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  1. And most Dallas fans can't find Dallas on a map. They still have a larger fan base than NE does. Of course, they are also the most hated team in the NFL. Which is why they are on tv so much. Viewers want them to see them lose or win.
  2. In theory, we should beat them. Both offenses are unknown at this point, but we are at home, and we have the better defense. But so often these preseason predictions are meaningless.
  3. Davidson Deac II

    Trump making an ass of himself at NATO

    The reality show clown's interest is the reality show clown. Nothing else. All one has to do is take an objective look at Trump over the years. I realize objective is a lot to ask for these days, but I do think it is a necessity when deciding who to vote for. I remember when republicans attacked John Kerry as a flip flopper. Trump not only flip flops, he somersaults. All one has to do is look at Trump's own words. In the 80's, he was a republican. In the 90's and early 2000's, a democrat. Then a independent, and now a republican. He goes whichever way the wind blows. In the 90's, he was strongly pro abortion rights. Now he is adamantly against against abortion rights. In the 90's, he supported an assault weapons ban. Now he is against it. Trump's political affiliation has changed often. Trump had Hillary Clinton at his 2005 wedding. If you feed his ego, he supports you. Dare criticise him over something relatively minor, and you get treated worse than a brutal dictator.
  4. Davidson Deac II

    Trump making an ass of himself at NATO

    I wonder if the Pentagon and State Department have teams whose job is to fix things when Trump says something stupid? Sounds like a full time job to me.
  5. Davidson Deac II

    Donte Jackson just stepped in poo

    Fify The Huddle is hardly alone in reactions to a variety of issues, tipping included.
  6. Davidson Deac II

    Donte Jackson just stepped in poo

    Thread title had me worried he was in some real trouble. Glad its something that has zero impact on the team.
  7. Davidson Deac II

    North Korea Summit

    If it happens, great. But his comments remind me a little of this.
  8. Davidson Deac II

    NK Increasing Nuke Production: Sleep Tight!

    Fwiw, Trump did accomplish one thing at least. Getting the remains of some of the soldiers that died in Korea home. That is probably a big deal for some of the families. Doesn't justify paying compliments to a guy who is in charge of a regime that brutalizes its and a few of our citizens, while at the same time, accusing Canada of stabbing us in the back. But at least it is something. But there haven't been and probably never will be, any move towards denuclearization. In some ways, Trump is a little like Neville Chamberlain in this case. Well except that NK is not the threak Germany was. And Neville Chamberlain got fooled because he genuinely wanted peace, while Trump got fooled because of his ego.
  9. Davidson Deac II

    No UDFA Hype this year

    Not really. Getting off to a bad start doesn't mean we are in trouble for the season, just like getting off to a great start doesn't mean we will be great the whole season. Players will get injured, rookies will improve, new players might be brought in. The team will change as the season rolls along, just like it did last year and pretty much every year.
  10. When my wife immigrated to the US from one of those poor countries, she was under the impression she would be rich. She quickly learned that narrative was false. She had she had seen to much television. She told me, Americans are not that much richer, they are just in more debt. The difference for her was that her home country had a 40% unemployment rate. Jobs were impossible to get, and you held on to one for dear life when you got it. Probably why in 20 years, she has missed two sick days, total. Can't get over that fear of losing her job, even though she is one of the best employees they have.
  11. Davidson Deac II

    Man stabs multiple children in an apartment for refugees

    It use to have some rational discussion, but the tinderbox has over the years become a place for both sides to trade insults and barbs with actual discussions and give and take going away. I suppose in that way, it is following the national trend.
  12. Davidson Deac II

    Man stabs multiple children in an apartment for refugees

    Not sure why you felt the need to bring her up in this thread, but for the record, she is mostly irrelevant. Or was, until Trump made her relevant.
  13. Davidson Deac II

    Man stabs multiple children in an apartment for refugees

    3 year old birthday girl among the victims. Mental illness is a serious problem. I know of a girl right now, who needs help, has violent tendencies, and should be in a facility. But no one has the authority or the backbone to deal with her.
  14. Davidson Deac II

    NK Increasing Nuke Production: Sleep Tight!

    Or Trump realizes nothing will come of it except for giving him a chance to stroke his own ego, and that is all that really matters to him.
  15. In before locked. Good for him, instead of yammering about it on social media, he is actually doing something productive. Something both sides should take note of.