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  1. The phone rings...

    Watson has been exceptional to this point by any standard. Whether he can sustain that success once there's more tape on his tendencies and weaknesses is still an unknown. Kid is a baller though, what he did in Seattle was no joke, that's not an easy place to play. I agree with others though, Cam would massacre the league with Houston's WR and play calling.
  2. Curtis Samuel vs CMC

    He sure has: https://streamable.com/y54zr
  3. Panthers are working out Roberto Aguayo

    He didn't have the cap space for it.
  4. Panthers are working out Roberto Aguayo

    But imagine the memes if Aguayo kicked a game winner against Tampa.
  5. Panthers are working out Roberto Aguayo

    On the injury report, knee. I don't know details.
  6. Panthers are working out Roberto Aguayo

    Gawd...with our abysmal red zone stats can you imagine if we can't hit the kicks either.
  7. I doubt Fox even wanted his offense on the field any longer than necessary. Why would he? We were more likely to gift them points than score with our offense on the field. Sorry guys, this defensive performance is nothing more than exactly how Fox wanted it to play out after 2 defensive scores.
  8. Let's put into perspective who they were playing here. Chicago literally has nothing resembling an NFL offense. We really had no chance for turnovers once they had a lead, Fox was always going to play to protect the ball from that point. The lack of turnovers continues to be a problem though. But to pretend like our defense was awesome today is misleading. It was a combination of Chicago's terrible offense and conservative play more than it was a signature performance from our defense.
  9. Imagine if you had to watch only the defensive performance in this game, blind to offensive possessions and the scoreboard. What would you predict the score to be?
  10. This is like watching a blind polar bear drive an 18 wheeler 80mph the wrong direction on a busy interstate.
  11. More CMC slams between the tackles. After he's stoned a few hundred more times this season our coaches may figure out it isn't his strength.
  12. Might as well be 50 the way they've looked so far.
  13. Gawd...you could see that coming for 10 secs and the play only lasted half that long.
  14. HB slam with a paperweight back, HELL yeah! If only we had a power back on the roster.
  15. LoL and we obviously won't use timeouts to preserve a solid chance at another 2 min drive ourselves...that could just end in another defensive TD for Chicago...why take the chance.