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  1. Welp

    He looks like he would be the perfect head bouncer at some honkey tonk in Texas
  2. Americas' Teams' Fans' are jumping ship at record numbers right now over to the Panthers.  Other teams fans have been jumping over to Panther fans for the last few weeks, but with the national exposure we just got, the way we played, and our record is the perfect storm for a mass Panthers conversion. Let's look at some of the reasons we should expect a spike in our fanbase... -Romo is done, just like their season.  -Their hopes were crushed when they got beat by us, people tend to root for the team that took out their team.  -Panthers are becoming Americas Darling team, and Dallas fans do enjoy attention. -Panthers are heavy Super Bowl favorites, so bandwagoners and people who have nothing to cheer for will love the Panthers because they are easy to cheer for and they will have a team to follow all the way to the Super Bowl.  Case in point (with the respect of keeping people's identities safe, I won't screenshots) I have already seen 2 of my Facebook fans, who always post annoying Cowboys crap, post pics of Cam and #keeppounding. While I hate other teams fans, I welcome anyone with open arms that wants to cheer and support the Panthers!
  3. Props to Oher

    *titans...but yeah     
  4. Why is Cam wearing pink shoes???  It gives your enemy an edge by highlighting your feet! Cool ass blue uniforms tho...
  5. How is this guy still employed?

    But isn't the majority of prediction/reaction/opinion articles wrong at some point??  I mean I could probably Google 600 articles from 2011 till recently that have all kinds of negative predictions and reactions. 
  6. How is this guy still employed?

    This article is from June 2015....not sure why you are posting this now, seeing how it's (a) so old and (b) has nothing to do with how Cam is currently playing
  7. Seeing we have or should be playing quite a few of the most annoying fanbases this year, I thought it would be nice to see who you guys think are the worst fanbases out there... 1) Patriots 2) Steelers 3) Cowboys 4) Saints 5) Eagles honoroable mention: redskins, jets, Seahawks, packers  I am willing to bet everyone will have the same top 3, but perhaps in different order...   And finally, how do you think the Panthers fanbase is viewed outside of our our market?
  8. What Cowboys Fans Are Saying

    Between reading that, and listening to all those idiots call into WFNZ, I can't wait to beat them down. 
  9. That homemade video posted above would have been great without the guy commenting trying to be funny. Because he was not funny. 
  10. I lost my job yesterday

    Crappy's happened to me before..twice.  Stay positive, keep pounding, good luck!
  11. Josh Norman vs Dez Bryant

    Really looking forward to this matchup.  However, while I think the battle will be fierce, I'm going to give the edge to Bryant (assuming Romo is accurate and doesn't have to force his throws).   Normans biggest weakness (and arguably one of his strengths) is he has said if a pass goes his way, he would rather try to intercept it vs. knock it away.  Now I know that is probably every CBs goal; interception vs knock away, but sometimes this can backfire.  This happened 2-3 weeks ago where instead of going for a easy knock down, he went for the interception, and he got beat. Now with that said, Norman isn't flying under the radar anymore, OCs know who he is and will plan around him.  We will be playing a desperate team who I am sure will make plays at towards their top WR.   
  12. That undefeated smile...

    Cam is starting to rival this guy for bracelets.   
  13. Do we have reliable back up RBs?

    Durability has been a problem with Stew with the last few years. He has held up remarkably well through 10 games.  Our game is built around the run, and I'm just not convinced we can be the same team if something happens to him.  Our team has however adopted one of the most complete "next man up" mentalities (i.e. WRs, when Luke went down, when Cam went down last year, etc)