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  1. Shakeup in the Panthers scouting department

    Here I thought this was a major shakeup. As long as Gregory is still here we're good.
  2. There have been plenty. Biggest one was Eric Shelton.
  3. Gentlemans plans seem to assume he can....

    Gettleman is playing chess while everyone else is playing checkers. These man is a genius.
  4. About those corners...

    Noticed every single one of them are ball hawks. Think defense is going to score more points than offense this season.
  5. Sorry. Gettlemens Draft This Year Blows

    Plenty of veteran offensive lineman will be cut in the next few months. They will be serviceable.
  6. My early depth chart of the Panthers atm

    Kinda weak at offensive tackle.
  7. Panthers Tango with Cash

    Nice still wondering why he fell out of the draft.
  8. Let me count the ways...

    Beautiful just beautiful.
  9. Best players left going in to day 3

    Double dip and grab KJ Dillon fs Wvu.
  10. Gettleman says BPA philosophy changed this year.

    Worley is no where close to being Hogan.
  11. Worley is a true CB. Don't think he played anywhere but the outside position at Wvu. But honestly haven't been able to watch that much of them living in Hawaii.
  12. Eers! Talented but off the field issue so that is a worry. Keep his nose clean and he will be a great starter.

    We kept our original 3rd round pick.