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  1. About those corners...

    To me the dilemma is that after considering the future of players drafted/signed this weekend and the development of young players from 2014-2015, and coupled with the loss of some defensive players -- are the Panthers more talented now than last year? To answer "yes" takes a leap of faith--one our coaching staff and GM have earned but maybe one not obvious to outside evaluaters, but best reflected perhaps by the success of past "C grade" drafts. Of course a little FA money/signing might go a ways to tip the scales. However it is reasonable to expect some regression to the mean this year and simply maintaining the 2015 success could be considered a success.
  2. New program to be piloted by panthers with separate salary cap

    I have been known to be gullible.
  3. SB Nation: Carolina Panthers to Pilot New Salary Cap Program. Interesting--DG brings his magic to all 32 and look whose coming to visit
  4. Careful .. .this take is HOT

    Really insightful. Gettleman approached the management team in a similar fashion as when scouting college talent. The Carolina Panthers'Strategy: Don't Fire People “I had this crazy idea that there were smart people already in the building,” Gettleman said that day. Two years on, Gettleman and the head coach he inherited, Ron Rivera, have led the Panthers to an NFC Championship and a berth in the Super Bowl, where they face the Denver Broncos on Sunday. One reason they got there is a decision Gettleman made upon assuming the role in 2013 to avoid “five or six months” of upheaval by keeping the entire organization intact. “People think that firing people is always the answer,” Gettleman said this week. “And I’m sorry, I think everyone should have an opportunity to do their job.”
  5. Panthers Week 1 PFF Grades - Offense

    Is it possible to post the Texans Defense/Offense PFF grades?