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  1. Ok, what the hell is going on with that painting? So much for getting any sleep tonight...
  2. Judo Thoreau

    Possible Huge Addition

    I don’t think that’s what we’re looking for in a 34 year old guard, aside from the character issues.
  3. Judo Thoreau

    Thank you Big Cat!

    Would the Carolinas have an NFL team right now without JR? Maybe, but he brought a team here at a time when there were major doubts about the viability of the region. Yes, his actions were disgusting and unacceptable, but I’m still thankful that he was able to deliver a team that I’ve been proud to support for the most part.
  4. “What if I told you, it is what it is isn’t always what it is?”
  5. Judo Thoreau


  6. hoping for a guy we’ve never heard of from a school we’ve never heard of
  7. Judo Thoreau

    Official 2018 NFL Draft thread - Round 1

    Server meltdown incoming when we pick Fred Savage’s little brother
  8. Judo Thoreau

    Ownership bidders back down to three

    That sucks, I was really pulling for mystery dude. Seemed like a great guy, oh well.
  9. That doesn’t make any sense. If we’re gonna move Darnold to WR, someone has to throw him the ball.
  10. Son of Bruce? DEs won't like him when he's angry.
  11. Lluke Wilson. Got it. He seems like the type of #2 TE that Rivera loves. does everything well, not too flashy but gets the job done in the running and passing games. And we all know he makes some clutch catches.
  12. Has to be Favre. All that copper stuff has him feeling 25 again.
  13. Judo Thoreau

    Adrian Peterson?

    I'd rather just go into the season with cmc, cap, and whoever gets drafted. Too many other needs to address with the limited amount of cap space.
  14. are you saying this group is in favor of building a dome? cause I prefer the natural lighting of an outdoor stadium. unless you're talking about night games, that would be fine.
  15. I don't really mind that when it comes to kickers. Their abilities tend to remain about the same for long stretches through their 30s and early 40s. If he uses that mindset to reward WRs, CBs, RBs, etc. then we're gonna be screwed.