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  1. CCS added a post in a topic Open WWE/NXT/Pro Wrestling thread   

    James Storm got signed by the WWE. So much for them "not wanting anything TNA has" huh? lol
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  2. CCS added a post in a topic Braylon serves as NASCAR Crew Chief   

    I want to win the super bowl this season too. But for me. 
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  3. CCS added a post in a topic Why should you have a "right" to own firearms?   

    Because I want them and it's a free country. 
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  4. CCS added a post in a topic What's your solution to the gun issue?   

    Implying that choosing to live where I live is a bad thing. Implying that if you're poor you can't just work harder. Implying that there is scientific proof that you're born that way. I like that you left gender out since you guys decided that you can now choose which gender you are.
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  5. CCS added a post in a topic What's your solution to the gun issue?   

    I've been insulted for living in West Virginia twice now. For democrats being such a kind and compassionate bunch you all sure are quick to pile on to a stereotype that holds little water. Nice to know that West Virginians are fair game but minorities and LGBTs aren't. 
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  6. CCS added a post in a topic What's your solution to the gun issue?   

    Create list of common sense ways to make the country saferrespond to guys ridiculous ideas that NO ONE should supportliberals ignore points and call me crazymemes to be posted instead of arguments (Yet to happen but always does) 
    Democrats need to take debate classes.
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  7. CCS added a post in a topic What's your solution to the gun issue?   

    I've honestly never seen a group as legitimately dumb as the people who post in the tinderbox. People like you all are the reason America is going down the shitter.
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  8. CCS added a post in a topic What's your solution to the gun issue?   

    I've learned that liberals are caring and compassionate people...until you do something or own something that they don't like and then they think they can run things like a dictator ship. 
    Completely irrelevant. 1) A parent would keep ANY weapons locked up. 2) He could have killed her with literally anything.
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  9. CCS added a post in a topic What's your solution to the gun issue?   

    Maybe if liberals waited for the blood to stop being warm before they started screaming BAN GUNS, BAN 3D PRINTERS, BAN SLINGSHOTS, we could get somewhere.
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  10. CCS added a post in a topic What's your solution to the gun issue?   

    1. Ammo has never mattered. "Mass destruction ammo" is not going to matter when it comes to a school shooting. What matters is the guns power and how much it shoots in those situations. 
    4. That would be a pretty big waste of money as the majority of the time the shooter is caught anyways. 
    6. Almost all studies on the 94-04 gun ban come back inconclusive. "Assault Weapon" violence went down but violence from other weapons went up. Many saying that the ban had little effect at all and the lower violence rate was due to a better economy. 
    7. Neither are guns. If someone wants to commit mass murder there are other ways. See: bombs. It's the people not the weapons. 
    8. You realize there's already laws to prevent this right? You can't even buy a gun as a Christmas gift for your 90 year old Grandpa if you wanted. I've even seen stores that have signs saying that if you even joke about it they'll refuse you service. 
    9. That is retarded. I have done jack poo and the NRA probably hasn't either. You realize that there's tons of ways to get a gun, right? You can go to a flea market every weekend and buy an arsenal if you have the money. I'd like to know where all of these "clean record" people who are supplying bad guys with guns too. Unsurprisingly, you're making this issue out to be an inner city gang violence problem when the issue most people are wanting to address is spree shooters. Again, not surprising at all since you're known for being racist. 
    10. Because they want them? Just because you don't like something that doesn't mean other people don't. You don't NEED that complete series set of Sex on the City but you still have it. 
    11. If someone is going in to a school to shoot a metal detector going off is going to do fug all. 
    12. You're right, the crips and the bloods are going to invest in 3D printers that create poorly made low tech guns. Ban 3D printers. 
    13. I concur. It's never going to happen though. 
    16. There are worse things going on right now than dumb gang members killing each other. Legalizing drugs would only make things worse though because then gang members can't be taken off the streets for dealing drugs. You want to make drugs legal while banning guns? Congrats, you just created gangs new biggest revenue stream. 
    20. No one is building custom AR-15's to go shoot up schools. There's no reason to as a store bought one does the job just fine and is cheaper. Anyone building an AR is a hobbyist who is going to do nothing but plink with the gun or maybe hunt small game. Here is where you show your hypocrisy too. You've said you want to legalize drugs and drugs kill over 20,000 more people a year than guns do. I guess those 50,000 (and more if legalized) deaths don't matter to you as long as the big bad boom boom sticks are illegal. 
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  11. CCS added a post in a topic What's your solution to the gun issue?   

    You are seriously clueless. People like you are why either side can't come to a compromise. 
    1. Ammunition has nothing to do with anything. Any bullet can kill a person in the hands of the right person. 
    4. GPS tracking shows how ignorant you are. How will that even work? Do we hire people whose soul job is to stare at the tracking screens all day long? What if someone does bring a gun somewhere? A GPS tracker sure as poo isn't going to stop them from shooting it up if they want. 
    6. Saying that limiting magazine capacity will work shows how little you know about firearms. The 1994-2004 ban on "high capacity mags" did jack poo. 
    7. An assault ban has been proven not to work and the only thing it does is piss off people like me who like weapons as a hobby. You say my AR-15 is useless and I have no reason to own it, well you don't need the internet but you spend a lot of time shitposting on it. 
    8. Retailers have fug all to do with anything. That's like blaming McDonalds for being fat. 
    9. Shouldn't happen and won't happen. If semi autos weren't on the market then A) criminals would still have them and B) people would just switch to repeaters. 
    10. How does limiting the amount of guns someone has help anything? Again, you're ignorant. If someone wants to have an arsenal who cares as long as they're not hurting someone. 
    11. Because a metal detector is really going to stop someone from opening fire. 
    12. 3D Printing. LMAO. 
    13. Not going to happen. If other organizations can be involved in politics then so can the NRA. Just because you don't like them that doesn't mean they can't be involved. 
    14. This one is really ironic because you're uneducated yourself. 
    16. Drugs have nothing to do with anything. 
    20. Lol now you're straight up attacking obvious hobbyists. What's next, ban the EVIL EXTENDED STOCK AND PISTOLS GRIPS?
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  12. CCS added a post in a topic What's your solution to the gun issue?   

    1) actual psych evals. As things stand they literally just take your word for it that you're not crazy. 
    2) Banning the media releasing shooter names. I seriously think that glorifying the crime is some of the issue. I know freedom of press and all, but there is literally no reason for the news to be talking about shooters constantly. 
    3) Making it harder to buy assault weapons. I'm for people being able to have them, but some sort of training, licenses, and legitimate reasoning for owning them need to be there. "Muh freedoms", Obama paratroopers, and self defense don't apply. 
    4) Better security at mass shooting potential targets. The people who do this are pussies and always choose places where people are helpless. I'm not talking about giving teachers shotguns, but security guards and other defense measures would be ideal. 
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  13. CCS added a post in a topic Fear the Walking Dead - Season 1   

    Still waiting to be schooled on cooky heroine man. 
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  14. CCS added a post in a topic Has Anyone Ever Explored the Deep Web?   

    I would not recommend it to anyone. For one, it's not nearly as interesting as those videos make it sound. Most of the stuff is either clearly fake or clearly a scam. The main reason not to check it out though is because of child pornography. It's literally everywhere on the deep web. When I went on out of curiosity I ended up joining a chat room because I thought I could get some tips about finding some interesting things, but no, instead I was met with a PDF GUIDE on how to get away with being a pedophile and about 15 people openly posting child porn pics. It was disgusting, shocking, and enough for me to never want to fug around with the deep web again. I later found out that studies say that around 90% of deep web users only use it for child pornography. 
    IF YOU MUST check it out, Make sure to have all images blocked. You'll end up in some deep poo by clicking a link that you had no idea was child porn. The chat I mentioned above was some generic name like "DEEP WEB chat".  I still wouldn't recommend it though because all you'll find is a bunch of boring techno babble, people pretending to be hitmen, and people trying to scam you out of bitcoins.
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  15. CCS added a post in a topic Fear the Walking Dead - Season 1   

    Do explain. 
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