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  1. No, No, and No... and this is regardless of the player unless maybe if it was a bonifide franchise QB and the Panthers needed one. (not saying this now, since we have Cam but in general). Trading top draft picks, multiple #1's rarely ever works out for the team giving up the picks.
  2. Tyrann Matthieu officially a FA

    I dont know much about this person or any other safeties available... BUT having a top notch safety makes such a huge difference in a defense. Would be great to have one here.
  3. Without a doubt this is so true, and can apply to other sports and even concerts. When it comes to the Panthers we have two PSLs and have for a very long time and every season at least three or four games we would be two more tickets from friends in our section, ticket exchange or even scalp so my wife and daughter could also go to some games. BUT we have not done that at all the last two season, they will go but then it still only two of us because it's gotten so expensive it's not worth it for all to go via buy two more. I also think this is a reason why still so many empty seats at games. Not only are tickets gotten expensive, when you go online the day before or day off they are still easily over $100 a piece. To many brokers and PSL holders would rather eat their tickets than sell them at lower prices.
  4. For the time being I am glad ratings are down, these studies are showing the core audience is tuning out, and there was "poor" attendance at stadiums this past season and hopefully next. This way the new owners will have less leverage when they hold our city and state hostage for money for a new stadium we don't need.
  5. This is me before and at every Panther game. My son and I will stop to pick up food on the way in, eat in the parking lot then go into the stadium. I would definitely choose to simply eat inside if I wasn't going to get gouged by the prices. When it comes to buying a beer or two... I rarely ever by two cause again I hate pay $8.50 each so paying $17 for two is just to much. Sometimes I skip getting beer all together and simply buy the unlimited soda (and usually share that with my son) I definitely would spend more inside the stadium if prices were not so much.
  6. We are ALL once again PATRIOTS!!!!

    I am all for the Patriots this time around. They are already "hated" and have tons of rings .. one more wont make a difference BUT can't stand the Eagles just as much, if not more than the Pats, and no ways I want to see the Eagles get a ring, etc.
  7. My only big questionable "call" yesterday was the whistle on the Pats fumble. The Jags defender was going to make a big return on that ... they refs are supposed to let that stuff play out. I still think the Pats win the game, but that play could have made a big difference.
  8. YES I noticed it at the first game of the season. Listed prices used to include the sale tax. This season they added the sales tax to the listed price. They also increase prices on some stuff in addition to the extra increase by now adding the sales tax to it. Two seasons ago beer was $7.50, and this past season $8. So then the total cost was $8.50 when they added the tax. The stealth increase was the not having the sales tax as part of the listed prices. I actually called the fan customer service the next day because I thought maybe the concession guy was scamming customers and saying it was sales tax and pocketing the extra .50c. I did mention to them it was kind of a sneaky way to increase prices even more. It is also different if you use cash or credit. If use cash, the cashier will round to the nearest .50c in your favor. So my beer $8.50 cash or $8.58 if use credit. They do that for all concessions.
  9. It was five minutes into the second qtr. We took the picture with the clock in it so you can see that. At 10:33 left in the 2nd Qtr. This season maybe with all the issues with stadiums having lots of empty seats.. BUT no what you see is not due to that many people at the bathroom or in line buying stuff. There are times when it does fill up, has been awhile and when I have been to other stadiums they don't ever look that way. (again except for this season when its become a trend) The point I am trying to make, is that as a new owner is yapping about why he needs a big mega stadium... that even with the stadium we have now , despite the every game is sold out that many seats still go unused and that moving to Rock Hill or the Airport area or anywhere outside the city where it will cost even more to attend games is not going to make it any easier to have the place full, when there are already tons of empty seats due to cost and interest, despite how "awesome" the stadium is.
  10. London 2018?

    If the Panthers play in London... it better be one of our road games. NO WAY I want to lose one of my games going to the stadium on Sunday.
  11. About attendance at the stadium. What many people don't realize is despite every game being "sold out" the stadium is rarely ever full on game days. Despite the 15-1 season which still took more than half the season to fill the seats, all other seasons, even good ones, the stadium is generally ~ 1/3rd empty. (not kidding, of course hard to determine exact #'s. It is sometime less but lots of empty seats is common). Even this season, opening day, divisions games despite people saying how full the stadium is .. its not. Here is the 2nd qtr this year against Atlanta. The NO game was similar. The point is, if any owner moves the stadium, has one big lot which forces everyone to pay $40+ dollars. We see increase more increase in ticket prices, concessions, a more stale environment than the fun and excitement of going downtown, etc etc..... It WILL be even more difficult to get people in the seats of which due to our fan base is already an issue. Panther stadium is in a great location, very nice, etc etc. No need for new place.
  12. I will repeat what any in here are already saying. Panthers Stadium while "old" was built in a modern era way. It has a lot of suites, and a whole lot club seats. Plus the club section has their own nice indoor concessions and lounge area. There is also plenty of room inside for new amenities to be added. Plus, I also have been to plenty other stadiums around the country and Panther Stadium ranks right up there. It is in a great location .. you can tailgate, go to a bar, go to a restaurant, hang out at Rearden Park, etc etc ... take a train if you want. It is also a very nice and cool looking stadium. And when you ask people or take someone to a game they also mention or compliment what a nice stadium it is. So compared to about 28 or so other places Panthers Stadium is right up there and even better than a bunch of them. Finally the parking is actually better the way it is. I park five blocks out and get out of the city no problem. You go to any of the teams with a big mega lot and it take 2 hours to get out of there. And yeah the parking part is all about making money because those big mega lots, being the only place and choice to park, charge at a min usually $40. All this is also why I say screw Sabates and his group. Right off the bat its "I want a new stadium" and "going to build it in SC or by the airport". I mean shoot... how about a little "I want to buy the Panthers because it's a great organization, team, and I love football and want to bring a Superbowl to the city"
  13. I did not even realized the Saint's only rushed 3 on that last play... makes the lose and fact he had 1 second before getting sacked worse. I also hated on the last drive, like many this season every pass was thrown deep. There was enough time at the end for some short passes, get to line down the ball or run another play vs throwing three times deep. Then instead of having to throw 40+yards for TD if we get close its provides more options. Oh well... on to next season.
  14. Mike Shula & Ken Dorsey FIRED

    Wow! did not see this coming. I was thinking until new ownership took over things were going to stay the same. I am now more excited for next season.
  15. Got PSL's?

    Any talk about a new stadium is simply something for reporters to talk about and then for leverage by any new potential owners for other things they want. Because there is NO need for a new stadium. Despite it's age, Panthers stadium was built in the more modern era way and that is it has the money generating suites and club seats (which there are a lot and the biggest main reason owners want a new place.) The club section even has their own very nice inside concession and lounge area. Finally, overall the stadium still has a nice look, in a great location, and plenty of room inside to add other money making amenities a new owners would want. Again, any talk about a new stadium is simply that .. something to write about and eventually leverage for new owners to get other things they want.