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  1. grateflday added a post in a topic todays practice tweets...Norman not there   

    Normal fell pretty hard, directly, on his back on that interception against the Saints.  When he was kneeling after the play, he looked like was winded, in some pain AND he I do recall reading somewhere that he said he felt that landing.  My guess is he is still feeling it     
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  2. grateflday added a post in a topic Texans Blog Praises Panthers   

    Yep, and agree with that last line.  Despite putting the Panthers in cap hell, dumb contracts, etc ... Hurney did also give us some of our core, Especially drafting Cam!!  So nice to finally have a franchise quarterback.   
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  3. grateflday added a post in a topic The "Keep Pounding" chant in BofA yesterday   

    That was a nice addition and a good one.  It's a keeper and should only get better. 
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  4. grateflday added a post in a topic Bersin over Boykin   

    This is what I am thinking.  They are going to go with these six wr's.   
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