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  1. Coach Rivera just chillin

    Is Allen's face just photoshopped in?

      Got the same feeling. 
  3. Why do people always bring up race with Cam?  
  4. Still 2 more days till the game.  
  5. Practice

    Anyone notice that we are only spending 1:15 practicing and the Broncos are doing 1:45.   Curious which approach is better?   I would think you would want to save your player's legs for the game.      
  6. Wonder why no other team has tried that?
  7. NFL has to hype this game up. Can't just say it will be a blowout. Who besides Panthers fans would want to watch that?
  8. today's press conference tweets

    But are they knee high socks? That's real swag.  
  9. Panther fans who HATE Cam Newton

    This board at times can become unbearable. There are a lot of old posters that don't post here anymore. The amount of disrespect on this board gets old sometimes.  Used to be you could discuss and debate things here and it would be entertaining. Now you try to debate something you get snarky remarks or labeled a hater.  It is what it is. 
  10. Cocky,arrogant, punk that also called Carolina home

    You might just want to leave NC right now.  Fiercest diver in NASCAR. Hated the guy but you had to respect him. Almost like Cam is. 
  11. Japanese super bowl!

    Taiwanese but I digress. 
  12. The Keep Pounding Drum

    Bruce Dehaven would be a solid choice. With his health battle and finally getting back to the Super Bowl.  
  13. A bit of a subplot

    Bruce needs to pound the drum Sunday.  
  14. Straight out of context

    Olsen does have a great beard. 
  15. We should be killing drafts the next few years with Gettleman and Gregory.