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  1. The only thing I can say from reading that article is... #signhardy2016
  2. Obviously Ron reads the huddle :)
  3. Along the Sidelines - Superbowl Edition

    Left side, the chick in the back...nip slip or benefit of b&w and a dirty mind???
  4. There has been an awakening...

    The only reason I opened this Kurb thread was to read who or how he was going to ban someone...pretty impressed this was not a bant thread           ....yet 
  5. Is WFNZ in trouble?

    WFNZ is pretty lame for many reasons. Mac is OK at best, everything else is pretty much garbage.  I used to listen when I lived in CLT, and even spent a couple years streaming it.  I will occasionally stream it if there is a big game or something happened, but I am quickly reminded why I don't like it.  Another thing that is really odd to me is when I am driving to Charlotte, I can't even receive a good 610am signal until I am in the heart of uptown. That always seemed so odd to me, why they don't either boast the signal, or get an FM station.   It's 2016, this shouldn't be a problem, and no I don't want to have to stream it! Really there are too many issues for me to keep listing, they just need to start over  
  6.   You really can't forget to include OBJ in that crowd...  
  7. "Show me a good loser... "

    Cam is given the "OJ treatment" from Atlantas newspaper   Fyi  
  8. Ok so I was going to troll you for a while on this subject, but I just don't have the time. I don't think weed has anything to do with aggression, it was just a snarky comment that was intended to poke fun, that is all.  Secondly, I am not, have never been, and don't plan on ever being a Falcons fan. So please remember that going forward. Should there be any further comments from you on that matter, and I will promptly let you know it's time to suck my penis balls.
  9. JNo - To Tag or Not to Tag?

    I love JNo. He loves being a Panther. But at the end of the day two big important things are left to consider: 1) He wants to get PAID. Like stupid crazy money that we probably don't have available to him.  2) He is a great player in our system. I have my reservations with him on how he would do on most other teams however, and that's due to how the defense unit plays as a whole. Which brings me to my point. Let's say he is an above average (not elite like a Sherman) at best.  Theoretically if you plugged another above average CB into our system, wouldn't that person have similar results JNO has had? With that said, regardless of his future at Carolina, I'd put money on we bring in additional talent via FA and draft. 
  10. Panthers Lost memes....come in here to laugh

    Damn you Internet...this is funny tho  
  11. Over two million page loads yesterday.

    Nice, that's about what my Facebook page gets a day. Congrats!
  12. I'm with PU....just ban him

    Good thread, would read again
  13. April 18th 2005

    Nice write up
  14. "We're Going To Stay Together As A Team"

    Who said that?