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  1. Hotsauce added a post in a topic How do You Just Pick up And Leave?   

    I used to date this super hot chick from Reidsville that I thought she was really into me, but it turns out she was just a slut...
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    What's the HAPPIEST you have been as a Panthers fan?
    For me, any win makes me very happy.
    However, sealing the deal on 12/22/13 against the Saints in BOA, guaranteeing the playoffs is one of my finer moments. I remember sitting in the stands, tearing up as they announced we made the playoffs at the end of the game.  It was even sweeter when I went to the ATL game for the season finale the next week and watched us take our first W in Atlanta in 5 years (remember the 2012 game in ATL??). Great revenge game for our first NFCS crown in quite some time!
    Other memorable moments were... 
    TD pounding the "Keep Pounding" drum. 
    Beating AZ in the playoffs at home.
    Signing Cam long term.
    I went absouletly ape poo after we beat New England on MNF in 2013.  I tore it up in uptown afterwards...
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    Highlight video
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    Bron is probably financing it just so he can try to "be like Mike"
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    Your service to not just our country, but to my family is unmeasurable. 
    Thank you for giving your life to keep us free.
    If you need to talk, PM me.
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    The movie "Kids" (1995)....20 years later
    So recently I saw an article pop up about the 20 year anniversary of the movie Kids.  I almost completly forgot about this movie.  I remember watching it when I was in middle school. It had a pretty big impact on me back then.  In short, it was a gritty look into how HIV/AIDS infiltrates a group of teenagers.  Being at the time, I was around the age of the characters, it was an eye opening drama about sexual behavior and its consequences.  Needless to say, it impacted me at that young age, it made me be careful about my decisions.  
    So last night I decided to re-watch it through the eyes of a mid-30 year old father.  It was actually tough to watch this go around, and I can see how it earned its NC17 rating.  However I am glad I saw it when I did, because it was a good "scare" to practice safe sex.  The article is a good read if you remember this movie...
    Rolling Stone called it “the most controversial film of the Nineties.”
    With mid-’90s New York City as its setting, the Larry Clark-directed film Kids struck a chord with an entire generation, candidly portraying the sexual lives of a handful of teenagers. Released nationwide on July 28, 1995, the NC-17 drama was daring, igniting a conversation about HIV and AIDS at at time when the diseases were still largely misunderstood and taboo. With a cast of raw, unknown teenagers at its helm, the movie became a powerful commentary on sex, rape, love, drugs, and teenaged abandon, and 20 years later, its message remains visceral.

    full movie
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    With the the Kittens???
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    A beer at lunch....acceptable?
    Recently I took a client out for lunch. He ordered a beer, so I also ordered a beer. As an outside sales rep, I don't  necessarily have to worry about smelling like booze for the rest of the day, but this guy goes back to his office and I am sure people can smell it on him!?  
    My question is this.  In the professional world, is it acceptable to enjoy ONE beer over lunch?
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    Just paid my deposit!  This is gonna be sick!!!
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  14. Hotsauce added a post in a topic GA Dome Takeover - 2015   

    Yes please
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    Where are you? Tampa?
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