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  1. Gun show loopholes

    That's the best way to go. The only downside is some people have ridiculous transfer fees.
  2. TD goes after Rodney Harrison

    He has made tens of millions off of the NFL. No one should care if he loses his job.
  3. Gun show loopholes

    The gun show loophole thing is weird but it's definitely not how the democrats try to make it out. I do not think that many people are buying guns at gun shows anyways, and most of them are just gun hobbyists. Besides that, it's 2016 now and gun dealers do not fug around with the law. If you really want to crack down on something you need to stop private sales at stuff like flea markets where if you have the money you can get anything you desire. Gun shows are 90% dealers bringing their overpriced poo from brick and mortar stores to a convention hall.
  4. Did John Fox fug this dude's mother or something? Get over it, dude. It is what it is. 
  5. This years Clueless Gamer...

    "How did you know that was a hologram?" "I saw Tupac at Coachella" "I made Tom Brady explode"  
  6. Iowa Caucus Pick your winners

    Hitler had a ton of ambition. He took an extremely small country and nearly conquered the entire world. He was also right about a ton of social issues. Everyone on here is such a fan of communist Bernie Sanders, well current communist China has killed more people than Hitler ever did.    I do not support what he did. I think he's interesting. I also happen to think that his ideal of mixing cultures creates war and violence so some people should stay separated. Unfortunately I can't buy in to the peace and harmony bullshit when socialist and communist countries literally all suck. 
  7. That's close to what's on mine too. You should know by now that this forum can not hold a music conversation without a country/rap fight. 
  8. I would rather listen to Coldplay than Prince but neither of them are on my iPod.
  9. I don't see how anyone can really complain about Coldplay. They're not great but they're a fugload better than poo like Nsync, Black Eyed  Peas, Kid Rock, Prince, LMFAO, and Clint Black. I really hope it'll be a quick halftime show instead of one of those seemingly never ending Tom Petty/Prince ones.  
  10. Iowa Caucus Pick your winners

      Communism has proven to be awful. I guarantee you're one of the people who praise Che Guevara and ignore the fact that half of Cuba tried to float to the USA after he and Fidel took over.
  11. Iowa Caucus Pick your winners

      Pol Pat, Castro, Joseph Stalin, Kim Jong Ill, Vladamir Lenin, and others say oh hai. In Bernie's defense though, socialism i viewed a a step below communism. Adolf Hitler was a socialist though, I wonder who Bernie is going to try to exterminate?
  12. Iowa Caucus Pick your winners

    I'm assuming that communist dictators have killed more than the Nazis ever did. You'd think the pseudo intellectuals on here would know that.
  13. Rand is out

    Rand was nothing like his Dad. I dropped support for him when he started constantly spamming my facebook with Hillary attack ads. 
  14. Just a stupid random thought

    I'm sure some of them read it because some of the random bullshit that we've found as "disrespect" has been brought up by the players before.