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  1. Trump finally gets a win

    But with 3/4 of the vote counted, he has only 34%. Which means 66% of the vote went against him. Christie and Carson will soon be gone, and maybe Fiorina.  Most of those votes will not go to Trump.  Other observations tonight: Bernie's victory speech lasted 14 and 1/2 hours and his right index finger was going like mad the entire time Kasichs wife Christie won battle Saturday night, but lost the war Big money lost big time in NH
  2. Arthur Blank.... Prostate Cancer

    It would mess up a perfectly good truck
  3. Why should I ever register

    Big money Hillary and big money Bush not getting too much bang for the buck
  4. Why should I ever register

    I think 2016 will be one of the craziest elections of my lifetime Who knows about the 3rd party, we will see.  Bloomberg?
  5. Why should I ever register

    CWG is whispering, "come to the dark side"........
  6. Once I own my car, I can dictate what type of policy I need, not exactly getting your analogy. But now, I get to pay for all kinds of things on my health insurance that I don't need.  And while we are at it, do all Americans have car insurance? Maybe we can "fix" that one too
  7. Having an accounting degree and working most of my life in manufacturing management, I never approach any issue with a solution of someone else paying for an item because it is not affordable.  The gov, who has no responsibility at all it seems, does not care WHY an item cannot be afforded, just that if you vote for them, someone will pay for it, no matter the costs. Terrible solutions from the government that does not address the real problems ever, just capitalizes on them
  8. anytime the gov wants to expand powers and control, there should be a vigorous debate gov will use any situation to expand powers, promise equality and safety, whatever, but I am not fond of the government
  9. healthcare for one Since the ACA, my insurance policies were cancelled due to no longer being "legal", whatever that means. My doctor quit his practice due to the government, insurance companies and employers calling the shots Keeping your insurance, keeping your doctor, yada, yada, yada Basically, wherever the gov steps in to "help", they cut down on choices. guess what will happen to education when the gov is paying for it, talking college here
  10. Last "big" Pub debate

    You take the stagecoach back from west coast? Place has been kinda dead since your absence
  11. Last "big" Pub debate

    Yeah, was not exactly trying to pigeon hole you, just linking the article showing that because the other side likes him, his own side shows it as a sign not to like him
  12. Boycott Doritos

    NARAL not fond of humorous ad
  13. New thread for this? I mean it is pretty groundbreaking
  14. Winning with grace

    not complaining grasshopper, just sayin.... I agreed with thebigcat a few weeks back.  What might be fun at the moment, could bite you in the ass later you live to be offended, so you should be the happiest guy on earth at this moment when the rest of the league is letting you know what they think.  
  15. Last "big" Pub debate

    Evidently, you are the problem, haha