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  1. dotard

    To what solutions are you referring?
  2. dotard

    If you are talking about military action, lets hope and pray it doesn't come to that. Even if no Nukes are used, the death toll in North and South Korea would be catastrophic.
  3. dotard

    Might be the first time in his life that Kim Jong Un comes off as the smart one.
  4. Any one here from the ttc or follow the ttc ?

    Texas Titty College.
  5. Panthers vs Aints Predictions

    We win it 27-17 to go 3-0 and many fans are in misery because we didn't pass some magical number.
  6. Meh, we struggled against them in both games in 2015, and it worked out fairly well. All that matters is getting the W.
  7. Mike Shula has already cost us one Super Bowl

    Or Davidson. Reality is we have never had an offensive coordinator the fan base was generally happy with. Of course, that is true with the majority of fan bases. Next to the head coach, the offensive coordinator gets more blame than any other individual. Unless its a team that scores a lot of points, but can't stop anyone. Then its the defensive coordinator.
  8. Mike Shula has already cost us one Super Bowl

    Fwiw, our offense played as well as the Broncos offense did. Our offensive line couldn't block Von Miller and Demarcus Ware, both potential hall of famers. Their offensive line couldn't block Kony Ealy. We made more all around mistakes than they did. Poor tackling on a punt return, missed field goal, and most importantly, turnovers. That cost us the game. Nothing else.
  9. I was thinking that both defenses seem lost. The forty Niners scored more points in the first half than they did against us and Seattle combined.
  10. Shula unrest

    Denver had two turnovers. And it was more like 60/40. There were some games in which our offense dominated without the help of turnovers, or that the defense didn't play that well.
  11. I don't think its crazy money. A little high perhaps, but not crazy. He is paid around the middle of the scale for a left tackle. And if he turns out to not be worth it, we can cut him and the cap hit will not be as bad as it is for the upper half of OLT's in the league. It was a risk when we signed him. He was decent in his first two years, not so much in the later years, in part due to injury. Maybe it will turn out ok, maybe not. To soon to say that this point.
  12. Get your bottled water

    Puerto Rico was leveled.
  13. 16.7% TD rate in the redzone.

    Fwiw, our red zone efficiency over the last two years has been in the top half of the league. So we definitely have a shot to improve it the next few weeks.
  14. I got beat up by bouncers

    I spent about a month working as a bouncer. Worst job ever for me. Nothing worse than being sober while dealing with drunks. Fortunately the majority of people acted somewhat civil, and actual fights were rare. And when fights did happen, it was just a matter of getting them out of the front door by whatever means necessary, then laugh while they complained or threatened.
  15. 16.7% TD rate in the redzone.

    To early in the season to worry about red zone numbers anyway. The majority of the numbers are from one game (Buf). Gano kicked two field goals from inside the 20 against SF and one of them was at the SF 18 with 5 seconds left on the clock. I wouldn't even count that one, which would make Us 1 for 2 from the red zone against SF. If the Buffalo style performance continues, it will be problematic. But for now, its just a single game.