if the TOUCH that damn helmet.  haha
  4. Saints week Part Deaux

    Just read on ESPN that the Saints have moved out of the cellar as the defense that gives up the most yards per game.  They are now 31st.........the Giants are actually worse than they are. Hard to imagine.
  5. Trent Dilfer is a washed up below avg QB still trying to make a living off his 15 minutes of fame.  He is the worst of the least some of the others actually performed in the NFL at a high level.  Dilfer's claim to fame is not screwing up in the SB.
  6. Just sit back and laugh at their dumb asses week after week as they prove the same simple truth....that these so-called experts are nothing more than washed up jocks who have nothing meaningful to offer the workforce as a marketable skill.  They prove that even though they played the game, they are no more an expert than Dat Alice was.  
  7. Motivation from Bucky Brooks

    So Bucky does not believe in the Panthers.  Heath Evans said we are definitely the best and most complete team in the league. You know what both of these mean?  Absolutely nothing...neither's opinion has anything to do with winning games and making a run at the SB. the Huddle has lately become a microcosm of today's younger generation....needing constant validation and praise from external sources..worrying about someone dissing or disrespecting you. enjoy the fact that these guys are proving his little they know and how we keep embarrassing them.  Just like what I have done all year at my office.  Several guys parrot the same things week after week....I just keep giving them that look each Monday morning as they are wrong yet again.  It is an entertaining game I am playing with them. let it go youngins.
  8. Trent Dilfer after MNF

    Damn...there are nearly 5-6 threads a day started around here whining and bitching about the lack if respect decade getting.  Take a clue from our team and don't give a damn what these so called experts think.   These threads are embarrassing.
  9. Jesus....we are 11-0 and are making a magical run.  And threads like this continue to pop up and are a complete embarrassment to this site and Panther Nation. Stop with the self pity guys and obsessing over whether the media and experts are giving us the respect that you think we deserve. this is embarrassing.
  10. Panther's should fear Bucs

    Sorry dude, but the packers can't be 12-3......they already have 4 losses.
  11. It's officially hate week again...

    Neither.  Madhatter is the name of a great IPA beer that I like.
  12. It's officially hate week again...

    We all know where you are at....we have suffered through 1-15 and 2-14 seasons fairly recently.  Not to mention that cap hell left by Hurney. 
  13. Panthers sign CB Cortland Finnegan

    Exactly. This signing gives us a legit #3 while Peanut is out and then lets us match up MUCH better in the playoffs against teams running 4 WR sets (GB and Arizona in the NFC.....and potentially Cincinnati, New England, and Denver in the SB). This is a very good signing.
  14. Did Anybody See Travis Kelce Dance?

    After watching him dance, I am even more depressed. I thought it was just a white guy thing about having no swag nor rhythm.....but after watching him break it down, I have come to the realization that it is just ME that has no swag nor rhythm.  Damn those genes.