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  1. Crowd size yesterday.....

    Construction has played a very big role in eliminating lots. Has been going on over the past years with new buildings, baseball stadium, Rearden park, etc being built AND just this off season there was a very big lot right across the street from the stadium that is now gone. This probably wont get much better either.
  2. Crowd size yesterday.....

    YEP.. this is a big part of the problem. I know lots of people who would go to the games and look at TicketExchange and Stubhub, but even on Saturday and game day the prices on those sites are ridiculous. All the brokers and people who don't go would rather eat their tickets than lower their prices.
  3. Crowd size yesterday.....

    Igo really? 95% full? Maybe we define that differently. See my pics above from the 1st, 2nd Qtr, and last three min in 4th. To me that is NOT 95% full and people just going to concessions. The place was loud, and into the game I will give you that, but empties in the stadium is not a new thing here. I took pics the other day because when I would tell people about the empties at the home opener, even against the Saints and that Thrs Eagles game I didn't have proof. And the Eagles game was more full cause most of the empties you see here will full of Eagles fans. Same for the Bills game.
  4. Crowd size yesterday.....

    We do have have a good rabid base who do show up, stay and get loud but overall empty seats at Panther stadium has been around for awhile and not just this season. Yesterday there were ALOT. Even this year for the Saints game, Eagles Thrs night plenty of empties... SO I took pictures yesterday. First Qtr, Second, and Fourth. You all can see for yourself. I DO THINK a big problem is all the seats held by brokers or people who would rather eat the ticket than sell it for something. I had friends, and I looked also for them, who went on Ticket Exchange and Stub Hub on Saturday to look for and get tickets and you had seats all over upstairs asking $150, $120, etc and last row asking $75. Instead of dropping prices they go unsold. First picture is early 1st Qtr. Second is 2nd Qtr. Third is 4th Qtr last 3 min.
  5. Considering the fact that just two weeks ago with with Samuel playing very little to begin with that Rivera said they were going to need to scale it back some and make it more simple for him.... not sure how likely this is. At least not right now. I am of course always hopelessly optimistic.
  6. Panthers Plan on Selling Team

    Sure, I can agree to that and why I said "a bargaining chip for something else maybe" ... That could be a tax incentive/reduction to "stay in Charlotte" , money for more work on, in and around the stadium, etc . .who knows; but I just don't see a new stadium. Overall I don't like the ambiguity. It would be nice to know the transition plan.
  7. Panthers Plan on Selling Team

    A threat to move as a bargaining chip for something else maybe but the Panthers are not even close to needing a new stadium. Despite the "it's old and was built a long time ago" they did something very smart back then when they built Panther Stadium, and something the older venues didn't have, and that was there is a lot of club and box seats in there. That is usually the main reason why owners want a new stadium. Plus the stadium is very nice, of course some will disagree, with still plenty of space to do stuff in and around it. Overall it's still a very good stadium in a great location.
  8. Yeah... I am not really sure what was wrong with that question
  9. Can change "had it not been for the fluky turnovers" to "had they not face any adversity" ..... the Panthers are barely ever able to overcome any adversity. The second something bad happens or things don't going their way they stay in that kind of funk for the entire game. I can barely remember when they have been able to overcome something like yesterday. It was 17-3 and they had almost an entire game to right the ship, against, a mediocre team and were not able to. That is the Panthers, except for maybe the Superbowl year.
  10. Game etiquette

    I will have to respectfully disagree. If you see the rest of my comment as it relates to people leaving early I was referring to the mass exodus with almost an entire 4th qtr left to play. I have also been to a lot of games in all sports, at many different locations and fans leaving in mass during a close game is not typical. In all the events I have been to over the past many years, in close games the majority of fans stay.
  11. Game etiquette

    I hear ya, though again it's I stood at the wrong time or when someone else thinks I can't or shouldn't. Buy hey, we are all different and that's what makes the world go around. There's a different energy at the start of game, and the first defensive drive can set a tone so I stand, bang my chair and like to make some noise. I also think this whole stand and sit "problem" is more of an upper level thing, because there are plenty of times when you can see almost everyone in the lower level is up on their feet yet upstairs many are not. It does exist down in the lower level, but not as prevalent as in the upper level. As far as the fans leaving. Some people think its funny, some obviously not when I yap during a mass exodus during a close game. As for the people in the rows behind me, most won't be there again and it will be someone different every week. So not sure how much I really care what they think?? Maybe I should and would if it were one of my fellow season ticket holders who I see all the time. AND it was and always is WAY more than just a bunch of house wives leaving. Those were just the only ones who yapped back at me. I would much prefer an bigger fan base of the good true fans at the game. It will take time, but eventually that can be the case. Anyway.. it's all good. I will continue to be aware of my surroundings, while also trying to enjoy myself at the game. Enjoy the rest of your day and go Panthers #keeppounding.
  12. Game etiquette

    Yep that was me. There are plenty of times we are, or at least one of us, is sitting because we are aware, making a conscious effort and trying to be courteous of the people around us. I would prefer to be standing more and don’t because of all the people who never stand in our section. Yet, this is kind of the attitude why I sometimes think I shouldn't even be thinking about or care how much I stand or sit; because we really don’t stand that much, and sit way more than we do (of courses this is subjective) and its mostly on 3rd down (and not even all of them), big defensive stands, or we jump up on big plays, etc; while making a conscious effort throughout the game AND it's still “don't stand at all because you have good seats and nobody in front of you”. Does this then mean nobody is allowed to stand unless the person in front of them does? ie if all sitting in the first four rows, can someone in row five stand up? You'll even have Thomas Davis, other players on the big screen saying, "come on and stand up...." and a whole lot of people in the stadium and our section still do nothing. Being courteous when it comes to sitting vs standing games goes both ways. Obviously, this is something we won't agree on. As far as the people leaving...that is typical of our fan base, we see it all the time. When a little adversity hits the team in the 4th quarter its mass exodus at all once. That was right after the Eagles went up by 12pts with over 14+min left in the game. That is an example of our overall weak fan base. Not all but many. I get it, people have kids, have to get up early, not as big of a fan, were there more for the social environment etc etc ... but I'd prefer a fan base who is there for the entire game. A better fan base doesn't have mass exodus like that. I’m just calling people out, having a little fun. I’d like to see a fan base that fills the stadium and stays when it’s a good close game. Sorry, we don’t see eye to eye on this and for possibly having a negative impact on your game experience. Not sure which people you are or were. If you are there again, feel free to tap me on the shoulder and say hello.
  13. Game etiquette

    That could have easily been me. I am in the Front Row, 500 level. Why do I stand... cause I don't feel like sitting down the entire time.... front row or not. I will tell you my son and I do sit a lot more than standing than we'd like because we are and do try to be more aware of the ppl behind us; but overall there is to much sitting around. Plus if sitting the entire time is no different, then why do players get on the big screen telling us to STAND UP ! They should be putting that on the big screen more ,,,, makes me feel like I have permission
  14. Wilks on Luke's condition

    I hear ya on this. I was at the game so didn't get the hear the commentary or see replay's on some of those weird nowhere near the wr throws in the 4th Qtr or so. I was wondering either wr ran wrong route, cam read it wrong, or his shoulder.
  15. I am all in the boat of Smith being a top 3 and if anything definitely top 5 Panther of all time. He has been the most dynamic offensive weapon the franchise ever had, and over a long period of time, and stat wise / what he has done, one of the better in the NFL as a whole. Even when some compare him to the level of Peppers. I put Smith above Pep mainly because how many moments and games, especially big time meaningful can you recall Pep dominating and taking over, making a big play vs Smith doing that ?? For me its always Smitty... for Pep I always look back and cant pick a big game where he just beasted out, he was commonly a dud in big games. I am sure some will post examples where I am wrong , but again.... Smitty was a monster plenty of times and when I look back on both of their careers there are way more times in my mind that Smitty stood out way more than Pep.