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  1. CCS added a post in a topic True Detective Season Two   

    The season hasn't been bad or anything it's just not interesting to me. Crazy cultists > political corruption.
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  2. CCS added a post in a topic Self Checkout   

    Self checkout isn't worth it for me since they always hassle me and act like I'm stealing anyways.
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  3. CCS added a post in a topic Cecil the lion   

    Big game hunters are trash and everyone knows it. Normal people don't see a beautiful animal and instantly think wow i want to kill it.  That's all they're doing too, they're not hunting they're killing. They pay for someone else to do the hunting and they pull the trigger. If you threw these rich douchebags into the bush with nothing but their bow they'd end up dead. They're legitimate psychopaths. The kind of people would partake in a Purge if it was real. 
    BUT, I can see where this sort of thing has it's place. Predator populations have to be controlled somehow. Most African countries only give a certain number of tags per year. Villages almost always sell their tags to wealthy businessmen because the locals could use the money a lot more than they could killing the animals themselves. The money goes to both conservation and taking care of the locals who are in one of the most impoverished areas in the world.  Letting the psychopaths pay a ridiculous amount of money to take out old and sick animals really isn't a bad thing. 
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  4. CCS added a post in a topic Looks like Cincinnati is next   

    I like the fact that I can live a happy life not worrying about the police because I'm neither hostile towards them nor do I do anything that would make them even have to speak to me. 
    and on person cameras are not the solution. It would be a massive waste of money for the entire country to have do record their cops playing candy crush and filing paperwork all day. The solution is to stop fueling this fire for one. CNN keeps tempers flared just to get views. Secondly cops need to be vetted more before being hired and given better training. Third, some certain citizens need to realize that you can't act like you're an arrogant badass when you're dealing with a law enforcement officer. poo, I could write a fuging book on things that are the problem.
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  5. CCS added a post in a topic Looks like Cincinnati is next   

    I watched the video and at the point when he drags the cop/security guard whatever down the road idc what happens to him. He could have just complied instead of trying to escape. If you were getting run over and drug down the road by a criminal in a car you'd try to defend yourself too.
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  6. CCS added a post in a topic Looks like Cincinnati is next   

    Lol. Driving without a license, runs over the cop, and is clearly acting shady. But hey, he did nothing wrong!
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  7. CCS added a post in a topic Looks like Cincinnati is next   

    You're all just being manipulated by the media. You're buying into their narrative and giving them the ratings and controversy that they want. 
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  8. CCS added a post in a topic Looks like Cincinnati is next   

    Modern law enforcement has to use lethal force almost 3 times per day in our country. When you put people in a life or death pressure cooker then mistakes are going to be made sometimes. All of these people who get shot are doing something they shouldn't be, so the bottom line is that if you aren't causing issues you aren't going to get killed by the cops. 
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  9. CCS added a post in a topic What's the HAPPIEST you have been as a Panthers fan?   

    I was a child so I didn't full grasp the super bowl stuff then. As of late:
    Buccaneers on Christmas Eve. 
    Patriots on MNF
    Stomping the Saints/Falcons.
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  10. CCS added a post in a topic I'm legitimately getting sad Obama's term is nearing the end   

    I honestly think that I'm too young to know what a good president is. I'm pretty sure Obama wouldn't fall in to that category either. There's A LOT of stuff that people hold against him though that is dumb though. I've often noticed that a lot of people despise Obama and if you ask them why they can't come up with a legitimate reason. Here's my short list of bad things Obama has done:
    1) Race relations have deteriorated dramatically under him. This could be because of the social media boom and all of us being much more connected now, but Obama has done nothing to smooth things over. At this point it's a ticking timebomb. 
    2) Obamacare just didn't work. I understand what he was going for but the law really boned small business owners. Corporations just said fug you and cut people's hours so they wouldn't have to pay anything. 
    3) He has really screwed over states like mine. West Virginia, Kentucky, and Pennsylvania live off coal production. I agree with him that we need to find alternative energy sources but he has handicapped the mining industry and left people with no other alternatives for jobs. 
    Now, my list of things that people hate Obama for that is very stupid and completely pointless. 
    1) The Iran deal. This deal benefits everyone involved. Iran is a very modern and stable country compared to the rest of the middle east. The deal doesn't allow them to have nuclear weapons which was the entire point of the deal while it also opens up their oil fields for us . People only hate this deal because of evil arab stereotypes. 
    2) ISIS. I honestly don't think there is a 100% right way to handle that situation. But Isis comes across as a child screaming for attention so at this moment I think that Obama has done the right thing by publicly ignoring them. Sure, we could completely wipe them off the map fairly easily but then another extremist group will pop up and it'll be a never ending cycle. I'm really split on this topic though but at the moment I still think we should just focus on preventing stateside terror attacks. 
    3) Israel. TONS of people dislike Obama just because he doesn't kiss Israel's ass. Thinking that we should support a country just because a fairy tale book says so is absolutely dumb. Israel has done just as much evil poo as Palestine has and I firmly believe in supporting either side and letting nature take it's course. 
    4) He's Muslim. There are tons of people who actually believe that Obama is a Muslim who is in hiding and pushing the Muslim agenda. I have seen mainstream television preachers come out and say that Obama is working for the middle east. That's just dumb. You need slapped. 
    5) Gay marriage. People should really worry about themselves instead of who someone else decides to have sex with. Anyone with a fuging brain knows that equal rights is not a bad thing. 
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  11. CCS added a post in a topic The Strain - FX   

    It's a love/hate thing with the book. You have to slug through a bunch of pointless stuff just to get a few pages of badass creepy vampire stuff. It was a pretty tough read for me until the vampires started actually waking up and causing havoc. From what I saw the show was pretty much the same.
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  12. CCS added a post in a topic The Strain - FX   

    I read the book a few  years ago and watched like three episodes of the first season. The show is really slow but has some cool moments. 
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  13. CCS added a post in a topic what's the maddest you've ever been as a panthers fan?   

    The Armanti Edwards trade needs to be mentioned. 
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  14. CCS added a post in a topic Open WWE/NXT/Pro Wrestling thread   

    I just really wanted the Hulk to say Sambo because so far in my life the only person I've heard say it is my Grandfather.
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  15. CCS added a post in a topic Open WWE/NXT/Pro Wrestling thread
    Karma. Sweet Karma.
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