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  1. Cam targeted Smith 5 times (among receivers, only Funchess was targeted more). Smith caught all 5 balls. Really can't asked for better than that. Smith, Funchess, and DJ Moore (except for the fumbles) all played well. The Manhertz thing was baffing.
  2. I thought we did a pretty good job getting pressure starting in the second qtr. Three sacks, including two by our defensive line, and a few hurries. That is why we held them to only field goals after the first flurry of points. Also, there are actually 7 teams that have fewer sacks than we do, although that is not much better. The more worrisome part is that most of our sacks have come in two games. 6 vs Dallas, 3 vs the Skins, 3 against the other teams that throw the ball more. That has to improve for us to have even a ghost of a chance against the Aints or other pass happy teams.
  3. New Orleans has the number one run d, both in yards per game and yard per carry. Philly is number two in yards per game, but middle of the pack in yards per carry.
  4. Davidson Deac II

    Another puzzling question.....

    Yes, I remember that. It was definitely a wtf moment. I guess they were thinking it would surprise the defense, but imo, might as well throw it to me.
  5. Davidson Deac II

    Positives from yesterday?

    We got decent pressure on Smith in the second half. Addison and Peppers both had a sack. Peppers Sack might have been a little bigger if the ball had taken a slightly different bounce.
  6. Davidson Deac II

    Sunday Snap Counts

    Nice to see Peppers get some pressure on the passer. In fact, our pressure was decent yesterday for most of the second half. About the only decent part of our defense.
  7. Davidson Deac II

    Opinions: Can this team beat Philly?

    Didn't say they had been great, just think they are better than the Falcons/Redskins.
  8. Davidson Deac II

    Opinions: Can this team beat Philly?

    We are 3-0 at home, 0-2 on the road. And both road games have been pathetic performances. And Philly is probably the best team we have faced on the road yet. The odds will be against us, but maybe we can come up with an unexpected win, like we did at NE last year.
  9. Davidson Deac II

    There’s only so much one man can do

    He methodically lead us down the field, getting us into position to have a shot at a td. I don't blame him for the shot to CMC really (although I felt like getting the td there would have left way to much time on the clock) but the goal of the next two plays should have been first down exclusively. I partially blame the coaching staff for this as well, for not making that point to him. In reality, this is the second game in a row that we have had issues with last minute drives. Fortunately, Gano bailed us out with a record kick last week. But it shouldn't have come to that. We should have been able to get closer than 63 yards. I like Rivera for the most part, but end game coaching is not his strong suite. I hoped Norv would help improve on that, but so far he has not.
  10. Davidson Deac II

    There’s only so much one man can do

    He looked great on the TD to funchess, best I can remember, that was a deep throw, ie more than 25 yards in the air.
  11. Davidson Deac II

    There’s only so much one man can do

    Agreed, and probably would have had them about Buerlein or Kerry Collins, (and especially Rodney Peete), had the boards existed then. I remember last year wandering over to the Patriots board, and seeing someone ask if it was time for Brady to retire. Of course, that was only one poster, and he was roasted. But unless a qb is one of the handful of elite qb's, he is going to get slammed by a significant percentage of message board commandos.
  12. Davidson Deac II

    What? No belittling of Funchess today?

    I thought him and Smith both played well today.
  13. When we played the Patriots in NE. The Aints are to far in the future to think about. I want to see how we rebound against the Eagles.
  14. Davidson Deac II

    Jay Gruden trolled us

    We had three turnovers, they had none. That was why we have a l and they have a w.
  15. Davidson Deac II

    Eric Reid

    I would say it would take about 4 games, given that its a new team, new defense, new defensive signals etc...