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  1. We're just too good for Dallas, I won't apologize for it.  They have talent and will find a few scores, probably get a boost from playing at home and the refs but it won't be enough.  Our season average is 29.9/game and I don't think Dallas' middling D can hold us under our average, 4 TD and a FG feel right.   On the other hand Dallas has averaged 23.7 with Romo at the helm, I do think Carolina's fantastic defense can hold them under that average.  2 TD and 2 FG feel right. 31-20 Panthers  
  2. Tillman Most Likely Out

    They can throw that 5 yard stuff, eventually TD or Luke will hit him so hard he'll forget he had the ball.  
  3. Panthers sign Ras-I Dowling

    No conclusions have been jumped to, just smells like an experiment to me.  Gettleman must like something about the guy to bring him off the couch in November.
  4. Panthers sign Ras-I Dowling

    Agree on the dropoff, anyone on the planet would be a dropoff for that matter.  Not on their minds?  I agree with that up to the coaching level but I would be shocked if Norman isn't fairly close to the #1 thing on Gettleman's mind.  You either have to come up with another superstar contract or play the tag and plan to let him walk.  Certainly Gettleman has to think about that every day, isn't that a primary function of his job?
  5. Panthers sign Ras-I Dowling

    That's fine, it was posed as a question.  The practice squad is an area to experiment with players.  This guy has the physical attributes to be an impact player but has been set back by injury.  It's not a leviathan reach to ask the question though.  Everyone here knows that signing Josh long term is an iffy proposition at best and Gettleman has a track record of producing players through means like this.
  6. Panthers sign Ras-I Dowling

    No one would want to hear it, but experimenting with alternatives to paying Josh after the tag year?
  7. Panthers sign Ras-I Dowling

    Wow how stoked must this guy be.  Sitting around waiting for a call and one of the best teams in the league rings in and says "How would you like to be a Panther?"  Could be interesting, he's never really had an opportunity and we have great coaching and vet leadership to help him along.
  8. The bromance is real, if I could be made moist by a man it would be Supercam.  #noshame
  9. That's nice but this Thanksgiving the only desert I'm having is POUND CAKE!  #keeppounding
  10. Do we have reliable back up RBs?

    We have so much depth at RB that the guys we let walk found roster spots in the NFL.  Deangelo is playing meaningful ball for Pittsburgh and Todman is on their roster as well.  
  11. Short week. Time to look forward

    I have concerns about this game.  The Cowboys are good on both sides of the line and Hardy is going to be highly motivated.  They have plenty of weapons in the pattern with Bryant, Williams, Whitten, Beasley.  McFadden is still a very solid and elusive back with great receiving ability out of the backfield.  Romo is a very capable QB.  I think pretty much everyone agrees we'll deal with some ref bias in this game.  This is a playoff game for Dallas, expect their intensity to be at that level.  It's a short week for us, same for Dallas, but we have to travel, our boys have to be away from home for a holiday. With that said, when it comes down to winning or losing I always try  to evaluate who on their team could bench one of our starters.  Dez Bryant, Tyron Smith, Zach Martin?  Hardy would replace Allen but not CJ.  That's it, 22 starters and given the choice I'd take 18 of our guys out of a pool of 44.   Carolina is the better team, we just have to overcome the challenges this particular week brings.  Rivera is well aware of those challenges and I think we come in prepared and get to 11-0!
  12. GETTLEMAN freaking MAGIC!!

    It all fits together, Gettleman doesn't just have an eye for talent, he has an eye for talent that fits on our team.  Then we coach em up.  When I see players leave like Ginn leave and do nothing, come back and produce, that's coaching boys.
  13. Well, let's get down to it

    Good post! although I'd like to add to your list of things you must do to win: -Score more points than your opponent Because lets face it, you can do everything on your list and still lose if you don't meet this condition! :)
  14. Don't you think he'd like to see how his "saving Funchess for a surprise" plan works out first?