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  1. Thank you for your service to our country
  2. I am throwing a big (kid friendly) party at my house.  I got Moes catering it. I got a keg of Fat Tire and we will have a bunch of margaritas.  In the basement, I'll have 125 in HD projector and a 42 in LCD. On the main floor, I have a 60 in 4K and a 24 in tv in the kitchen.  I have tons of decorations up, including a bunch of SuperBowl official banners I got from Party City. I also have a lot of Panthers plates and napkins.   
  3. So today I had breakfast with his HS girlfriend. She told some great stories about how he was back in the day. Like how he bought an old Cadillac, cut the top off and put bull horns on top.  She hopes that he gets his ring tomorrow. 
  4. Undoubtedly these guys in one way or another helped our team this year.  Whether it be on the field, on the sidelines, on the practice squad, or in the locker room; credit is due to these guys for making the Panthers who they are today. I can reflect back to my elementary school days, where I was a starter for my YMCA youth basketball team.  We only had two losses on the year, we made it to the championship game where we were playing the team who handed us those L's in the regular season.  I broke my arm skateboarding two days before the championship game.  From the bench in street clothes, I watched my team rally around my loss and win the Championship game. I can still remember the bittersweet feeling.  So, props to each of you guys who helped the Panthers get to where they are today!  
  5. Who's taking TD's place on hands team?

    Sneak KB onto the field
  6. All of the HC vacancies are filled right? So I have to assume that MS and SM are staying put? I will be the first to admit that I don't know much about the lesser role coaches outside of Ricky P.  Is he in danger of taking a OC position somewhere else? WE NEED ANSWERS!!!!
  7. California is pulling for Cam Newton to win...

    That's right, get used to it #feelthebern
  8. Panther fans who HATE Cam Newton

    I agree with you sort of.  The difference here is if the team you cheer for, has an MVP QB, who has had absouletly zero character issues and quite frankly is a perfect role model, you really can't hate him unless you have other issues.  I am totally fine with people who aren't fans hating his antics, but if it's your team, and he isn't hurting anyone AND he is winning, you can't feasibly Hate the guy. 
  9. So you are opening this thread like, who the F*** cheers for the Panthers, but wouldn't like Cam.  Well my fellow Huddlers, there are people like this who exist.  I had a lengthy debate yesterday with an older "wine and cheeser" guy about Cam. He loves the panthers, but hates Cam. Basically his argument was Cam is immature and showboats too much...yada yada have heard all that BS.   It's a generational thing I guess, this old guy who is set in his ways, can't grasp how the game is played today. ohh well, basically my response to him was...     *side note, I have also had conversations this season with SEC fans who cheer for the Panthers who don't necessarily care for Cam either, because they are still butt hurt from his Auburn/Florida days...   
  10. Possibly the low volume is due to Panthers in the Super Bowl?
  11. We are in the middle of college Basket ball season and not even one post since Dec 15th, LOL summary of the season so far UNC is dominating  dook isn't ranked Coach K is pussing out from coaching to avoid taking L's am I missing anything?
  12. Did Tolbert get lose on the highway or something?
  13. The hell you talking bout? @Scrumtrilescent was busy setting up the network @Jeremy Igo was coding in swag And @Jase, well we really don't know whatt he hell Jase was doing at this time...