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  1. I just re-watched the entire game to make sure my memory from Sunday wasn't effected by all the booze. Turns out, it was. Play calling wasn't as big of an issue as I originally thought. Yea, I would have liked to see some HB screens to slow down the rush, but other than that, it was well called. More throws on 1st down than I remembered. People are getting frustrated about the "runs up the gut", well that's the strongest part of our offense! Most of the runs were from different formations with different personnel. The only credit Denver's D should get should be from stopping the run. Other than that, we were making too many mistakes. Crucial drops for 1st downs, a lot of them coming on 3rd down, penalties creating 3rd and long, etc. We kept screwing up and that played into Denvers strength. Missing the FG hurt because it allowed them to keep being aggressive on defense as it stayed a 2 score game if we don't shoot ourselves in the foot this game, we would have put up 30 points, won the game, and everyone would still be riding the gravy train. Unfortunately, we did...over and over again