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  1. What Really Pisses ISIS Off

    Thanksgiving? Bruh, it's been going on since mid october
  2. Good thing no one gives a fug about what you think about this anyways.
  3. Sportsnation: Cam is MVP

    Doesn't matter. Brady will win the electoral.
  4. What Cowboys Fans Are Saying

    I used to not understand why people hated Cowboy fans, and then last season happened. Their "fans" are completely fuging unbearable when they're winning and completely silent when they suck. It annoys me even more that ESPN fuging constantly talks about them regardless of their record. Please Panthers, win this game. It will legitimately be unbearable if the Cowboys knock off a 10-0 team. 
  5.   Did you even watch that? He said the Panthers are the most overrated 10-0 team EVER. That the Panthers have literally beat no one. That Seahawks and Packers games didn't count. That the almighty Cowboys defense is just too good for Cam.    Eric Allen literally laughed at him.
  6. I like how every single week there's people using "sCam" as an insult like it's clever. I should make an account on their forum and tell them that Tony Homo, Greg Lardy, Sean Pee, Jason SHITTen, Rolonado McCrackCocain, and Terrell McLAME, are all lozers.
  7. I usually don't care about the "media respect" bs, but god damn that was annoying. Eric Allen pretty much laughed off Skip though while Stephen A. just shook his head. If the Cowboys win, we will be living in NFL hell. 
  8. Walking Dead Season 6

    I noticed that a few episodes ago. When Rick was giving the big speech saying they have to be quiet, while speaking in a loud voice, and everyone proceeds to not be quiet at all.    This entire 1/2 a season has felt like filler to me. Not really good filler either. I would expect things to pick up immensely at the mid season finale. You never know though, they could pull a season 3 and piss everyone off with some lame poo. This season really feels like season 2, where the entire season was mostly a slog and all building up to that one moment with Rick and Shane. 
  9. I really wish the conspiracy bullshit would stop. If you seriously think that the NFL big wigs are like sith lords then you probably shouldn't be watching period.
  10. Jets waive Quentin Coples

      I'm not even against getting Coples. But I wouldn't even release a guy like Mario Addison for him which some people have suggested. 
  11. Walking Dead Season 6

    I actually thought Glenn was dead when I first saw it. I respected the writers enough to think they wouldn't write something that stupid. Like the day after that episode aired there were already pictures of him on set filming so I knew he wasn't dead. It was pretty obvious by the cast's reactions too that he was coming back. All I know is that their group needs to be crippled before Negan shows up. There's way too many badasses in that group for Negan to be a legitimate threat. What I would like to see is:   Daryl dies. He has seriously added nothing to the show for a long time now. Norrman Reedus doesn't even act anymore, he just grumbles. Let the fan girls rage, they'll watch anyways. Morgan dies, but he breaks through to Rick. Eventually leading to how Rick treats Negan. Abraham or Sasha dies.  Glenn dies The show is getting way too crowded with interesting characters not getting enough time spent on them. It's only going to get worse as characters like Ezekiel, Dwight, Negan, and Jesus start getting screen time. Besides, I'd rather have a fuging Eugene centric episode than another Daryl snoozefest at this point. I'm pretty sure I could read my posts from the other seasons and  I've been calling for more bloodshed on this show since the beginning though, so what do I know?
  12. Open WWE/NXT/Pro Wrestling thread

      Because the WWE truly is Vince McMahon's toy. He was never the amazing business man that people want to make him out to be.  He destroyed every single business he created. XFL, the body building thing, WWE Studios, and almost the WWF until Steve Austin saved his ass. He only gives the fans what they want as an absolute last resort.  He always has his pre-chosen guys and runs with them no matter what. If he keeps forcing Roman Reigns I think it'll be the death knell. Like 80% of the roster is more over than that dude with less of a push.    It's even more annoying because they're signing pretty much everyone I enjoy that isn't on their roster already. It's reported that they're trying to turn NXT in to their version of ROH, which is obviously true and it annoys me that so many people are buying in to it. I'm glad guys like Kevin Owens and Finn Balor are getting their due, but they were just so much more enjoyable before they went to the WWE. I'd really like for WWE to fail and for all of that money to trickle in to a territory system. ROH in the north east, PWG in California, TNA in Florida, etc.
  13. Jets waive Quentin Coples

    UNC fans always drastically overrate their players on here.
  14. Walking Dead Season 6

    That poo was incredibly lame. Enid is a bitch Carl still sucks at acting and looks like a wimp There is no way Glenn survived that without at least a bite plot/fangirl armor is lame Morgan is dumb and I suspect he'll be the one who meets Lucile I still have a man crush on Rick Glenn should have died. I don't give a poo about a "proper send off". It's about time that a main character died by some off the wall random poo. It adds unpredictability in a show where everyone pretty much knows characters like Rick and Michonne are safe.What people forget is that this is a drama set in a post apocalyptic world. Heroes need to die sometimes, which the comic does an excellent job at. This doesn't really apply to anyone on here, but a ton of people treat TWD like it's Days of our Lives.