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  1. We need a DE... so whom?

    I don't think Gettleman will overpay for someone like Vernon when we have guys like Josh Norman, Star, and Short already on the team who need to be payed soon. If I had to guess I would say legitimate options are Jason Pierre Paul - Giants guy who Gettleman is very familiar with.  Greg Hardy - He misses us and we miss him. JR would just have to agree. Adrian Clayborne - He's could be one of those middle of the pack hidden gem types that Gettleman loves George Selvie - See above.
  2. Trump finally gets a win

    The whole delegate thing is just proof that elections are bullshit. Whoever the people vote for the most should get the nomination period.
  3. Trump finally gets a win

    Amazing. It's like a dream come true. If he wins I'll probably take a break from college and go work on the wall. 
  4. It was an all evil plan to make the Ultimate Warrior even more popular after he beat Honky.
  5. I wish I was in elementary school again. Those were simpler times.
  6. I am not tolerating racial slurs in any form. You're disgusting honestly. 
  7. His irrelevant opinion does not give you a license to be a racist.
  8. Saying racist terms like cracker is racist no matter who says it.
  9. Because it's his job to be a football analysist not a life coach?
  10. Supergirl

    Just from the previews I saw during the Super Bowl, it looks awful. There's no way I could enjoy something that looked like the Power Rangers in the costume and effects department.
  11. Because white people are the only ones who can be racists?
  12. If I made a thread entitled "Black ass Congo man" thread I'd be banned. This should be no different.
  13. No, it wasn't. At some point I realized that I was re-reading things word for word, so I came on here and looked and guess what? Shocker! The majority of it was the exact same thing. You can call me a dick for speaking the truth, I'll call you a dick for charging people for what most of us have already read before.
  14. I know for a fact that I've seen everything in the book on this forum before. You may have added a little and rephrased a few things but the bulk of it is 1) your weekly posts and 2) the thread Electro's Horse made about the History of the Panthers.