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  1. Interesting Rankings

  2. Gman immediately demoted him to RT and now headed toward the door. I can see why we'd want him
  3. 32 press conferences to hype the fans through fluff and innuendo. Maybe, maybe not, could be, never know, we hope and blah, blah, blah. Nobody but fans get anything from this, and of course the press
  4. Stirs 2018 Mock

    1st Jaire Alexander CB Louisville Confident guy who will be the best value when pick #24 comes around 2nd Gesicki TE Penn State Will learn behind Olsen and be put in on certain sets 3rd Equanimeous St Brown WR Notre Dame very long and talented receiver like Norv Turner likes 3rd Jerome Baker LB Ohio State Quick LB who can succeed TD 5th Royce Freeman RB Oregon Big compact RB who can replace Stewart. Many good backs in this draft and they will all go later than they wish. 6th Ade Aruna DE Tulane Guy who is quick and long, can put on more weight. Has not played football that long and excelling 7th Troy Apke S Penn State Last 2 picks are slated for special teams unless they surpass expectations 7th Darius Phillips CB Western Michigan See above Now at least you don't have to worry this weekend if something comes up and you can't watch
  5. Stirs 2018 Mock

    If they move Shaq to TD's position, yes, but then we are still a playmaker short, you know what I mean. I always feel like certain positions should be elevated above others. DE for example, for us, is right behind QB in my opinion. I really think we are scary thin at LB. TD only gonna play 12 games barring injury and Luke will be retiring if he gets another concussion. I guess LB's are just on my mind, a lot. Well, at least the others passed muster
  6. Stirs 2018 Mock

    As far as Riveria, I think LB's are extremely important to his Defense. Big guys up front and playmakers right behind them. If TD is gone next season, I think we will suffer greatly and Luke cannot do it all, thus the pick to learn behind TD
  7. What time will 24th pick be?

    Barring a trade.....
  8. Its going to be a cornerback

    Playing the odds will certainly make you lean towards CB, that and a beer or 12. Good thinking, intoxicated or not
  9. No way I would spend my first round pick on another Mario Addison. Guys also play LB at 210 in college, but not the pros. Disagree on this one
  10. Landry is barely bigger than Luke He is a 34 OLB
  11. https://247sports.com/nfl/pittsburgh-steelers/Bolt/Steelers-appear-to-be-targeting-Mason-Rudolph-and-Lamar-Jackson-116973709
  12. Pittsburgh will take Mason Rudolph in the 1st, so keep an eye open for him
  13. Trade Up

    Best value is in the top 10 and then the 2nd and top half of the 3rd Trade back into the top of the 2nd and get another pick What we get in the top of the 2nd will probably be as good as what we get at 24
  14. some more inside info

    There is not one after Chubb that plays a 43, at least not one for the 1st round
  15. some more inside info

    Stewart was never a bulldozer, he absorbed way more punishment than he dished out
  16. some more inside info

    Royce Freeman in the 5th
  17. Arden Key gonna drop
  18. Picks 55, 85, and 88

    What we need in no particular order Backup QB RB TE G/C WR OLB S CB DE And we have little money. Don't think we want to be trading picks away
  19. Good morning ya bastids!

    he is fishing
  20. Good morning ya bastids!

    Where is the hat?
  21. I am always way ahead of my time
  22. Who are your top targets at 24

    from 40-55th pick