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  1. WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT ?!?!?!?!?!??!!

    Stewart: "ok, what's my motivation?" Director: "you've been living in the woods with no human contact for 5 years."
  2. I don't see why anyone would have a problem with that. Not disrespecting or alienating anyone while delivering a message. Hopefully people who have issues with the anthem protests can see the difference, it's pretty clear to me.
  3. I wouldn't mind if Cam turns into the guy who crushes the opposition every week and gives the bare minimum to reporters. Nothing wrong with being a media villain, the haters will hate regardless.
  4. Exactly. I know protesting is a right, and nothing should take away from that. Then again, maintaining employment is certainly a privilege. I have next to no freedoms at the workplace, but at the end of the day I'm grateful to still be employed. The lack of freedom has never affected my performance, nor will it. I'm well aware that there are thousands of people who would be ecstatic to be in my situation, and I don't take that lightly.
  5. Every team should just forfeit the rest of their games and get it over with. Maybe that'll give everyone time to actually address the issues instead of wasting countless hours arguing over gestures.
  6. Jerry Richardson takes the piss

    No matter which side Jerry came down on, a large portion of the fanbase would disagree strongly (at the least). Truly a lose-lose situation when it comes to alienating fans.
  7. Hats off to Sean McDermott

    His post-play clapping makes John Fox look like a statue.
  8. Victory Penis

  9. Star doubters sign here

    Waiting for a JJ Jansen doubters thread. Perfect snaps all day.
  10. You can tell that watching his teammates get run over by 40 year old guys in furry costumes was the single biggest inspiration in his career. He'd probably be selling insurance right now if not for this game.
  11. Official Carolina Panthers Cuts Thread

    2 doors, every player gets a key. If your key opens the right door, it leads to the locker room. Otherwise you use the left door, leading to the parking lot.
  12. Time to consider Kaepernick

    Kind of a pointless discussion since JR would likely never allow it, but anyway... I don't see backup QB as a pressing need. DA has proven to be capable of winning games when Cam is out, and Webb is a versatile player who obviously meshes very well with Cam off the field. I think familiarity with the system and continuity is more important to the team right now.
  13. JR knows he probably doesn't have that much time left, and can't stand seeing TD being shown the door. We all know how he feels about TD, he's made that known in the past. If that's the actual reason for the firing, it's an incredibly selfish and short-sighted move. Then again, JR may know that his window is equally short and would rather not have to face the kind of realities needed for long-term success.