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  1. The Trump Effect

    See, it's working already. And then does his best Sean Connery laugh from SNL Jeopardy
  2. I remember when people apologized for Bill Clinton getting, well you know whats, in the Oval Office, but just before were ENRAGED that Bob Packwood had actually kissed someone and forced him to resign from the Senate. Funny how the letter at the end of your name dictates your feelings on certain issues, but, its politics, it happens.
  3. Trump vs. Hillary

    I am convinced that the Dems are watching polls They are gonna hit Trump hard with the normal mantra of sexist, racist, homophobic, xenophobic and see if it sticks. If he gains any ground on Hillary or worse starts to pass her in the polls, then watch for the FBI to move against her. This is when the superdelegates jump ship and change the race
  4. Trump vs. Hillary

    Reports that big money Pubs in NYC are gonna back Hillary. They think their money is safer with her
  5. It makes it hard for the country to support you The you make harsh statements about Hillary Her whole campaign is about sexism Does he think the press will just forget his sexism? What is it about someone from the Northeast who seems teflon when it comes to sexism? And then, there's Trump
  6. Is this an indictment on Gman or these fools?
  7. Like Yogi said, "nobody eats there, it's always too crowded"
  8. Trump vs. Hillary Found a new club for Nanuq.......and many others
  9. Let's play pick two running backs

    What are their contract situations?
  10. No, I was tongue in cheek reminding folks of the times that outrageous things happened and it was actually the left doing the deed.
  11. Will HB2 ever get repealed?

    So is the threat from Justice lawful?
  12. Seems that most of the horrible posters on the Fox site, before it was taken down, were responding to people calling them out on their horrible views, with "cutie" and such. Not sure how that works for them
  13. The anonymity of the internet makes courageous asses out of a lot of people. RE Tbox
  14. the both sides thing must strike a nerve, it seems to have become the whipping boy of the left