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  1. Kemba/Kaminsky Trade??

    Yeah just trade away our best player for nothing so we can draft yet another power forward.
  2. Hornets Are Trash!

     It's hilarious that like every single year Chuck is in here at the draft and whichever player he wants is ALWAYS better than who Cho drafts. #Chuck4GM
  3. Why should I ever register

    I don't know what your circumstances are but for me it's completely pointless. My state is A) always going to be red and B) going to choose the evangelical candidate every time.
  4. I bet their eyes bleed too. 
  5.   Whoever didn't teach you about paragraphs should be fired. 
  6. He's a 2x coach of the year, got your team to the super bowl, and helped prepare a defense that was amazing. Stop bitching.
  7. Seriously wtf is this Charlotte?

    Can I get a list of writers who did poo like this? I'm guessing Joe Person and Scott Fowler. I don't want to give these assholes an extra twitter follow or view anymore.
  8. Well Isn't That Convenient...

    The referees were just one slice of a pie. They didn't help the cause any but neither did Mike Remmers, the special teams, Mike Shula, or Cam Newton. It also needs to be noted that the refs weren't calling holding on the Panthers when reporters were saying that Remmers was holding on nearly every play.
  9. Seriously wtf is this Charlotte?

    If you were on twitter at the time you'd see that some of the writers were pretty much jubilant at the fact that the Panthers lost and pretty much came on themselves when Cam walked out. I hate our writers and I can't blame Cam for disliking them. They're the text book definition of sycophant.
  10. Lol there truly are none worth mentioning.
  11. Big Daryl Williams....

    He came in for a series when Remmers or Norwell one was hurt.
  12. If the drafts falls our way and we get some offensive line and defensive line help. Oh boy, what a ride it'll be.
  13. I do not think I have ever poo on Cam the entire time he's been here besides tonight/today. I was happy when we drafted him, I owned his jersey, I have his cards, i had a fuging McFarlane statue of him. Yesterday was bad though and he needs to take ownership of that.
  14. I'm excited for next year. If they're smart they'll have Ted and Kelvin outside with Funchess in the slot where he could be like a hybrid tight end.