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  1. Panthers continue to hold out for Hurney

    No worries, that is understandable. Fwiw though, I think leads evaporating happens quite a bit in the NFL, not just to us. Partially because the NFL sets the rules up to give teams a shot at a comeback with all the clock stoppages and other things. And partially because of a human tendency to relax when you have a larger lead. Also, because the vast majority of coaches tend to get conservative when they get a larger lead. Watching the Saints go thru the playoffs this year, they both lost a significant lead and almost lost the game against us, and then they were on the other side against the Vikings, getting down by a lot, taking the lead, only to lose it in the end (albeit in far more shocking circumstances than our game).
  2. Matt Kalil's wife in SI Swimsuit issue

    Like Beauty, Classy is in the eye of the beholder. And fwiw, classy is a word that is thrown around to much, and is to much based on the image one projects, not on how one is. And if enjoying looking at attractive and barely clothed women makes one not classy, then I am ok with it.
  3. Panthers continue to hold out for Hurney

    I know that is the perception, but its not reality. The perception exist because it happened a lot in Ron's first two years. Since then, not so much. And because we have tended to allow a team to get way to close after we had a large lead. In our 6 losses this year, we never had a double digit lead. We barely even had a lead in about half of them. In 2016, it happened twice (Denver and KC). In 2015, we had two losses, and only had the lead in one of them, and then not by double digits. In 2014 I don't think we blew any double digit leads. I don't remember having many to blow. In 2013, we didn't blow any double digit leads. So in 5 seasons, we have blown double digit leads twice, that I know of. Since we have won more than we lost over that time period, that is actually not bad, probably above the league average.
  4. Dammit, the secret is out now. Cam two is Cam's clone that we are stashing away in cryogenic suspension.. Once Cam One is done, Cam two comes in and takes over.
  5. Panthers continue to hold out for Hurney

    I think the losing leads thing is exaggerated quite a bit. We actually have done quite well at winning games when we had a two score lead. In the last 5 years, I believe we have only lost one game when we had a two score lead in the 4th qtr. I know that we have come close several times, but in part, that is the nature of the NFL.
  6. Panthers continue to hold out for Hurney

    I don't really care so much about the drafting. Hurney (and for that matter Gettleman) drafted well, in comparison to their peers. As long as he doesn't trade draft picks or move up/down. He should never be allowed to do that. Hurney's mishandling of free agency and Cap space are what concern me. And why we should go another direction.
  7. LB Reuben Foster arrested on DV charges

    While its true that having a better lawyer helps, I am not so sure that Domestic Violence charges for poor people end up with significantly more legal consequences. A significant percentage of domestic violence convictions never spend a day in jail, for a variety of reasons.
  8. Panthers Mock w/Trade Down Scenario

    Predicting which players will have an immediate impact is difficult, even if you just look at the top 10. Past that, its nearly impossible.
  9. Richardson is selling the team. There is nothing the NFL can do to him. Except perhaps turn info over to the cops if there is something illegal. But that is unlikely.
  10. Brady is not even in the top 10. Ironically, of the ten highest paid qbs last year, only two even made the playoffs.
  11. Jason La Canfora reporting new GM hire

    I just hope he is competent. Don't care what race he is.
  12. The Jerry Richardson statue

    He still had to ok it.
  13. Actually we draft fairly well, when one looks at it objectively and compares to how other teams. do. Drafts are always crap shoots, and if 1/3 of the players you draft are still around 4 years later, then that is average, or maybe slightly above. Article from two years ago that ranks us as the best drafting team. https://nypost.com/2016/04/24/ranking-from-1-32-the-nfls-best-teams-at-drafting/ Article from last year that has us #2 http://ftw.usatoday.com/2017/04/nfl-draft-performance-grades-best-drafting-teams-picks-classes-2012-2016 It goes back 5 years, which includes Hurney's last draft. Ironically, he had two of the best and two of the worst. I think our fans tend to think we draft poorly, because they don't compare to how other teams. do. Fwiw, we are far better at drafting than at signing free agents.
  14. The Jerry Richardson statue

    Never have understood why a living person would want a statue of themselves. That seems extremely arrogant, and something a Caesar might do. So I would take it down. Maybe after about 10 years or so, name a road after him. Or a parking lot.
  15. Ted Ginn 2.0

    Byrd has certainly shown that he has top speed. Or football speed if you prefer. He probably has more than Ginn right now. The only questions at this point are, was his performance the late season an exception or a look at what he can do, ie can he continue to make tough catches and get open? And can he stay healthy.