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  1. The media seems to get it

    On the other hand tweets like this are being put out there
  2. When did you 'know' this team was Superbowl bound

    When JStew fumbled and the ballmiraculouslyappeared in Ed Dickson's hands running it in for a TD. Weird poo finally worked in our favor
  4. Who was the reporter? I got some trolling to do
  5. It's NOT about race! Not sure which one is his
  6. It's NOT about race!

    Time to get to trolling. Let me find her Facebook
  7. I posted this earlier on my own FB: Alright so my thoughts on the whole conspiracy to have Peyton winning one more before he retires is nonsense. Honestly I don't think the league cares. In fact just the story line of "will he get one more?" is good enough for them to have people interested. Think about it...what good does it do for the league to have him win and retire? The NFL is not gonna have the results of the HGH investigation until after the Super Bowl and it's not a coincidence. Why? fug Peyton Manning....they don't want tarnish the actual big game on Sunday.I say that to say this. This game is to pass the torch to the NEW face of the NFL...Cam Newton. When dude got mad at him in Tennessee. The Internet went nuts. Twitter was full of Cam Newton posts wondering who this guy is and how funny it was that he's still dancing instead of fighting. The NFL is a billion dollar company for a reason. They know controversy sells they ate the poo up due to all the attention it was getting. The fact that he gives balls to kids is not only a nice got future fans in the making. MO MONEY!!! Cam is the LeBron of the NFL talent wise and socially. You can love him or hate him. He will end up being a worldwide recognizable sports figure. And this year's Super Bowl ratings numbers will be astronomical no matter what angle you view it from. "Will Peyton win one more? I hate Cam so bad I wanna see him lose. I love Cam he needs to get one for the haters" I can't wait for next week needless to say
  8. Seahawk fan starts petition to ban Cam from century link field! Here's his butt hurt video. I started my troll session already
  9. More butthurt from Seahawk fan

    Sorry. Just realized there's already a thread on this loser lol. Feel free to lock
  10. More butthurt from Seahawk fan I don't know guys. Should he get trolled on?
  11. NFL moves extra point to 15 yard line

    You forgot this guy
  12. Brady suspended 4 games, pats lose 1st rounder in 2016 and 4th in 2017

    I agree what you say to a certain extent but that seems like a team punishment. Belichek should be punished as well
  13. Brady suspended 4 games, pats lose 1st rounder in 2016 and 4th in 2017

    Somewhere Rex is laughing his off
  14. Cargo shorts

    I'm rocking them too
  15. Cargo shorts

    Pie for the camo cargos