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  1. I'll wait for the superbowl champions hat.
  2. Roll Call for NFC Championship Sunday

    544, I'd like to thank mother nature for having Friday off and the drop in ticket prices.  I haven't missed a playoff game in 10 years and thought there would be no way I could afford a ticket this week when I was checking the prices after the win last week.  Holy Crap!  I get to go to the game before the superb owl  and its 20 mins away from my house! 
  3. Huddle Contest: Tickets and Pregame Field Passes

    I want to see the fear in Wilson's eyes up close and personal! 
  4. Wasn't a perfect throw by any means.  It was under thrown and that's the only reason Luke had a chance it.
  5. Adding insult to injury

    Luckily enough I have no family that are Cowboy fans,  but work is a different story.  It seems like half the guys there are,  which will make Monday that much more fun!
  6. Look closely...

    Hardy who?
  7. What Cowboys Fans Are Saying

    It's funny how cowboys fans are calling him Scam, not to long ago they thought Romo might be done and they were saying they were going to Steal Cam away from us.
  8. Notes and Memos - Seahawks

    Dear Media  The Panthers aren't the same team now! Fug them sea chickens!
  9. Game Winning Greg Olsen TD Pictures....

    My wife and in laws looked at me funny when I yelled that's Igo!  They know all about the website or forum I check daily but not anything else.  It was a hell of win fellas!    Go panthers!
  10. I've bought tickets from scalpers at least 10 times.  I've paid as much as 120 each.   They have always been legit,  but never laid down that much cash.  Those guys all watch each other and it would fug them up royally if the word gets out that someone is selling bs tickets, that being said if you're dropping thatuch dough I could see how that could scare you.  I have also waited until just after the first snap and bought tickets at 1/4 face value but alas thw panthers are undefeated as it stands and tickets are in higher demand than those years. 
  11. Panthers Jared Allen - First Impressions

    Man and if he does still have some gas left in the tank that would be awesome. I know we would probably want to restructure and that gman drafts based on bpa but that was a glaring hole.  It would be nice to head into the off season with one more addressed.