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  1. fug you! -Carolina Panthers
  2. I agree mostly, but Brady had some good defenses in their early dynasty days
  3. Y'all are blaming Cam when the wr slipped?
  4. *tinfoil hat on* I think the players have an inside joke where the they call Ron "riverboat" and they call shula "the titanic" . The titanic runs into the iceberg and shula runs stew up the middle in the same way. He's just saying what we are all saying. Shula still needs to go! *tinfoil hat off*
  5. Might as well go ahead and place that order for a new one then
  6. I can dig this. I hope you're right, but I'm going to miss those amazing endzone td's and we still have Shula.
  7. Cam discussing KB on Sunday

    by regress do you mean suffered multiple concussions and played through the season with an injured shoulder? I'd hate to see what you'd call me lol