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  1. grateflday

    Season ticket surge pricing

    Got mine last week.. think it was Friday.
  2. grateflday

    Season ticket surge pricing

    It did for those buying single games because prior say pre season and reg were $74 seat but now preseason is $44 and reg is $94. ( I know my numbers don’t add up , but you get the point. This is close to how it is for mine.). So now the single game buyer is paying $20 more a seat than they would have before when were all same price. Not saying it is wrong. It was a way they increased the cost of regular season games in addition to the regular increase. You would have paid less if they didn’t do that. Hurt the single game buyer, where as for the season ticket buyer they just shifted around the total cost.
  3. grateflday

    Season ticket surge pricing

    Interestinly I did go look at my tickets more closely. The lower preseason and higher regular season has been for several years. I DID just notice what has been referred to in this thread and that some regular season games have different pricing. That is new this year, for me at least. The Cowboys and Giants games are $20 more per seat than all the other regular season games. Interesting for sure. Overall for still doesn’t matter because I’m buying the whole season.
  4. grateflday

    Season ticket surge pricing

    This is kind of what I was saying when they “lowered” the preseason ticket prices. I still paid the same total price for the season so no effect on the season ticket holders. What it did though was make the regular season games more expensive for those buying single games etc. They just shifted the cost making it cost more for others. It was an artificial way they raised tickets prices to others in addition to the normal increases. Yeah it made preseason cheaper for those buying those individually but people were commonly reselling those for $40 bucks anyway.
  5. Would be a great way and another thing Tepper can do to embrace the fan base. If he has done his research and knows the history, which he has.... this is something he should do. Shouldn’t say anything just week one at the home opener have it gone and replace with a Panther or something team related.
  6. I am all for a fancy practice facility paid for or at least participating in the cost by State and Local Gov. That way it would more likely mean Tepper won't be getting the same for a new stadium... maybe for the current one but a new one and that would make me very happy
  7. grateflday

    About the new stadium...

    Sure.. I can see the "we are way past the population being mainly other team's fans" ...... I do not necessarily agree, and think it is more prevalent here; BUT not something we could prove either way and yeah, am sure it's across the league. I am just sometimes surprised by the amount of some of the teams that come through. Sometimes, I'm like "gonna be nice not to have so many today at the game..... " then get to the stadium and am surrounded by them ... ie the Bills
  8. grateflday

    About the new stadium...

    Despite every game being sold out there are lots of empty seats on game days, including during good seasons because there is not enough people willing to buy tickets from PSL owners and brokers trying to sell. The main reason is tickets have already gotten to expensive for many people even when they can get them for face value or less. The population also is still largely fans of other teams. Charlotte is a good market but the fan base is not there who will shell out the kind of ticket prices for seats at a brand new place. The only reason why the games “sell out” now is because of the PSLs. Selling out would be a problem unless it was PSLs again and not to sure that would fly again here.
  9. grateflday

    LaCanfora talks about the sale...

    Read what I just posted above. I said something very similar. The mindset there is a market for PSLs again here I think might be misguided.
  10. grateflday

    LaCanfora talks about the sale...

    I think the challenge in this scenario and I am also curious to the ratio of PSLs owned by people vs ticket brokers. Bottom line, is even now during even good seasons on games days there are a lot of empty seats or which many of those who attend are opposing teams fans....... SO, I am not so sure about how many of the current PSL owners who are already not using nor selling their tickets on game days will be so willing to fork over a bunch of money for new PSLs; then from that, there is not a waiting list of people who want season tickets AND being there are so many empty seats on game days - if fans aren't buying single games tickets, do you think there are that many who will then be willing to buy a PSL?? Depending on the $$ I could very easily be in the category of not being able to do PSLs again and I know many in the same boat. Especially at the location I have now. I don't think the market is really going to be there this time around to sell PSLs but I could easily be wrong. That being said, I still think the current stadium is great. It has plenty of Suites, lots of Clubs seats and in a great location, etc. Also am curious to what kind of revenue generating amenities could be added. Would love to see something done to stay in the current place.
  11. grateflday

    LaCanfora talks about the sale...

    The limitation on the stadium hosting a Superbowl is no dome, and Charlotte is in an area where in Jan it can be cold, etc. So unless the NFL does another ok with outside during cold game like the one year it was in Giants Stadium then having no dome is the biggest limitation. Then from there is not enough hotel space, which over time can be solved. Overall... I do not want a new stadium.
  12. Like what I am hearing so far in regards to staying in BOA. That stadium was built in a modern era way... in that is has plenty of suites with a lot of club seats. I also think the stadium is in great location with plenty of room inside to add some more amenities. Plus, that entire corridor has plans in place to make that area even better. I am fine with giving Tepper tax incentives, and money to do upgrades, etc.... BUT Lets get this settled... and will be very happy if and when they sign to stay in BOA.
  13. grateflday

    Dallas, at home, week 1

    Sweet ... we rarely get that start time... definitely much preferred, for me, than the 1pm starts
  14. Awesome pics... as always.
  15. When it comes to the draft my attitude is you have to just trust the guys who are paid to do this for a living and are supposed to know what they are doing. We drafted Luke when we were were stacked at LB. We have been puzzled before and ended up with some studs. Plus what I found interesting when they were talking about the pick, was the part about possibly grooming him to play Safety AND we need some of those. ​Panthers definitely still need some play makers on offense though.