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  1. Can't recall where I heard/read it but it was one of the best takes I can recall.  Against New England, Denver was able to play on their toes, driving on the play.  Carolina forces you to play on your heels, it's a lot easier to get trucked when you're playing on your heels.
  2. Norman's coverage is irrelevant when Peyton is peeling KK's teabag off his chinstrap every other down.
  3. Cam Newton disappointed me

    I would say the players have been instructed by their handlers to interact as little as possible when in public.  It's a media circus there and everyone has a phone, you say/do/react to a single thing wrong and suddenly you have a huge distraction sweeping the world media.  Why go through the annoyance of measuring every single word and action you take in public to make sure something isn't made from nothing, keep your head down, get your food and take care of business.  I don't think you saw Cam's nature, I think you saw Cam the business man.
  4. Voth compiles the best Media day quotes

    I've said all year that I think our coaching staff should share or maybe even have the lion's share of credit for the production of this roster.  Gettleman has brought the right bodies in and that can't be denied, however, the constant production we've gotten from retreads cannot be explained by anything other than we're coaching them up better than they were previously.  If a team can build players then they don't have to buy em, we've seen that for several straight years here.
  5. Super Bowl Roll Call

    Thunder rolled, lightning cracked, the sky was dark and hopeless.  Monday morning, I heard a voice and saw a divide in the sky.  An unrecognizable feeling came over me just as my phone rang.  It was THE call, hopeless uncertainty instantly turned to gleeful joy as I was offered a ticket in section 131 at face value!  Mere hours later, all travel was booked, yesterday tickets promised became tickets in hand, Friday I leave for a bucket list trip!
  6. Josh Norman takes it to Deion Sanders

    I thought Josh was sizzlin'!  Deion trying to play nice in front of the world and Josh went full #truth on him, then glared from the corner of his eye like "whatcha gotta say now", loved Josh's glare, nods, the pointed mouth as Deion retorted, it's as if his words tasted like the BS they were to Josh.  He gave him a break with the bro hug at the end that wasn't deserved.  It's prime time to stop acting like your anything other than a media figurehead now Deion! My favorite Josh quote was regarding trash talking though! “No I don’t consider myself a trash talker. I consider myself a motivator.”
  7. Broncos enjoying the underdog role

    Yes because Green Bay, New England, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh or anyone else you want to toss out there is Carolina.  As so many other fanbases have learned this year, there is a very very rude awakening coming.  
  8. Ryan Clark has a different POV on why Cam is hated.

    Ryan makes a good point, but it's just that, a point.  I'm certain he's correct in assessing that for some people it's cultural.  I think his error is in trying to box the Cam hate into one thing.  I feel confident in saying that for plenty of people (notice I didn't say white people), the color of Cam's skin is enough to set their opinion in a direction.  For others, the dancing, even if they understand the culture is enough to set their opinion in a negative direction.  Yet for even others, the college allegations, pay for play, laptops, what not set their opinion in a direction long before Cam became the discussion.  Different strokes for different folks.   However, those who choose to be enlightened see far more in Cam than has even become obvious yet.  He's kicking the barriers down, grinning, kissing kids, and winning a lot of football games in the process.  Now that Cam has the glaring spotlight pointed directly at him, he doesn't hesitate to discuss the elephant in the room.  That's using your platform to discuss something that needs attention, and it's the hallmark of a transcendent human being.  Cam has a message for everyone, particularly anyone who judges another human for any reason.   "Cam says he doesn't lose sleep over his critics because he checks himself short of judging others." I'm ok with my son and daughters hearing this message.
  9. Voth looking for Gettleman mea culpas

    mmm #89 still stings.  I love Getts and what he's done, but there's a great void in my panther soul for #89 and I sincerely hope we find a way to retire him a Panther.
  10. Cam probably showed them this in a visit to play bingo and bridge....right after saving a kitten of course.
  11. Emulating the Panthers

  12. What has made this team special this year

    1. Confidence.  Seattle, week 6.  It was brewing up for this game.  Once we kicked that door down the confidence exploded. 2. Leadership.  Cam, Stew, Olsen, Kalil, Luke, TD, CJ, Harper, Allen, Peanut.  This team is loaded with high quality people.  These are not the type of guys to put themselves in bad situations.  They're focused on the job at hand and lead the rest of the roster by example. 3. Emergence.  Cam's emergence as THE top threat in the NFL.  WR corps emerging as far more than serviceable.  KK emerging as a dominant DT.  Norman emerging as a top flight corner.  Front office and coaching staff emerging as a model for team building.  And lastly, the fan base, Charlotte emerged as a fan base this year IMO.  I can't remember a more rowdy season at BoA than 2015. 4. Continuity. Mike Shula, and his long term plan to foster an offense tailored to our star QB.  Handing over more responsibility to Cam as he grew in this system.  Sean McDermott and his vision of an aggressive turnover machine.  Ron Rivera's stable guidance and message.  Having our team in a financial position to keep the core talent. 5. Chemistry.  What a bond this team has, they play for each other.  They take a soldier's mentality to the field, don't let the guy next to me down!
  13. Shouldn't have been thinking or planning for next week Carson.
  14. Shaq was maybe the best player on the field tonight

    What what happens is, the the the center has the ball first. And and and the quarterback will say, "Hike!" That's when the center puts the ball in into the hands of the quarterback. So what I do is, I i start tacklin' the quarterback, unless he give the ball to to some somebody else, in in which case... I tackle that person.