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  1. When is enough enough

    Hmmm...2015....Top scoring team in the league....Carolina, 500 points. No accident Cam played like a rock star and was league MVP. Our offense goes as Cam goes. Last year Cam played poorly, so far this year he's playing poorly. If he can at least hit the door of the barn in coming weeks our offense will pick up steam. Olsen going down isn't gonna help either.
  2. Nah, they'd just bring Gettleman back to find us another punter, peek into the books, dust the furniture and give Hurney a much needed year off.
  3. Matt Ryan picture needed

  4. In a business where you're cut the moment all your usefulness has been consumed I don't blame Greg one second for getting any and every dollar he can. Plenty of people mining athletes for wealth while never risking their health on the field. The players are at jeopardy the moment they strap up and Greg is making his own business decision on what that risk is worth to him. Never understand why anyone would be upset at a player for trying to reduce the amount of extortion ownership can bear on him. At the end of all, regardless of the talk, everyone knew Greg would show up to camp.
  5. Rivera vs fox

    What's the difference? We still haven't had back to back winning seasons in 21 years of existence. Put two seasons together and I'll call you the best coach in Carolina history.
  6. Slide 14, otherwise known as KK's kicks hahaha, KK's grin and #12 in the background make this photo damn near priceless IMO.
  7. Fantastic defensive series, but come'on Bene!
  8. WTF was that REF thinking? WTF WTF
  9. When your record would be a two score lead in a game things are going well! Great post Philly!
  10. Sounds like this all started with the kid just wanting an autograph. Why not just sign an autograph? If things escalate from a guy wanting your signature to a physical altercation then the best path may not have been chosen.
  11. I'm not going to bother supporting the following statement with stats, hopefully common sense will be enough. In the NFL the better team wins an overwhelming amount of the time. Thus it's not surprising that the better teams end up in the playoffs each year. Carolina is better than Miami by a wide margin at this point in time. Cam > Tannehill (Tannehill is a ..good.. developing young QB, but this isn't even close.) Smith/Lafell/Ginn/Olsen > Wallace/Hartline/Matthews/Clay (Wallace would compete for best WR on the field but as a group I give our guys the edge) Williams/Stewart/Tolbert/Cam > Miller/Thomas (Miami's running game is respectable but Cam puts us over the top here again) Offensive line (Carolina grades out better in every meaningful category, Martin and Incognito both gone now as well) Defense (Does this merit any discussion whatsoever? ) Special Teams (Field Goal % Carolina, Touchbacks Carolina, Punting Miami, Returns Push) Summary, Carolina is better over the entire field. Biggest concerns Carolina will have on defense, don't let Wallace blow the top off our secondary, seriously doubt protection will hold up long enough for that to happen anyway. On offense....Cameron Wake. Overall, be disciplined on Special teams and don't allow Miami to change the game cheaply and protect the ball. Do these things and the better team will win...Carolina!