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  1. JNo - To Tag or Not to Tag?

    Top 3 cornerbacks in the league make $14 million a year. Then Joe Hayden makes 13 million. After that everyone else is $10 million or below. If we cut loose Johnson and Allen we will be close to 40 million under the cap.     It is all up on what the Panthers and Norman want. If Josh would go for 4 year at $13 million I see no reason why the Panthers wouldnt.  That would be Top 5 money and not breaking the bank.  Josh wouldn't get guaranteed money and security. Panthers would get Josh in his prime. 
  2. Help with perception

    The one he just gave sounds like a old school coach.    Edit: it actually is a Lombardi quote. 
  3. If Cam Newton wasn't a Panther...

    Oh this should be good.     90% of the Panthers fans here would be calling him a thug and crybaby.  
  4. Traveling For the SB?

    That would have been to long out there for the team.  Honestly they shouldn't have to be out there until Wednesday.  
  5. Who Should Go or not resign

    Not wholesale changes. If it was we would be talking about cutting half the wr corp. Short off-season so cuts will be happening any day now. So it is discuss it now or never. 
  6. Who Should Go or not resign

    Gano - can free up almost 3million in cap space.  Johnson- 11 million Allen's - 8 million   Stewart - tough oneq but can save close to 6 million  
  7. Only positions we need in free agency is a tackle, cornerback, DEFENSIVE END and maybe a safety.  We have KB coming back and Funchess as ! Number 2 receiver. Gonna is a respectable 3rd wr and brown will push him for playing time. If we do get a receiver it will be through the draft in the middle rounds.  
  8. Are we going shopping at Tiffany's?
  9. Anyone greeting the team back home

    Plus a newborn that I'm sure he misses. 
  10. Saints- Are still in Cap Hell. 
  11. Anyone greeting the team back home

    Team is landing at 5:50 PM.     https://flightaware.com/live/flight/AAL9434/history/20160208/1800Z/KSJC/KCLT  
  12. Anyone greeting the team back home

    Nope those are not them. IIRC flight number should be 9000 series and those planes are to small. Will be a 757 or A330 or bigger.      Correction charter flight number for American is 9000 series. 
  13. Anyone greeting the team back home

    About a 4:40 flight so should depart San Jose around noon est.   Check flight aware for flight between Sjc and clt. 
  14. Positions we need to upgrade

    CB and also RB. Stewart balled out this season but need someone to be behind him.