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  1. I sort of agree with Voth but fug him still. If you were on twitter after the loss guys like Voth and Person were basically salivating at the fact that the Panthers lost. Cam answered their questions, walked off, and then they immediately all jumped on to their twitter accounts to poo on him. I don't blame Cam at all for not putting up with them because they've never been fair to him period. Hell, the entire Observer shits on the Panthers any time they get the chance. 
  2. We need a DE... so whom?

    I don't think Gettleman will overpay for someone like Vernon when we have guys like Josh Norman, Star, and Short already on the team who need to be payed soon. If I had to guess I would say legitimate options are Jason Pierre Paul - Giants guy who Gettleman is very familiar with.  Greg Hardy - He misses us and we miss him. JR would just have to agree. Adrian Clayborne - He's could be one of those middle of the pack hidden gem types that Gettleman loves George Selvie - See above.
  3. Trump finally gets a win

    The whole delegate thing is just proof that elections are bullshit. Whoever the people vote for the most should get the nomination period.
  4. Trump finally gets a win

    Amazing. It's like a dream come true. If he wins I'll probably take a break from college and go work on the wall. 
  5. It was an all evil plan to make the Ultimate Warrior even more popular after he beat Honky.
  6. I wish I was in elementary school again. Those were simpler times.
  7. I am not tolerating racial slurs in any form. You're disgusting honestly. 
  8. His irrelevant opinion does not give you a license to be a racist.
  9. Saying racist terms like cracker is racist no matter who says it.
  10. Because it's his job to be a football analysist not a life coach?
  11. Supergirl

    Just from the previews I saw during the Super Bowl, it looks awful. There's no way I could enjoy something that looked like the Power Rangers in the costume and effects department.
  12. Because white people are the only ones who can be racists?
  13. If I made a thread entitled "Black ass Congo man" thread I'd be banned. This should be no different.
  14. No, it wasn't. At some point I realized that I was re-reading things word for word, so I came on here and looked and guess what? Shocker! The majority of it was the exact same thing. You can call me a dick for speaking the truth, I'll call you a dick for charging people for what most of us have already read before.