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  1. MadHatter added a post in a topic Question about the tailgates   

    But the important question is whether you will still be delivering my cooler of ice cold beer to me at the tailgate.  Haha.
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  2. MadHatter added a post in a topic Apple has removed all civil war games from the App Store   

    Why did it not surprise me to open this and see you post stupid poo like this.....oh, that's right.  It is because all you post is stupid poo.
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  3. MadHatter added a post in a topic We're officially tanking it out   

    My multiple college degrees and six figure salary say otherwise.....thanks for playing though
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  4. MadHatter added a post in a topic Cut Steve Clifford A Little Slack   

    Bigger issue is that this team has NO TALENT.
    Big Al is breaking down and looks like a 48 yo man out there.
    MKG is a great defender, but still a suspect offensive player.
    Lance is complete garbage.
    Zellar is a nice complimentary player...but not a guy that can carry a team.
    The issue now is the same issue that Charlotte has always had....the personnel (trade and draft) decisions made by this team are just atrocious. 
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  5. MadHatter added a post in a topic We're officially tanking it out   

    did you actually just pat yourself on the back for getting rep points on an internet message board?  Sad, really sad.
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  6. MadHatter added a post in a topic National Championship thread - Duke vs Wisconsin   

    Always happens when a close game has close calls in the final minutes.
    Were the calls wrong (One was a definite miss....stepping OOB.  One was almost too close to call....Winslow touching the ball).
    However, these were not the reasons that Duke won.  Wisconsin had Duke on the ropes and their two biggest players in foul trouble.  Yet, they were just not able to make enough plays.  Decker shot like crap and they tried to force feed Kaminsky too much.
    Tyus played like a seasoned vet.  That kid was amazing and had been for the last 2/3 of the season.  He played completely under control and made play after play when Duke needed it.  Best PG in the nation.
    What can you say about Greyson Allen.  Kid stepped up and had the game of his life on the biggest stage.  Watching him so pumped and excited reminded me what the game is really about.  He absolutely saved Duke's bacon.
    Congrats to Duke and damn it was a great game to watch.  Back and forth all game.  That is what a NC game should be.
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  7. MadHatter added a post in a topic University of Kentucky Wildcats   

    That just got beat by a bunch of midswestern white boys.
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  8. MadHatter added a post in a topic ( ° ͜ʖ͡°)╭∩╮Hey Kentucky, here's a "trophy" for you ( ° ͜ʖ͡°)╭∩╮   

    Kentucky fan whining about the refs.....not THAT is priceless.
    You would not have gotten past ND if not for the refs.  There were so many fouls not called on Kentucky in that game that it was ridiculous.
    Enjoy the offseason....and the sanctions once the NCAA investigates your recruiting.  Callipari is as dirty as they come and has left every program with sanctions.
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  9. MadHatter added a post in a topic SELECTION SUNDAY THREAD   

    Duke did get the easiest bracket and the are the weakest of the #1 seeds.....they got very lucky.
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  10. MadHatter added a post in a topic Lance Is Already Gone Mentally...   

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