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  1. Check with some Vietnam reenactment units. Could save you a lot.
  2. Egyptian Airliner goes down

    Way to early to tell.
  3. I have gotten pie from Mr Scot. Some people just throw around pie like it is nothing. Mr Scot cherish pie to much to throw it around frivolously.
  4. Carolina Panthers Roster Projection

    5 safeties?
  5. Panthers Question on Jeopardy

  6. Panthers Question on Jeopardy

  7. Well you wouldn't want someone who didn't know how not to get caught in charge.
  8. Only a short time and the cook will replaced too. The only people left will be a server. I'm waiting for the replicator from Star Trek. World hunger erased immediately.
  9. I told him doing a double dab was a bad idea.
  10. Bastard killed Kenny!
  11. But he doesn't have a good motor!
  12. Didn't realize that the new GM for the Titans was from the Panthers. Explains a lot.
  13. Hedging your bets, a lesson in drafting success.

    Bup bup bup
  14. Shakeup in the Panthers scouting department

    Here I thought this was a major shakeup. As long as Gregory is still here we're good.