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  1. Hedging your bets, a lesson in drafting success.

    I've been saying Cleveland should draft 7+ QB's for years.
  2. There's a whole lot of guys in the NFL apparently trying to steal each others bologna without trying to decapitate them in the process. I think an even deeper discussion is why bologna is spelled bologna, should be baloney.
  3. Sorry. Gettlemens Draft This Year Blows

    To me this just illustrates that the Panthers have an approach to building their board and they apply it without prejudice. It obviously doesn't contain building blocks from Todd McShay, Mel Kiper or other teams for that matter. It's easy to call a pick a reach without any knowledge of how other teams build their board and seeing Mel Kiper stunned saying I got nothing. But I give zero fugs about Mel Kiper and would be totally disgusted if he had any input in our draft room. What's the old draft saying? It's better to get the player you want too early than to miss him too late. I trust the FO and coaching staff. What reason do we have not to? I'm on board until DG's failure rate starts exceeding his success rate and that would take a huge swing of events.
  4. Norman was not a production of a system

    Yeah, against the Colts, Packers, Giants, Saints, and Falcons v2 it was clearly illustrated that supreme secondary play was the key to winning!
  5. I think CJ has a solid year and sets himself up to make a little more "big money" before he retires. When we cut him next off season because he won't sign his franchise tag the huddle will implode.
  6. We've grown from a wretched unpredictable franchise in cap hell, to 3 time division champs, conference champs, perennial contenders with $30+ mil in cap space and the draft still in front of us. Tell me again how one player changes this? Cam and Luke are the only players on this roster with the leverage Josh thought he had.
  7. 100% utter stupidity: CONFIRMED

    This story is a puff piece.
  8. How many night games this year ?

    Broncos for sure. Cardinals, Seahawks, Kansas City, Minnesota are all games against playoff teams. Atlanta is probably the most interesting divisional match-up since they were the only team to beat us in the regular season. We would most certainly be strong candidates for flexing depending on circumstances. Cam is a national draw now, small market aside, he'll draw eyeballs and that will draw national games. I think 4-5 is right on target.
  9. I haven't seen it on TV yet. Attended the game in person and haven't touched the recording yet, haven't deleted, but haven't touched either.
  10. What should Huddle termination papers include..?

    Anyone that posts every possible outcome, is wrong 99% of the time and says I told you so the 1% they're right.
  11. I'd say look at Seattle or Denver. Seattle went to the big game back to back years and contended this year, Denver 2 of 3. We're built with a solid fairly young core, and we have KB back next which is an instant upgrade. Barring injuries to significant players we should contend for quite awhile.
  12. Getting Benji Back

    2016 - We finally have back to back winning seasons!
  13. Tom Brady: The Winner

    Black and white is part of it, no question. I think small market big market is part of it as well. Big market = support is popular opinion, small market = support is minority opinion. i.e. If the media supports Brady a lot of people agree, if the media supports Cam a lot less people agree. It's all about ratings and clicks. You need an agreeable sentiment to maintain a majority audience.
  14. This is crazy

    Turner on the right is sliding the exact same way.
  15. Dameshek defends Cam

    The media void for clickers looking for dissenting opinion from the norm was too big for someone not to support Cam.