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  1. In games missed due to all forms of suspension since 2014, we are top 5. But I think Hardy skews the results a bit. If you look at number of players suspended, we are middle of the pack. The cowboys are at the top by a long shot, with nearly double the suspensions of the second place team (Baltimore), and 6 more players suspended than the next closest team.
  2. We got mothers problems week 1

    Dallas is actually a good matchup for us on opening day. Not that much of a passing attack, they depend heavily on the run, which should be our strength on defense. They might give our secondary some time to gel a little. And their run defense was middle of the pack, so that might help us as well. At Atlanta is much more worrisome.
  3. Need a little financial advice

    In NC, living in the suburbs of a medium sized city, a car is a necessity. For NJ, I guess it depends on where you live. I was in Secaucus for a week or so, and I saw no reason to even own a car. Public transportaion was easy. If I wanted to drive somewhere, I could rent one. My advice would be keep the Corolla until the wheels fall off it, have a savings account for maintenance of the corolla, and get rid of the lease Asap.
  4. i bought a bike. where should i go

    It wasn't that good for long trips as it tended to be a little stiff, hard on the back. But for local riding and the occasional 1-2 hour trip up to the mountains, it was wonderful. But it was a good looking, and very reliable bike. I am 6-3 and 240lbs, and it carried me well, even uphill. My only complaint was that it had a lot of chrome, so I spent a lot of time cleaning it.
  5. i bought a bike. where should i go

    I had an 04 1200 model. I can easily say that it was far and away the best bike I have every owned.
  6. First Motorcycle

    A windshield will prevent about 99% of those types of incidents. I learned that I that I needed one the hard way. It wasn't a bird, but a rock that came out of a truck. Popped me in the chest.
  7. Amazon is not what it used to be...

    It surprises me that so many people complain about the two day delivery or lack thereof. When I order something from amazon, as long as its there within a week or two, I am ok with it. If I need it quick, I go to a retail outlet. One of the things I like about Amazon is that I can just enter a part number and usually find what I want. For example, a few months ago, a piece in the electronic window of my son's car broke. Found a youtube video that told me how and what to fix. It wasn't a part normally carried by autozone, advance etc... and the local dealer wanted 150 bucks for it. Found a parts place in Arizona that charged half that, and I didn't really care if it took a week to get here.
  8. Panther's new DC makes scoring a priority

    If you are talking about conservative vs aggressive philosophy, Seattle and Denver both got to that point by being conservative. In fact, Denver had to adjust and be more conservative as their season went along. Strong defense and a powerful run game can still win SB's just as easily as throwing the ball all over the place. And I don't think a coach should ever adjust his philosophy simply or only because of one teams success in a given year. It's great to say hey, lets be like philly. Much harder to put in practice though. Btw, if you are talking about the philosophy that got them there, the Eagles were top 5 in the league in running the ball. And their run offense was overall very good. Their passing offense for most of the year was rather pedestrian, 13th in attempts and 23rd in completion percentage. Middle of the pack on yards per catch as well.
  9. I would be ok with a receiver, but if we get a running back, he better be a good one. I like CMC, but the new running back needs to be ram it up the middle and move the pile type of player, unless we get a lot more innovative on offense.
  10. Panther's new DC makes scoring a priority

    Every year is different irt the SB winner 2013 lots of scoring 2014 winner was due to a dominant defense. 2015 winner came down to a coach that should have been conservative and run the ball, but passed instead. And it got picked off. 2016 saw a SB winner with a qb that couldn't throw the ball more than 10 yards. 2017 saw a coaching move that was to aggressive (throwing instead of running) and cost a team a sb that they could have locked up with a fg by a very accurate kicker. 2018 saw a scoring explosion. The great thing about the NFL is that no one really knows what will happen this. So while I generally agree that coaches shouldn't be to conservative, the most important thing is knowing when to be conservative, and when to "go for the throat" so to speak. It's also the most difficult aspect of coaching imo.
  11. i bought a bike. where should i go

    I turned north at Rock Springs Wyoming. The drive from the Colorado border to Rock Springs is nothing but flat brown dirt and antelopes. The landscape got far more interesting around the Wyoming/Idaho/Montana border.
  12. i bought a bike. where should i go

    I 80 through Wyoming.
  13. i bought a bike. where should i go

    If it was warmer, I would say thru Yellowstone and Jackson hole. It is really an amazing experience. But you are likely to see snow there this time of year.
  14. Looking back at our draft history, I am not sure that 2016 even makes the bottom five. 97, 98, 99, 09, and 2010 were all worse imo. Here is our 98 draft. Worst draft ever imo, for us. 1 (14) DE Jason Peter Nebraska 2 (44) Choice to Miami 3a (62) * DE Chuck Wiley Louisiana State 3b (73) DL Mitch Marrow Pennsylvania 4 (106) WR Donald Hayes Wisconsin 5 (136) LB Jerry Jensen Washington 6 (165) S Damien Richardson Arizona State 7a (196) # DL Viliami Maumau Colorado 7b (203) Choice to Pittsburgh 7c (228) % WR Jim Turner Syracuse Chuck Wiley might just have been the best of the bunch.
  15. Perhaps, but the point still remains. The majority of picks never become consistent starters, even if they are picked in the second or third round. Also, if this really was the worst draft in our history, then we are very good at drafting.