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  1. Judo Thoreau

    Early game discussion

    He’ll definitely need therapy by the end of the season at this rate.
  2. Judo Thoreau

    Tepper teases midfield logo change

    That laptop looks like something i’d pick through at goodwill
  3. Judo Thoreau

    Don't sleep on this dude right here...

    I’m not gonna sleep on anyone that smiles while they make a play. I know it’s just one pic from the first day of camp, but you can tell he’s comfortable with his ability, the playbook etc.
  4. Training camp hasn’t even started yet. Just a bit early to be putting money on a game when rosters aren’t even close to being set. Something tells me these are the types of people who bet on the coin flip & national anthem length at the super bowl.
  5. Judo Thoreau

    All y’all so late. Smh

    Gotta still wonder what could have been if he didn’t suck, gettleman didn’t cut him, patriots didn’t claim him, we signed him after the patriots cut him the first time, etc.
  6. Judo Thoreau

    Slow day but rumor is.....

    Chargers or Rams, so he can comfortably settle into his rightful place as the greatest actor of all time.
  7. Well this is the first I've heard of any of this.
  8. Make Cam leave the pocket & single Olsen. You're welcome, NFL. The main problem for defenses is the rule that only allows for 11 players. Cam has proven that he can beat your defense at any level with his arm. You can't stack the box without getting exposed deep, and you can't expect to play coverage without getting picked apart. Getting pressure with 4-5 men is essential. As great as Cam is, the Titans were able to frustrate him at times by getting early pressure. Easier said than done. There's a reason the team is 13-0, after all.
  9. Living in the south and getting your chicken from KFC... It's like going to Mexico and complaining about the lack of Taco Bells.
  10. Judo Thoreau

    Panthers sign Lee Ward

    Always good to have a Stanford guy on the team (Randy Fasani, anyone?). Did some research, and apparently he already has a chain of islands named for him. I'm sold.
  11. One quarter, of the team's choosing* *When they're up by 30 or more.
  12. I heard that this guy pioneered a new hand technique, some really innovative stuff. It's called the Blitch slap.
  13. Love it. He's an artis with the ball in his hands. A total payne for defenses.
  14. Melting down like a chocolate radiator.