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  1. Are we witnessing a Hiliray collapse?

    It's a vast socialist conspiracy by Bernie the Bastard Sanders. His ego is out of control. (and I said it with a straight face)
  2. VP Bets

    A treasure of information, thanks for participating
  3. VP Bets

    At this point, I think Hillary is a VERY calculating person, so I will say since the Latino community has passed African Americans as the biggest minority, she will pick a Latino man. My first thought would be the former mayor of LA Antonio Villariagosa, if he doesn't run for Boxers seat in the Senate. Trump is harder to figure. He wants a DC experienced person and with his supposed trouble with women, you'd think he might pick one as his VP, but I think he is gonna want someone respected on both sides of the aisle to get "deals" done. Kasich is someone who might fit the bill but I don't think he'd accept. Manchin of W Va would be an interesting pick although not bringing a lot of new delegates to the conversation. I will pick Tom Ridge at this point. PA guy, not a firebrand, plenty of foreign relations/terrorist experience and a calming sort of influence when it comes to the military. So, my picks today wold be Dem Villariagosa Pub Ridge What you got and why
  4. Trump vs Sanders

    And Carter
  5. An Inexcusable, Willful Disregard for the Rules

    The State Dept really screwed her with this report. The information has been hour there for months but the media, for the most part has been carrying her water like they are supposed to, but then her former employer releases this bomb and refutes her own, layered like and onion, set of lies. What is the media supposed to do? Obama State Dept says she lied, she says otherwise, so what does the poor media do? They finally had to admit the deception(s)
  6. Trump vs Sanders

    Tie both their hands behind their backs and neither of them could say a word
  7. 2017 Draft

    Gonna keep an eye on this guy. Thinking Kony Ealy in the second kind of guy Man, I can't wait for late July
  8. How the Left wins it for the Right I agree with the OP point. The lack of civility cannot be aimed just at Trump by the shame squads of media. Trump has rowdy events and says stupid things. He even has had people punch protesters at his rallies, (white on black, black on white), but the country also sees daily at the mayhem caused by the Soros backed left. And, as I mentioned a week or so ago, Trump is gonna make Dems spend money in arenas they used to own(unions for instance), states they used to own. Gonna be a wild summer.
  9. And that is why I did not leave him out by posting just Smith. I said in 5 years or so, and I do believe he will move on to other lucrative endeavors, he will then dethrone Smith because, in my mind, he will then be historical
  10. Well, yeah, I am certainly not a fan of some of the dancing stuff. Said that before. Just my opinion. Don't think it helps us to rub it in someones face, especially on their field. But that does not mean that Cam has not been a great QB, doesn't mean I am not a fan. The whole thing comes down to the OP. He said historically and even being an Auburn guy, did not put Cam down. Most "historical" football fans sort of understand what he meant and picked former players, much to the chagrin of current football fans. As far as now, we are loaded for bear. Cam and Keek are leading the locker room and on the field and I am stoked about the coming seasons. I think Gman has done a lot to put good support around our stars to make them even better.
  11. Where do you get this stuff? I don't know Cam personally, do you? I had huge HUGE worries on drafting any QB with the first overall pick in the draft, especially one who had so little throwing experience. But that was football, we talk that every year predraft. You have no life dude. I don't put any player on a pedestal, Cam, Keek, Smith, none. I have watched football for 45 years, so don't start your petty, "I like Cam more than you do" stuff. You probably, personally, like every football player more than I do. The OP mentioned that Cam would someday probably be regarded as the best draft pick, but at this point in time, he'd go with Smith. He has also watched football all his life and is an Auburn guy, and I agree with him, so grow up.
  12. You would be wrong. The only time I mentioned Anderson was when we were out of the playoffs., not last year. I thought it might be wise to give him some starts to see how he performed in game situations. Same with other 2nd stringers on the team. What better time to judge your teams backups than in real games. As with so many years in the past, we were looking at FA and drafts by late November, so what did it hurt? Big difference. If we are out of the playoffs by Thankgiving this season, I will probably want the same thing. Put AJ in and see what he has got for instance. What is the point in not seeing him and knowing whether we want to sign him or let him walk? It is all about winning with me and if we are done for the year, stats mean nothing.
  13. OP said historical for all you Cam "minitemen" Just like you don't get inducted into the HOF until after your career is over. Like I also said children, in 5 years (when Cam will probably be near the end of his career), he will then count as "historical" for me. Keek is the absolute best at his position, but I won't consider him historical either until he is done here.
  14. Are we witnessing a Hiliray collapse?

    I might be a broken record, but the behind the scenes stuff is going on I believe. If she continues to struggle with votes and falls behind Trump further when she was leading him by 10 pts only a month ago, then I can see the administration "taking her out" with an indictment. This way, Bernie, who is polling better, can get the nomination. Money is the name of the game and nobody brings in more cash, domestic and foreign, better than the Clintons, so if there is a chance of her still winning, they will keep the cash cow in place. Establishment, will sacrifice her only if it is clear she would lose. Very smart for Bernie to stay in at this point