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  1. It was five minutes into the second qtr. We took the picture with the clock in it so you can see that. At 10:33 left in the 2nd Qtr. This season maybe with all the issues with stadiums having lots of empty seats.. BUT no what you see is not due to that many people at the bathroom or in line buying stuff. There are times when it does fill up, has been awhile and when I have been to other stadiums they don't ever look that way. (again except for this season when its become a trend) The point I am trying to make, is that as a new owner is yapping about why he needs a big mega stadium... that even with the stadium we have now , despite the every game is sold out that many seats still go unused and that moving to Rock Hill or the Airport area or anywhere outside the city where it will cost even more to attend games is not going to make it any easier to have the place full, when there are already tons of empty seats due to cost and interest, despite how "awesome" the stadium is.
  2. London 2018?

    If the Panthers play in London... it better be one of our road games. NO WAY I want to lose one of my games going to the stadium on Sunday.
  3. About attendance at the stadium. What many people don't realize is despite every game being "sold out" the stadium is rarely ever full on game days. Despite the 15-1 season which still took more than half the season to fill the seats, all other seasons, even good ones, the stadium is generally ~ 1/3rd empty. (not kidding, of course hard to determine exact #'s. It is sometime less but lots of empty seats is common). Even this season, opening day, divisions games despite people saying how full the stadium is .. its not. Here is the 2nd qtr this year against Atlanta. The NO game was similar. The point is, if any owner moves the stadium, has one big lot which forces everyone to pay $40+ dollars. We see increase more increase in ticket prices, concessions, a more stale environment than the fun and excitement of going downtown, etc etc..... It WILL be even more difficult to get people in the seats of which due to our fan base is already an issue. Panther stadium is in a great location, very nice, etc etc. No need for new place.
  4. I will repeat what any in here are already saying. Panthers Stadium while "old" was built in a modern era way. It has a lot of suites, and a whole lot club seats. Plus the club section has their own nice indoor concessions and lounge area. There is also plenty of room inside for new amenities to be added. Plus, I also have been to plenty other stadiums around the country and Panther Stadium ranks right up there. It is in a great location .. you can tailgate, go to a bar, go to a restaurant, hang out at Rearden Park, etc etc ... take a train if you want. It is also a very nice and cool looking stadium. And when you ask people or take someone to a game they also mention or compliment what a nice stadium it is. So compared to about 28 or so other places Panthers Stadium is right up there and even better than a bunch of them. Finally the parking is actually better the way it is. I park five blocks out and get out of the city no problem. You go to any of the teams with a big mega lot and it take 2 hours to get out of there. And yeah the parking part is all about making money because those big mega lots, being the only place and choice to park, charge at a min usually $40. All this is also why I say screw Sabates and his group. Right off the bat its "I want a new stadium" and "going to build it in SC or by the airport". I mean shoot... how about a little "I want to buy the Panthers because it's a great organization, team, and I love football and want to bring a Superbowl to the city"
  5. I did not even realized the Saint's only rushed 3 on that last play... makes the lose and fact he had 1 second before getting sacked worse. I also hated on the last drive, like many this season every pass was thrown deep. There was enough time at the end for some short passes, get to line down the ball or run another play vs throwing three times deep. Then instead of having to throw 40+yards for TD if we get close its provides more options. Oh well... on to next season.
  6. Mike Shula & Ken Dorsey FIRED

    Wow! did not see this coming. I was thinking until new ownership took over things were going to stay the same. I am now more excited for next season.
  7. Got PSL's?

    Any talk about a new stadium is simply something for reporters to talk about and then for leverage by any new potential owners for other things they want. Because there is NO need for a new stadium. Despite it's age, Panthers stadium was built in the more modern era way and that is it has the money generating suites and club seats (which there are a lot and the biggest main reason owners want a new place.) The club section even has their own very nice inside concession and lounge area. Finally, overall the stadium still has a nice look, in a great location, and plenty of room inside to add other money making amenities a new owners would want. Again, any talk about a new stadium is simply that .. something to write about and eventually leverage for new owners to get other things they want.
  8. There will be no changes at GM or coaching staff (unless they leave voluntarily) until new ownership. Nobody will want to come here knowing that once the team is sold the new owner will most likely want to bring in his own people ... especially at the GM spot.
  9. A very real scenario for next year

    Yep and sadly don't see any changes coming unless he goes on his own AND also depending on the timing of sale of the team. Dependent on that, nobody is going to come here knowing that once the team is bought that person is probably going to bring in his own GM, who in turn will most likely bring in their own staff. Unless a coach leaves on their own, the staff is going to stay in tact.
  10. Sad admission from Cam

    Yep... been saying this for years. There are no play-makers on this team. Nobody else who can step up, take over a game. No one who when he touches the ball your thinking he can break it open for TD. The entire offense is dependent on Cam being dominant AND being our RB. Even in the Tampa game on the one drive where they moved it downfield and Anderson had to come in cause Cam got hit in the nuts it was all Cam running. One time, 3x's in row then he had the nuts hit and had to come out. I get it, Cam is not perfect BUT he is and has not been the "problem" on the offense overall the past seasons, and this one. Before we start ripping the QB and for some who want him gone.... you have to fix all the other deficiencies fist ,which are huge. Not sure how many other QB's could be successful here with this team and Shula at the helm.
  11. Being that the Panthers look bad last week, horrible yesterday, and everyone expects them to get blown out against the Saints..... "YES" they will win because that is what they do most often... win when they look like this and nobody expects them to. Now being realistic .. "NO" .. but then again I come back to that is when they usually win and surprise me. This offense is just so bad though, been saying it all year it is what will end up being the demise of this team.
  12. Yeah I think this time of year veteran experience BUT more so play off experience can make a difference, espcially when the team is only a couple years from a Superbowl run. Not saying it will result in automatic wins, but yeah makes a difference... just look at one of the Giants and Ravens runs just this past decade... they were both wildcard teams with vet and playoff experience that made runs and both won a Superbowl. I am sure there are others.
  13. I say NO need to rebuild a stadium. While some might say the stadium is old in time frame, it was build with what many of the reasons owners want a new stadium and that is there are a plenty of suites and a lot of club seats. The club seats also have a very nice area for concessions, etc. There is also plenty of space still inside for someone to do things, add amenities, etc I also think the outside is very nice, cool, etc, etc. I do go to plenty of stadiums throughout the country and while Panthers Stadium is not a mega billion place like Dallas, Atlanta, or Min... it compares very nicely to many and most of the stadiums of other teams.
  14. Bucs lost 10 players tonight

    An unhealthy Bucs team might be "good" for Panthers this week, but following week maybe not so much if we want there to be any chance of them beating the Saints.
  15. Cam vs Clay Matthews

    Did see that on NBC. It was great and awesome coverage by NBC to get and show that. The video clip they showed was actually focused on and played the sound of what each player was saying. Very cool.