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  1. Stats in a vacuum just don't tell you a lot. For example saying a RB has 5 ypc average on 20 runs, 19 for 1 yard and 1 for 81 would be quite misleading but true. In the same sense, a stat like this could be skewed by a couple of plays with busted coverage where a receiver was 20 yards+ open, or even by entire games against a trash secondary. You have to take data like this and combine with the eye test. Were our receivers wide open all year and none of us noticed? I recall another stat somewhere that said Cam through into tight windows more often than other QB, how does this reconcile?
  2. CMC takes a screen to the house on the first series. You heard it here first! ;) Panthers over Saints 34-24
  3. If Tampa can beat New Orleans when the division is on the line, we can beat New Orleans.
  4. Why no hate for Curtis Samuel then? We took him 27 spots ahead of Kamara as well.
  5. Nor does a single season define a player much less their rookie season. CMC isn’t anywhere near his ceiling. Kamara having a great rookie campaign has nothing to do with CMC.
  6. Yeah, I just can't get behind this. Just about any coach could have this team at 10-4, a good or great coach would have us at 12-2 or better. Players make a difference, and I feel our record is more a reflection of the quality of the team vs. the quality of coaching. I guess 3-0 Shanahan with Garoppolo is like totally a better coach than 1-10 Shanahan was before Garoppolo. McCarthy also suddenly became terrible when Rodgers was injured. Similarly, Bill O'Brien also forgot everything about coaching when Watson went down. Ron has probably gotten the minimum or a little bit more than the minimum from the talent he's had since he's been here. I think a coach like Belichick would have a ring on each Cam's hands by now. A coach like Belichick wouldn't have sat on the ball in New Orleans with 46 secs on the clock before half down a TD. I'm not saying we can easily find a coach like Belichick, but it wouldn't be hard to find a coach that could have this team at 10-4. Hell, I'd like to see Wilks bring his aggressive mentality to the top of the team. He's gonna head coach somewhere one day soon anyway.
  7. Cam's YPC can't be compared to running backs. Most of Cam's good yardage plays are opportunistic where he exploits a scrambling opportunity and gets good yardage before contact. If our running backs only had to carry the ball when an obvious hole was in front of them I'm pretty confident the YPC would be better. Other than that, why isn't CAP getting more opportunity?
  8. We just gave up a 307 yard game to Josh McCown and the J.E.T.S. Do you think it matters who's playing QB for the other team? Defensively, we'll always do enough to be in the game, if Cam is hot we trash the opponent. One of our strongest and least discussed defensive advantages is our offensive T.O.P this year. Our up and down offense just needs to be up and we beat anyone.
  9. Dunno, Hundley played well against Pittsburgh last night. Rodgers would likely have some rust to work off just as Cam did. Not saying the man wouldn't still be capable of torching us but you're certainly not going to facing him in late season form. Even if they beat Tampa and Cleveland the way the NFC is playing 7-6 going into week 15 isn't gonna be good enough for a run at the wild card. I don't see Green Bay trying to rush him back if playoffs are out of reach. Either way, we get Hundley or a rusty Rodgers, both are better options than facing Green Bay typically.
  10. The phone rings...

    Watson has been exceptional to this point by any standard. Whether he can sustain that success once there's more tape on his tendencies and weaknesses is still an unknown. Kid is a baller though, what he did in Seattle was no joke, that's not an easy place to play. I agree with others though, Cam would massacre the league with Houston's WR and play calling.
  11. Curtis Samuel vs CMC

    He sure has: https://streamable.com/y54zr
  12. Panthers are working out Roberto Aguayo

    He didn't have the cap space for it.
  13. Panthers are working out Roberto Aguayo

    But imagine the memes if Aguayo kicked a game winner against Tampa.
  14. Panthers are working out Roberto Aguayo

    On the injury report, knee. I don't know details.
  15. Panthers are working out Roberto Aguayo

    Gawd...with our abysmal red zone stats can you imagine if we can't hit the kicks either.